Fiona Stiles Light Illusion Prism Palette Review:

I don’t even know where to begin with Fiona Stiles Light Illusion Prism Palette ($14 orig. $28) glamour babes. My haunches are telling me to start with the pros then work my way down to the cons, so let’s begin. But first, I’ll give you boys and gals a brief description of what this palette truly could have been if it didn’t lack in a few areas.Fiona Stiles Light Illusion Prism Palette is a soft focus, silky powder that captures, diffuses and softens the way light reflects on skin, to give a lit from within appearance. Gently luminous, fool-proof application recreates and enhances the way light reflects on skin to refine complexion appearance. Soft shimmer, sheer natural coverage with a subtle glow that’s suitable for all skin tones. Sounds like and obviously is a gorgeous palette, right?

Take note.


The palette itself is beautifully eye pleasing. It’s sleek, slender, and sturdy. A perfect tote-able piece.

There are three shades: Shimmering Pink, Shimmering Champagne, and Shimmering Tan.

They Capture, diffuse and soften the way light reflects on skin, to give a lit from within glow. 

They Filter out harsh light and refine the appearance of your complexion

Can be applied almost anywhere to the skin to enhance features softly.

The soft shimmer is pearlescent.

The formulation is finely milled, lightweight, buttery smooth, blends evenly, and applies easily. 

Somewhat buildable.


The sheer coverage is very, very sheer, and is not suitable for all skin tones. I’m fair skinned and I had to layer the shades on a bunch of times to produce some kind of glow. Thank god it’s lightweight.

Tons of kickback dust. It gets everywhere.

The shades do not carry much pigmentation. Out of the three, Shimmering Tan has the most. You can actually see that particular shade the best in my photo and its not saying much. 

Shimmering Pink and Shimmering Champagne barely show up on the skin even though my swatches say different. It’s the weirdest thing, I know. 

The longevity is what killed me with this palette. 2 hours of wear and just like that, poof! Gone. I really hate disappearing acts, sigh.

I will be returning the Light Illusion Prism Palette. I recently learned that Ulta is pulling the entire Fiona Stiles line from their Stores- a revamp is on the way! 

I am more than willing to give Fiona’s line another chance if the reformulations prove to be successful. We gotta keep in mind not everyone gets it right on the first try.

Stay beautiful! Xo