Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color Review:

Jordana’s Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color ($4.99 at select Walgreens) did not end up being a hit for me glamour babes. It was a total flop. I bought four shades and was disappointed by all of them. I don’t know how they’re considered to be a five star liquid lipstick. They get two stars across my board. I have had plenty of drugstore liquid lipsticks (Wet n Wild, cough, NYX, cough) that performed better than these.

I will say Jordana has a great shade selection. 26 dessert inspired colors ranging in tones of nudes, pinks, purples, berries, reds, and corals. The vibrancy is there too. Each Sweet Cream shade is as colorful as the next, carrying the sweet smell of vanilla frosting. Yum! Red Velvet Cake is a decadent rich red.
Cherry Cobbler is your classic cool blue red.Sugarberry Crumble is a warm mid-tone magenta pink. Raspberry Tart is a vivid cool toned fuchsia.Beautiful Colors right?! 

Now if they only had the 16 hours of wear, a creamy-whipped light weight feel, and left my lips feeling nourished with Vitamin A all day through as Jordana Cosmetics had described, I’d be one happy consumer, but I am not. Trust me, I wanted to LOVE these. The shades are gorgeous. The creamy, lighter than air texture was there. I just couldn’t get past the dryness of the formulation, uneven color application, feathering, and migration Jordana’s Sweet Cream Matte Lip Color produced. It was awful and unbearably frustrating trying to keep this liquid lipstick from self detonating all over my face. No matter what I ate or had to drink, my lips would soon crack and bleed all over the place, which created small specks of lip color on my chin, cheeks, and nose as if I had freckles. It was the weirdest thing. Obviously, these did not last for 16 hours, it was more like an hour. Removing what I applied was no easy task either. In order to fully remove the color, I had to use quite a few makeup remover wipes and use a forceful hand. It seemed like Red Velvet, Cherry Cobbler, Sugarberry, and Raspberry wanted to be permanent residents on the lip front, and I wasn’t having any of that. Ugggghhhhh, so dry! Where’s the chapstick? Is it Vitamin A infused for realsies this time? Lol.

Have you tried Jordana’s Sweet Cream Mattes?

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