Bad Habit Beauty Midsummer Night Palette Review:

Valentines Day may have come and gone, but the romance vibes coming from Bad Habit Beauty’s Midsummer Night Palette ($16 for 1.05 oz.) will stay forever. For true love never really fades.


This mesmerizing 30-shade eyeshadow collection features all the essentials you need to create a perfect natural eye for both day and night. With 22 soft and silky shimmers and 8 creamy, ultra pigmented, and easily blendable mattes, Midsummer Night will become your go-to palette for creating a beautiful and effortless natural eye.

The formula of the shades are lightweight, finely milled, silky smooth with a velvety texture. They are blendable, buildable, pigmented, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, and set in matte, pearlized, and sparkle finishes.

* Some shades are more finely milled than others, feeling almost powdery, producing a bit of kickback dust and fallout. Keep those shadows shields on hand boys and girls. You’ll probably need them. Wink.

The palette has a lot of versatility and compliments all skin tones. You can create many looks that can go from soft and sweet to seductive and flirtatious. M-E-O-W!

I went the soft and sweet route. The delicate pastel hues gave me idyllic notions of spring. One can dream. How many more weeks till spring? Lol.

Wear time is an exceptional 8 hours before my love affair softly fades away.

P.S. BHB Midsummer Night Palette is a pretty close dupe of Too Faced Natural Love Palette ($59). The only difference is the Midsummer Night palette has an extra matte (young love), making 8 all together, and two metallics. Whereas, Natural Love carries seven mattes and has 3 metallics. Choose to look at the world through rose colored sunglasses and keep the $43 dollars in your pocket. Honestly, you won’t notice the missing metallic (Don’t Settle-deep metallic brown). I didn’t realize it missing until now, and I’ve owned this palette for four months.

Moonlight/ Fairy Tale (champagne gold shimmer)

Fairy/ Kittens (golden rose)

Enamored/Spotlight (butter cream matte)

Nymph/ Nudie (fawn matte)

Illusion/ Night Fever (black khaki with gold shimmer)

Cold-Hearted/Stiletto (pitch black)

Merry/ Honey Pot (gold metallic)

Awaken/ Satin Sheets (golden pink)

Bashful/Bunny Nose (cotton candy pink pearl)

Mischief/ Tickle Me (mushroom shimmer)

Slumber/ Undercover (midnight purple with violet sparkle)

Foolish/ Makeup & Chill (deep red brown matte)

Young Love is a soft baby pink matte

Magical/ Moonbeam (white gold metallic)

Charmed/ Pink Cheeks (barely pink with silver sparkle)

Flower/ Push-Up (light bronze pearl)

Sneaky/ Fingers Crossed (deep gilded brown)

Spite/ Smokin’ (gunmetal taupe sparkle)

Dew Drop/ Poodle (iced pearl)

Dream/ Lace Teddy (soft peach matte)

Lover/ Honeymoon (soft melon pearl)

Wonder/ Cutie Patootie (pink champagne shimmer)

Autumn/ Hot & Bothered (copper shimmer)

Foe/ Chocolate Martini (gilded deep espresso)

Vow/ Heaven (cream matte)

Wings/ Honey Butter (light caramel matte)

Batty/ Love Bug (silvered plum)

Vexed/ Dear Diary (antiqued bronze),

Vixen/ Coffee Date (coppery brown)

Spellbound/ Spoiled (dark chocolate pearl)

Bad Habit Beauty’s Midsummer Night Palette is a Hush app exclusive. You can download the app through Google Play Stores or iTunes.

Happy Shopping!

Stay beautiful.


Wet n Wild Megaglo Hello Halo Liquid Highlighter Review:

Oooooh! Ooooh! Have we tried Wet n Wild’s New Megaglo Hello Halo Liquid Highlighter ($5.99 for 0.5 oz) yet?! No? I did, and I am enjoying the heavenly glow this travel friendly bottle has bestowed upon my cheekbones.


Intense is the name of the game with this buildable liquid highlighter that delivers a multi-shimmer glow thanks to its shimmering pearl pigments. The hydrating formula is infused with powerhouses like Murumuru Seed Butter, Grapeseed Oil, and Vitamin E to help smooth out the skin’s texture. You’ll look radiant–even after a sleepless night.

