Flower Beauty Hollywood Secret Concealer Kit Review:

I’m spilling the beans glamour babes, I cannot keep Flower Beauty’s Hollywood Secret Concealer Kit ($14 0.03 oz) a secret any longer-It’s amazing!This travel friendly, all in one kit had everything I needed to lighten, brighten, conceal, and correct my complexion effortlessly and flawlessly in no time. It was pretty much all I used while I was away in the Dominican Republic, along with Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation (deluxe sample) Broad Spectrum SPF 15. Let me tell you, the two worked seamlessly together on my oily skin. I’m glad I decided to take them on the journey.The Flower Beauty Hollywood Secret Concealer Kit is housed in a slim, sturdy white compact that includes a dual sided concealer brush, and has a clear window viewing four of the following shades:

Brightening Primer-this primer provides an even base for concealer and lightens dark circles before concealer application.Drew needs to sell the brightening primer separately, it’s everything! I prefer using it alone and absolutely love the way the primer brightens my eyes while erasing dark circles instantly. The whitish concealer base melts right into skin, leaving no trace of a casper like appearance around the eye area. Good stuff!

Anti-redness Concealer- is an olive toned concealer that neutralizes redness.This is yet another concealer that needs to be bottled and sold separately. I don’t mind the green pastel color correctors, they do work. But I feel no matter how much I blend, I can’t seem to get rid of the underlying greenish tint afterwards. Am I not blending hard enough? Lol. I didn’t have this issue with the olive concealer, it cancels out redness impeccably, and doesn’t leave a greenish hue on skin once set.

The light and dark concealer shades can be used alone or combined to match your skin tone.This kit is suitable for fair to medium skin tones. These two concealers are too light for deeper skin-mixed or not.

The concealer formulation is great. It’s lightweight, creamy, hydrating, super gentle on skin, opaque, does not clog pores, long lasting, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, blends well, does not cake or streak, and provides medium coverage. It’s also free of GMO’s, Talc, Sulfates, and Phthalates. What more could you ask for in a concealer kit?! It’s absolute, and works for all skin types, even acne prone (right here) and sensitive skin. 

Now that the secret is out, what do you think of the Hollywood Concealer Kit? Could it be the perfect concealed weapon to a pretty complexion?

Do share!

Stay beautiful, xo.