Pixi + Aspyn Ovard Glow-y Powder Review:

If Pixi + Aspyn Ovard’s Glow-y Powder isn’t the perfect depiction of a highlighter, then I don’t know highlighters anymore glamour babes. All three shades Aspyn created with Petra are incredibly stunning! I received all three Glow-y Powders (Rome Rose, Santorini Sunset, and London Lustre) as PR Samples along with the rest of the Pixi Pretties Collection. You would have thought a wild animal was loose in my apartment after the way I squealed with joy when this package arrived, lol. It was beautiful, and my heart is still grateful for Petra’s generosity. 

                    You can grab these at Target or PixiBeauty.com for $16, and they’re well worth the price for the size. The velvety soft powder adds a hint of glow, creating a luminous effect. Each highlighter has natural mineral powder that hydrates and reflects light to brighten your complexion. 

Rome Rose is a corally rose with gold shimmer. This shade can be worn as a blush or highlighter. I’ll be using this one more for the summer. 

Santorini Sunset is a classic champagne.London Lustre is an icy white gold.These apply like buttah!!! You know how I love to use that term in a sentence whenever I get the chance. The texture is soooooo buttery. I’m getting verklempt thinking about it, lol! Spread on as much highlighter as you like boys and girls. The finely milled (surprisingly no kickback) formula is lightweight, soft, silky smooth, buildable, and packed with pigment. Aspyn made these powders suitable for all skin tones, and they set in a lovely pearlized finish. I do enjoy that these don’t overwhelm my face with full blown sparkly bits and eye blinding shine. They give off a healthy incandescent glow, and remain that way for a solid 7 hours without becoming streaky or patchy. The hydration is there too, which I think would work nicely towards drier skin. The glow-y powders do have a faint almost to nothing soft floral (rosy) scent that lingers in the pan not on the skin. I wanted to make note of that in case some have sensitive sniffers or do not care for scents in their cosmetics.

Well done Aspyn for your successful collaboration with Pixi Beauty! I hope these will stick around for awhile.

What are your Pixi Pretty Favorites?! Aspyn Ovard’s Glow-y Powders better be one of them!

Stay beautiful! Xo.

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Those are so pretty! Especially love the Rome Rose – that’ll make for a beautiful blush!