Japonesque Velvet Touch Foundation Review:

Ulta did a fine job pulling the wool over my eyes glamour babes, I had no idea Japonesque made cosmetics. I thought they were about makeup brushes, brush cleansers, and beauty tools, nothing more. So, when I spotted their Velvet Touch Foundation at T.J. Maxx for $7.99 I was quite intrigued to try the high end makeup brand. This normally retails for $36 and you can find it on several sites such as BeautyBar, Beauty Expert, HQHair, Amazon, and Jet.com. Ulta does carry the Japonesque Velvet Touch collection on their site, but I don’t see this foundation in particular, which is leading me to believe it could be discontinued. Big mistake on Japoneque’s part if this is the case. The Velvet Touch Foundation is amazing! I knew I should have bought two! Lol. I am completely in love with it. Now there’s a first. Japonesque’s Velvet Touch Foundation comes available in eight different shades; 1 being the lightest, 8 being the darkest. Shade 2/Light was the perfect match for my skin tone surprisingly. It had nice warmth to it. Something I prefer over cool, chalky tones.Why do I love it?! Because the formulation of this solid jar foundation has a lighter than air whipped creamy texture that melts right into the skin, creating a weightless airbrushed finish providing medium coverage. It applies evenly and easily with zero streaking, oxidizing, or patchy areas. What’s that phrase/term makeup junkies use? Blend dat s**t baby! And it takes very little effort to do so. You don’t need much product either when constructing a flawless face. The little white spatula that comes with the jar determines the perfect amount of product for application. I’d say to start off with a pea size scoop full as shown in the photo and work from there.The foundation is buildable. For best results, I would definitely use a setting spray afterwards. It helped keep the foundation in place and kept my skin looking gorgeous during an eight hour work day.The oils along my t-zone did not build up as per usual when using a foundation in general, and no extra breakouts or clogged pores formed. Oh my fairy godmother how I love this stuff! You already know that though. It’s super comfortable to wear too! It felt like I had nothing on the whole day. I am so proud to say this, I no longer fear foundation. I finally found something that works for me not against me! Yay! I think Japonesque’s Velvet Touch Foundation is one of those HG products I can’t possibly live without. I barely put a dent in the jar and I’m already panicking as to where I’ll find it again for the price I paid. Lol. 

There’s always eBay right?

What’s your favorite Japonesque product?

Stay beautiful! Xo.

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Looks beautiful! And what a bargain. I think Japonesque’s Velvet Touch Blush is supposed to be HG worthy, too.

Tarte makes a new gel foundation like this, too. Been dying to try it.