The Megaglo Liquid Highlighter comes in seven shades ranging in pink, gold, champagne, bronze, iridescent, and peach. Perfect hues to compliment all skin tones.

I really loved the shade Halo Gorgeous, and thought the name was quite clever too.

Halo Gorgeous is a warm baby pink with a pearlized finish.

The liquid highlighter is housed in a glass bottle that has a huge doe foot wand for application. Seriously, the applicator wand is quite large. I had to chuckle. For a tiny bottle, I wasn’t expecting to see such a big applicator pop out when opening the highlighter. I felt like I was using a prop gag. I was actually surprised that it could fit inside the bottle. Lol. Totally pictured something different along lines of a dropper or regular sized foot wand for that matter. Lol. Nonetheless, it’s still functional when wanting to achieve a gorgeous glow.

You can use your fingertips, sili-sponge, or the flat end of a beauty blender sponge to blend in the liquid highlighter.

The formula is lightweight, non greasy, hydrating, creamy, smooth, applies evenly and easily, blendable, buildable, pigmented, and comfortable to wear.

If you’re looking for blinding, this isn’t exactly the liquid highlighter that will give it to you. True, it does have shimmer, but it creates more of an ethereal, soft diffused look once blended into the skin. You can however, apply a powdered highlighter on top of the liquid highlighter to add some extra sparkle.

Wear time is about 5 hours, leaving behind a fresh dewy look afterwards.

I am almost certain that I’m going to pick up two more shades. I really liked how Hello Halo performed, and its small enough to keep anywhere for touch-ups if needed. Yep, definitely picking up two more. Lol.

Wet n Wild Megaglo Hello Halo Liquid Highlighter is available at Walgreens, CVS, and online at wetandwildbeauty.com.

Glow on and try one!

Stay beautiful, xo.


ELF Cosmetics Chromatic Eyeshadow Palette Review:

Happy Hump Day loves! Lookie what I purchased! ELF Cosmetics new Chromatic Eyeshadow Palette ($12 for 0.25 oz.) in Bird of Paradise and Posh Peacock. How beautiful are they?! Perfect springtime palettes, wouldn’t you say? This is my first ever test run with ELF Eyeshadows, and I’m loving the two.


This artist-inspired, chromatic eyeshadow palette features seven color-coordinated, luxe eyeshadows in finishes from matte to metal. The pigment-rich formula blends effortlessly with lasting color. The mirrored chromatic eyeshadow palette includes a dual-ended eyeshadow and crease brush for easy application. Enriched with Vitamin E, Meadowfoam Oil, and Jojoba Oil to nourish the skin.

Posh Peacock has the inspired tones of a peacock feather, ranging in gorgeous shades of light to deep greens, taupe, and a champagne highlighter base.

Bird of Paradise has the unique jewel toned shades of the exotic flower, ranging in hues of oranges, purples, and white gold highlighter base.

The Palette Breakdown:

In case you were wondering, there are 3 metallics and 4 mattes in each of the palettes.

I don’t consider the metallics actually metallic. That type of finish has more of a glittery foiled look in my opinion. These are more pearlized with a shimmery finish. The dual ended brush works well. It was the only one I used besides a liner brush to build my eye looks. Everything blended out perfectly. Simple yet effective. That’s the way I like it.

The “metallic” eyeshadows have a much softer, velvety texture than the mattes. The mattes have a baked texture with a silky smooth feel to them.

Overall, the pigmentation of the seven shades were very nice. The pearlized base highlighter shades (white gold, champagne) either need a primer or a bit of water on the brush to enhance the vibrancy. They came off a little sheer when nothing was applied to them.

The formulation is lightweight, blendable, buildable, comfortable to wear, applies evenly and easily, does not crease or run, and creates versatile looks for day and night time wear.

From a scale of zero to ten. How did I do? I’ll give myself a 10. Lol. Why not?

Wear time:

With primer-8 hours

Without-7 hours

After this positive experience I think I’ll be trying a few more eyeshadows from ELF.

Any suggestions?!

ELF’s Chromatic Eyeshadow Palette is available at ELF Stores and elfcosmetics.com

Happy shopping!

