J.Cat Beauty Lipfinity Matte Kissproof Lip Review:


OH-EMM-GEE glamour babes, I am loving J.Cat Beauty’s Lipfinity Matte Kissproof Lip. There are sooooooo many shades to choose from, and the staying power is incredible for a $5 liquid lipstick. Kiss the ones you love and see if the lipstick transfers. Go ahead! See for yourselves. The kissproof lip is in the pudding. From neutral to bold, J.cat has got what you need in 24 gorgeous transfer-proof shades. Talk about a selection!

I played it safe since these are fairly new and ordered two- Vegas before Vows and Bottles Left and Right.Trust me, I wanted just about all of them, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Especially, when it’s a new product you’re completely unsure of. Take it from the master of over hauling, lol. 

Vegas before Vows is a warm fuchsia red. Bottles Left and Right is a juicy reddish pink. 
The formula is waterproof, lightweight, opaque, crazily long lasting, very comfortable to wear, goes on evenly, and the doe foot wand makes it easy to apply. It does not crack, cake, bleed, feather, crumble or leave lips feeling dry. 
I ate and consumed multiple beverages through out the day when wearing these lip shades, and not one of them transferred on to any cup, nor did they fade. These babies stayed on my lips for 10 hours, with no touch ups needed. The color remained as true to when I first applied it. You will need to use an oil based makeup remover to remove the color. The Kissproof Matte Lip does not budge without it. It’s insane! 

*BEAUTY TIP: I recommend exfoliating your lips before application. This will prevent any color from setting into fine lines or adhering to flaky bits of skin. We’ve all been there and it’s not attractive. Can we agree on this? Little bit, right? Lol.

I am definitely purchasing more shades. Lipfinity’s formula and color payoff has me completely blown away. Plus, they’re super affordable.

Now, I have a question for you, who’s hopping on this J.Cat Beauty band wagon with me?!

Stay beautiful!