Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Review:

Stop whatever it is that you are doing glamour babes, I have something to say-Beauty Bakeries’s Lip Whip Liquid Lipstick ($20 0.17 oz) is anything but ordinary, it simply takes the cake! 
Everyone needs to wrap their lips around this zero calorie, all sweet, vegan friendly treat!

I’ve been dying to try the brands liquid lipstick for ages, so when the right opportunity came my way (Memorial Day Sale! 30% off) I got to cakin. 
Initially I did want Cranberry Stiletto (dark berry red), but sadly it sold out by the time I headed to the Beauty Bakerie Website. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t find another shade. Beauty Bakerie has an array of gorgeous colors that will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Mon Cheri did just the thing.

Mon Cheri is a classic beautiful bold red. If you want your lips to stand out, grab this shade. You’ll bring all the boys to the yard.The formulation is lightweight, hydrating, super pigmented, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, does not cake, crack, feather, or bleed, and sets into a lovely matte finish. 
I know I have ranted and raved about liquid lipsticks in the before, but this is by far my favorite. I need to own more shades! STAT! The long lasting wear and color payoff has me sold. I now understand Beauty Bakeries hash tag for their lip whips #whatsmudge. They do not smudge, it’s amazing! Eat and drink until your hearts content (avoid oily foods), the color goes nowhere. I literally had Mon Cheri on my lips all day and the color remained truer than true. I’m so impressed by the formulation. What’s your secret Beauty Bakerie? Is it love?! I bet it’s love.
Since the lip color barely moves on its own, you will need an oil based remover. Might I recommend Beauty Bakeries Lip Whip Remover Pads ($14 for 50 wipes)?Seriously, these pads are awesome as well. All you need is one oil based pad to remove any lip whip from your lips. Definitely a product to look into if other removers haven’t delivered as promised. These totally get the job done in a swipe or two. 

You can grab your confections at BeautyBakerie.com, or if you’re from the San Diego, California area, why not visit their store?! It’s a sweet trip to a cosmetics shop. 

Stay beautiful! Xo.


Ulta Beauty Glow Enhancer Drops Review:

Happy Tuesday glamour babes! Today I wanted to express my love for Ulta Beauty’s Glow Enhancer Drops ($16 for 0.31 oz each), and gush about the beautiful glow these produce.FYI: This two piece glow kit is an affordable take (dupe!) on Cover Fx’s Custom Enhancer Drops. I never had the guilty pleasure indulging on their Custom Enhancer Drops mainly because of the cost. I think $42 is a heck of a lot money to be shelling out on just one liquid highlighter. Maybe one day as a birthday gift or when I hit the lottery, but for now, I’m very happy sticking with Ulta Beauty or Hard Candy’s Pigment Drops ($7). I heard those are pretty glowing too. Next stop, Walmart!

The Glow Enhancer Drops come in two shades-Skylight and Daylight.Skylight is a light golden glow, but appears much cooler to me with more silvery tones than golden. It’s still gorgeous though. Daylight is a medium sun kissed glow.
The liquid highlighters come housed in glass vials and have glass droppers for easy product control.There are five simple ways to get your skin glowing when using these glow drops. Well, six if you as me.

1. Shake each one well before use. I’m guessing these are infused with oil so they do separate from time to time. 

2. Add a few drops to your face cream, tinted moisturizer, or primer for a lit from within glow.

3. Add to your foundation or BB Cream to create an all over radiant finish.

4. Dab some drops to your collarbone, tops of the shoulder, and blend for a glowing upper body. Soooooooo shimmery and pretty, like mermaid skin.

5. Mix a couple of drops to your body lotion for a soft illuminated look. 

6. Apply directly to the high points of the face for a highlighted enhanced look.

These are awesome little multitaskers to have around when wanting to create an everyday subtle glow with liquid in various ways. I love the way my skin glimmers in the light when I apply the drops to my lotion, face cream, or BB cream. A healthy glow washes over my complexion. 

The micro fine, shimmery formula is lightweight, creamy, nicely pigmented, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, easy to blend, buildable, streak free, hydrating, mixes well with other mediums, and is suitable for all skin tones and types. 

If the shimmer is not blinding enough, you can add a pressed highlighter powder on top of Ulta’s Glow Enhancer Drops. Some like to sparkle more than others, I get it. More power to ya!

The color payoff lasts between 6 to 8 hours. It depends on how they are worn.

Setting Spray: 8 hours

Alone: 6 Hours

Combined with a pressed highlighter powder: 8 Hours.

Sorry loves! It looks like Ulta Beauty’s Glow Enhancer Drops are officially sold out on Ulta’s website due to the Buy 2 Get 2 Sale that is currently going on. I tried posting a link to my page and had no such luck. Sigh. A quick trip to their store never hurt. Just our wallets do, lol.

Have you tried Ulta Beauty’s Glow Enhancer Drops Kit?

What are your thoughts?

Share below!

Stay Beautiful! Xo.


