Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Finish Lipstick Review:

Before you head out to Sephora and purchase a Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Finish Lipstick that is easily going to cost you $26. You might want to reconsider and check out your local Marshall’s first glamour babes. I found an array of shades for just $6.99 each!

True, the Luminous Creme Finish Lipsticks are shades from a year or two ago, but who cares?! It’s a Bite Beauty lipstick! Who knows? You may reunite with your favorite discontinued lip color all over again. It could happen.

I happened to find two limited edition shades that were on my wish list once upon a time-Bellini and Mimosa. Oh, how I adore these shades. They are absolutely beautiful. I told you it could happen, lol.

Bellini is a cool toned fuchsia with a satin finish.

Mimosa is a warm red orange with a satin finish. I’ll be saving this one for the fall.

I adore Bite Beauty Lipsticks. Their satin finish formula is buttery smooth, creamy, opaque, lightweight, comfortable to wear, applies easily and evenly, has bold pigmentation, a balmy like texture, does not feather or bleed, and stays on for quite sometime. Depending on what is being consumed or not.

Oily foods-avoid. It’s a mess. Friends don’t let friends wear smudged lipstick.

Drinking-will only lose the sheen, tapering down to a vibrant stain, lasting 7-8 hours.

Alone-lasts all day.

Not bad for a satin lipstick, right?

Don’t let these Luminous Creme Finish Lipsticks get away if you spot them. For the price it’s worth grabbing a few or a whole lotta of em!

Be penny wise, not dollar foolish.

Stay beautiful! Xo.