Ulta Beauty Glitter Tears Liner Kit Review:

Warning: Ulta Beauty’s Glitter Tears Liner Kit may cause tears to shed, but only ones of sheer bliss and utter happiness glamour babes. Those are the true emotions of a unicorn soul, which is something we all have inside of us and need to embrace with this kit! Sorry that the box is torn in the photo. It didn’t come that way, I just got a little excited when it arrived, lol. Oopsie!

Ulta’s Glitter Tears Liner Kit comes with three stunning shades (Galaxy, Comet, and Solar) that will make your eyes appear more sparkling and dazzling than ever before. I am totally obsessed/ in love with these liquid liners, they are stunning when applied. Galaxy is a white, silvery gold sparkleComet is a rose gold sparkle.Solar is a straight up solid yellow gold sparkle. These liners can be worn alone or as a topper for a more dramatic effect. You can apply the liner along the lower lash line into the inner corners for a bright wide awake look, or simply have fun and play around. I’m sure there are plenty of other creative ways to add them to your makeup routine. I love applying the glitter tears to my lower lash line for a subtle bright eyed look or to enhance a soft smoky eye, and it takes no time to do so.

Each of the liners have a fine felt tip to create lines with precision and ease. The formula is light weight, comfortable to wear, dries quickly, buildable, and has nice pigmentation. There is more shimmer than glitter if you’re not a big fan of it like I am.

The Glitter Tears stay intact practically all day. I never have to reapply. Eyes still be poppin after an 8 hour work day. They do not flake, cause redness or irritate eyes. To remove the twinkle in your eyes, use a makeup remover wipe or dab a q-tip in an oil based makeup remover, and gently glide it across your eye lid or lower lash line. Be sure not to pull. The eye area is delicate, and we don’t want to cause premature wrinkling. We have enough problems as it is when aging such as uncontrollable flatulence (hopefully they are glittery and smell of fruity pebbles), menopause, crankiness, gray hair, crazy cat lady behavior (my future), all that good stuff. So, why tack on another worry if there doesn’t need to be one, right?! Lol.

Enough of my silly ramblings. Now thru June 24th, Ulta Beauty Makeup, Brushes, and Beauty Tools are Buy 2 Get 2 for free. Don’t forget to put their Glitter Tears Liner Kit in the mix of that hauling.

Stay beautiful! Xo.