Zoya The Perfect Lipstick Review:

You’re not missing out on anything if you haven’t tried Zoya’s The Perfect Lipstick glamour babes. 

I received an awesome email promotion from Zoya not long ago-get any 4 Lipsticks or Polishes Free, just pay $15 shipping and handling. Great deal! Considering each lipstick cost $12 and a bottle of nail polish is now $10. You do the math. 4×12=$48, 4×10=$40. Yea, I think we’re all going to agree here that $15 for 4 full size items is a much better bargain. I should have went for the polishes though, but I wanted to see how Zoya’s lipsticks performed. They were alright. 
The Perfect Lipstick comes available in 14 shades and three finishes-pearl, matte and satin cream. They range from nudes to pinks to berries, reds, and mauves, that are flattering on any skin tone.

I immediately fell in love with three reds and a rich berry. Frankie is a bright, scarlet red lipstick with a hydrating satin cream finish.Georgia is a delicious berry red lipstick with a hydrating satin cream finish.Maxwell is a deep plum with a subtle fuchsia fleck in a modern matte finish. Matte Velvet Red is a classic, cool-toned red with a velvety matte finish. I did not get a matte feel with both Maxwell and Velvet Red. They felt more like a satin cream finish to me.

The formulation is lightweight, creamy, highly pigmented, comfortable to wear, easy to apply and remove, and moisturizing. What I did not get out of these so called perfect lipsticks was the 4 to 6 hour longevity. The rich, bold, gorgeous hues that were applied soon faded into thin air within 2 hours. I couldn’t believe it. I sorta felt gypped. I can’t even complain about feathering or bleeding. There was none! What sort of Tomfoolery is this? I didn’t eat or drink anything, and it magically disappears?! seriously!? I’m calling shenanigans. Tisk, tisk Zoya. I was expecting better from your lipsticks. What’s a girl to do with faulty lip color?

Any suggestions from the audience?

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Stay beautiful, xo.