Stay beautiful, xo


Pacifica Pineapple Cleanse Oil Slaying Face Wash and Pineapple Quench Oil-Free Water Serum Review:

I’ve been waiting for this moment babes! Pacifica has finally launched a skin care line for oily and combination skin types, among many other new arrivals, and I went to Target to check it out!

Soooooo much product to try, but I’m here for only two things-Pacifica’s Pineapple Cleanse Oil Slaying Face Wash ($10 for 5 fluid ounces) and Pineapple Quench Oil Free Water Serum ($12 for 1.7 fluid ounces). These babies were flying off the shelves during the sale last week and I wasn’t missing out.

Skin Synopsis: Extremely oily, sensitive, acne prone with slight cystic acne.

I was looking for something that I can use (more for night-time) in conjunction with my Benzoyl Face wash. Using it twice a day has been too harsh on my skin. It became very dry and new breakouts were forming. Yay! Fun. I was only rinsing my face with warm water and a wash cloth at night, but I didn’t feel clean enough. It still felt like I had a whole days worth of NYC grime polluting my face. Such a gross feeling.

Thank you Pacifica for creating a fine-apple of a product(s)! Your new line arrived at the perfect time. Please DO NOT discontinue it.

Pacifica Pineapple Cleanse Oil Slaying Face Wash

Product Details:

When your skin feels like an oil slick, we’ve got your back (actually, your face). Old oil, makeup, toxins and pollution can turn into free radicals that wreak havoc on your pretty face. Clean skin is your first defense in your skin care arsenal. This oil free gel- based cleanser contains tons of natural extracts (pineapple, papaya, and white tea) to get the job done right the first time without over-drying.

The formula has a gel like texture that is super lightweight and thin. It’s not thick whatsoever, and spreads nicely all over your face. It kind of reminds me of a gel cleansing balm in a tube since it barely lathers due to it being sulfate free. When adding a bit of water, the light pink gel will turn into a creamy white lather. It lathers better on the face than hands, lol.

I absolutely love this stuff. It has an incredible scent of pineapple, and gets your face squeaky clean while sloughing away excess oil in seconds. I absolutely love this stuff. Pacifica’s Pineapple Cleanse has been nothing but kind to my skin. It rejuvenates, hydrates, and gently cleanses my skin without over drying. Plus, no additional breakouts! That’s also the help of Pineapple Quench. We’re getting to her soon. After a long day of work, makeup, oil buildup, and toxins clogging up my pores this is just what I needed.

Now, after a good cleansing I like to prep my face before bedtime, and that is where Pacifica’s Pineapple Quench comes in.

Product Details:

Oily skin needs moisture too! This daily use water-light serum helps provide a burst of needed hydration. A magical oil-free combo of ingredients includes hyaluronic acid, pineapple extract, calendula, and aloe vera. A perfect prep for your favorite mattifying makeup. Plus it’s fresh and amazing, just like you!

This double acts as a prep & moisturizer. You can use it twice a day-AM and PM if you’d like, and as a primer over your favorite foundation or BB Cream to keep skin matte. As mentioned before, I only use the cleanser and quench for nighttime.

The formula is more like the Pineapple Cleanse than a water based serum in my opinion. It’s gel like texture is thin, lightweight, spreads evenly and easily, and absorbs into the skin nicely. The serum does feel a tad bit sticky once applied. Just give it a few seconds to work itself in before judging too quickly. Take it from me. I thought I was going to return it. Lol. I’m glad I didn’t. This little tube is awesome. A little goes a long way, so it should last awhile. Whatever oils I have left after cleansing, Pineapple Quench works its sweetness and sucks up the rest providing hydration through the night. My skin is glowing the next day with barely any slickness. It’s wonderful. If you have minor breakouts, this helps with them too. Hyaluronic Acid is known to help those suffering with acne. I have yet to find any new ones from forming. Knock on wood. Must be the hyaluronic acid doing its magic. Wink!

Pacifica’s Pineapple Cleanse Oil Slaying Face Wash and Pineapple Quench Oil-Free Water Serum is a Target exclusive and is available online at pacificabeauty.com

Think you’ll try them?!

Do tell!

Stay beautiful, xo.