Pixi Peel and Polish Review:

Holy Schnikes! Pixi’s Peel and Polish Resurfacing Concentrate ($24 2.71oz) is gud, I mean real gud glamour babes.I received three of these in the mail. Quite generous of Pixi Beauty as always. I wasn’t sure if I needed so many, but I think I do, now that summer is here. This resurfacing treatment leaves skin looking and feeling bright, healthy, and soft in the matter of a few minutes. Product Details:

• This radiance revealing enzyme peel resurfaces for smoother, softer skin, and a healthy looking glow

• Natural fruit enzymes loosen dead skins cells, 6% lactic acid gently exfoliates, cellulose peels & sugar extracts polishes, lifting away dullness revealing brighter skin

• Professional salon peel treatment without leaving home, but you can since it’s travel friendly too.

• Suited for all skin types

• Not tested on animals

• Paraben free

Just putting it out there in case any of ya’ll are curious. Pixi’s Peel and Polish is not exactly a peel off mask with added micro beads for exfoliation if that’s what comes to mind. I thought the same until I actually squeezed some out of the tube, and then I had an epiphany. Light bulb! Could the peel part of this whole skintreat be used as an expression for peeling impurities away from the face?! Hmmmmmm, I think I maybe on to something here, lol. 

What came out of this pale peach, mess free tube, you ask? A lovely, creamy, lightweight peachy colored facial scrub that is applied to the face and neck dry. Make sure the skin is dry, otherwise it will not have the same effect. Can be used 2-3 times per week. Either AM or PM, it doesn’t matter. All this mask really needs is five minutes of your time to let the enzymes activate, then you can rinse off and pat dry. P.S. The scrub does not dry like a mud mask or peel would, rather it stays wet, nor does it leave a burning or tingling sensation. For a more intense polishing effect. Once your five minutes is up, using your finger tips, gently massage your face and neck. Can you feel those dead skin cells loosen as the non-abrasive, gentle sugary granules hoist away impurities? Good, that means its working and you’re a rinse away from beautiful, bright skin!

The skin loving natural ingredients such as Lactic Acid, Sunflower Seed Oil, Witch Hazel, Ginseng Root Extract, Papaya Fruit Extract, Sugar Cane Extract, Cucumber Fruit Extract, Orange Fruit Extract, and Lemon Fruit Extract help aid in the process. 
There is a scent to the Peel and Polish. A cucumber/papaya fusion is what it smells like to me. I find the fragrance to be refreshing, others might disagree if their sniffers are sensitive to scents. 

Pixi killed it with this treatment. I use it about 2 times per week and I already see an amazing difference in my skin tone. It’s more even, bright, soft, has a healthy glow, and my acne scars have lightened tremendously. Everything seems to absorb better into the skin as well. Whether it’s moisturizer, skin potions, foundations, or concealer, skin looks hella flawless. This also did not strip my skin like most enzyme peels have done in the past. The formulation is super gentle on the skin, which I believe makes it a good candidate for sensitive skin types. Oh, did I mention how clean my oily/acne prone/sensitive skin felt afterwards? Squeaky! 

The power of exfoliation is within reach beauty junkies!

Pixi’s Peel and Polish is available at Target.com, PixiBeauty.com, and Dermstore.com

Once I have gone through my stash, I will be running back to Target for more.
May the glow be with you.

Stay beautiful! Xo.


Ulta Beauty Glitter Tears Liner Kit Review:

Warning: Ulta Beauty’s Glitter Tears Liner Kit may cause tears to shed, but only ones of sheer bliss and utter happiness glamour babes. Those are the true emotions of a unicorn soul, which is something we all have inside of us and need to embrace with this kit! Sorry that the box is torn in the photo. It didn’t come that way, I just got a little excited when it arrived, lol. Oopsie!

Ulta’s Glitter Tears Liner Kit comes with three stunning shades (Galaxy, Comet, and Solar) that will make your eyes appear more sparkling and dazzling than ever before. I am totally obsessed/ in love with these liquid liners, they are stunning when applied. Galaxy is a white, silvery gold sparkleComet is a rose gold sparkle.Solar is a straight up solid yellow gold sparkle. These liners can be worn alone or as a topper for a more dramatic effect. You can apply the liner along the lower lash line into the inner corners for a bright wide awake look, or simply have fun and play around. I’m sure there are plenty of other creative ways to add them to your makeup routine. I love applying the glitter tears to my lower lash line for a subtle bright eyed look or to enhance a soft smoky eye, and it takes no time to do so.

Each of the liners have a fine felt tip to create lines with precision and ease. The formula is light weight, comfortable to wear, dries quickly, buildable, and has nice pigmentation. There is more shimmer than glitter if you’re not a big fan of it like I am.

The Glitter Tears stay intact practically all day. I never have to reapply. Eyes still be poppin after an 8 hour work day. They do not flake, cause redness or irritate eyes. To remove the twinkle in your eyes, use a makeup remover wipe or dab a q-tip in an oil based makeup remover, and gently glide it across your eye lid or lower lash line. Be sure not to pull. The eye area is delicate, and we don’t want to cause premature wrinkling. We have enough problems as it is when aging such as uncontrollable flatulence (hopefully they are glittery and smell of fruity pebbles), menopause, crankiness, gray hair, crazy cat lady behavior (my future), all that good stuff. So, why tack on another worry if there doesn’t need to be one, right?! Lol.

Enough of my silly ramblings. Now thru June 24th, Ulta Beauty Makeup, Brushes, and Beauty Tools are Buy 2 Get 2 for free. Don’t forget to put their Glitter Tears Liner Kit in the mix of that hauling.

Stay beautiful! Xo.