Pixi Peel and Polish Review:

Holy Schnikes! Pixi’s Peel and Polish Resurfacing Concentrate ($24 2.71oz) is gud, I mean real gud glamour babes.I received three of these in the mail. Quite generous of Pixi Beauty as always. I wasn’t sure if I needed so many, but I think I do, now that summer is here. This resurfacing treatment leaves skin looking and feeling bright, healthy, and soft in the matter of a few minutes. Product Details:

• This radiance revealing enzyme peel resurfaces for smoother, softer skin, and a healthy looking glow

• Natural fruit enzymes loosen dead skins cells, 6% lactic acid gently exfoliates, cellulose peels & sugar extracts polishes, lifting away dullness revealing brighter skin

• Professional salon peel treatment without leaving home, but you can since it’s travel friendly too.

• Suited for all skin types

• Not tested on animals

• Paraben free

Just putting it out there in case any of ya’ll are curious. Pixi’s Peel and Polish is not exactly a peel off mask with added micro beads for exfoliation if that’s what comes to mind. I thought the same until I actually squeezed some out of the tube, and then I had an epiphany. Light bulb! Could the peel part of this whole skintreat be used as an expression for peeling impurities away from the face?! Hmmmmmm, I think I maybe on to something here, lol. 

What came out of this pale peach, mess free tube, you ask? A lovely, creamy, lightweight peachy colored facial scrub that is applied to the face and neck dry. Make sure the skin is dry, otherwise it will not have the same effect. Can be used 2-3 times per week. Either AM or PM, it doesn’t matter. All this mask really needs is five minutes of your time to let the enzymes activate, then you can rinse off and pat dry. P.S. The scrub does not dry like a mud mask or peel would, rather it stays wet, nor does it leave a burning or tingling sensation. For a more intense polishing effect. Once your five minutes is up, using your finger tips, gently massage your face and neck. Can you feel those dead skin cells loosen as the non-abrasive, gentle sugary granules hoist away impurities? Good, that means its working and you’re a rinse away from beautiful, bright skin!

The skin loving natural ingredients such as Lactic Acid, Sunflower Seed Oil, Witch Hazel, Ginseng Root Extract, Papaya Fruit Extract, Sugar Cane Extract, Cucumber Fruit Extract, Orange Fruit Extract, and Lemon Fruit Extract help aid in the process. 
There is a scent to the Peel and Polish. A cucumber/papaya fusion is what it smells like to me. I find the fragrance to be refreshing, others might disagree if their sniffers are sensitive to scents. 

Pixi killed it with this treatment. I use it about 2 times per week and I already see an amazing difference in my skin tone. It’s more even, bright, soft, has a healthy glow, and my acne scars have lightened tremendously. Everything seems to absorb better into the skin as well. Whether it’s moisturizer, skin potions, foundations, or concealer, skin looks hella flawless. This also did not strip my skin like most enzyme peels have done in the past. The formulation is super gentle on the skin, which I believe makes it a good candidate for sensitive skin types. Oh, did I mention how clean my oily/acne prone/sensitive skin felt afterwards? Squeaky! 

The power of exfoliation is within reach beauty junkies!

Pixi’s Peel and Polish is available at Target.com, PixiBeauty.com, and Dermstore.com

Once I have gone through my stash, I will be running back to Target for more.
May the glow be with you.

Stay beautiful! Xo.