Essence Cosmetics Little Beauty Angels Colour Correcting Setting Powder Review:

Well these were rather disappointing glamour babes-Essence Cosmetics Little Beauty Angels Colour Correcting Setting Powders ($4.99 for 0.21 oz) didn’t do much of anything, except set makeup flawlessly.

The color correcting aspect in these loose powders didn’t really come through like I was expecting. My face was neither brightened or neutralized when using the two shades available. And, what’s up with the limited shade range? Where’s the peach? There’s not even a pink? Or a yellow? If you’re going to have color correctors in powder form at least do it right and have a variety of colors.

I’m Flawless Minty! Is a green powder that neutralizes redness and provides a matte flawless finish.

I’m Flawless Lilly! Is a lilac powder that brightens dull, tired skin and also provides a flawless matte finish.

*Both powders can be used alone or applied on top of makeup. I used a powder brush instead of the powder puff included. The powder puff just created mess everywhere and too much powder collected on the puff.

I wasn’t looking for a miracle, but c’mon Essence, give me a little color with your face powders. I got nothing during my applications. It’s like basically owning two more translucent setting powders that I already have. I was hoping these were going to be a great alternative to my color correcting concealers. The finely milled formulation of the powders are soooooooo lightweight, and comfortable to wear. I thought I would be able to getaway with not having to cake and clog my pores up with concealers every now and then.

On the plus side, the Little Beauty Angels Colour Correcting Powders do keep skin looking fresh and matte all day long. I had zero oil peeking through when applied on top of my makeup. So, I will choose to look at the glass as half full instead of half empty when using Minty and Lilly. Something still remains inside the formulation, which is an excellent loose mattifying powder.

Stay beautiful! Xo.