Wet n Wild Mega Cushion Color Corrector Review:

When Wet n Wild released their new Mega Cushion Color Corrector ($5.99), I knew I had to have all four immediately in my possession glamour babes.I have grown fond of these lovely little cushion compacts that have a ton of bounce and excellent color coverage.Unfortunately, I could not find the Mega Cushion Color Correctors at any Walgreens stores near my location, so I had to order them through Wet N Wild’s website and patiently wait. Thank god there are seven days in a week. If I had to wait any longer, my mailman would have felt the wrath of a makeup junkie, claws and all, lol. Sorry mailman!

I can safely say that Mr. Postman delivered my four neutralizing bouncy bundles of joy in one piece, and I was happily ready to play with them all. 

Green counterbalances redness.Yellow counterbalances dullness or dark circles.Peach counterbalances dark circles or skin imperfections such as dark spots.

Lavender counterbalances sallowness (washed out complexion).The formulation is lightweight, creamy, pigmented, comfortable to wear, smooth, and they’re easy to blend and build when creating a natural healthy look. The Mega Cushion compacts include a nice cushiony applicator puff, but I found a blending sponge and small oval brush to be effective for even applications, or the tip of your finger to cover smaller areas.

I do love that these do not clog pores or produce a noticeably oily t-zone when wearing them throughout the day with other mediums (concealer, foundation, bb cream, face powder, etc….). My skin stayed intact without looking cakey or heavy for hours. I will say that I found the yellow corrector to be more useful than the peach corrector to neutralize dark circles. I felt the blue undertones my dark circles carry were concealed successfully with the application of concealer. The peach corrector works amazingly well on dark spots and deep discolorations. As for green and lavender? I have no complaints. The green cancels redness out effortlessly, and lavender will put the pep back into your complexion in no time flat.

Don’t forget boys and girls, Wet n Wild made their Mega Cushion collection friendly to all, including you veganites! May your day be as flawless as your makeup!

Stay beautiful, xo.