Colourpop No Filter Concealer Review:

I just tried Colourpop Cosmetics No Filter Concealer, and I’m over the moon for this $6.00 concealer glamour babes.

Not only is it stupid affordable, like most of their products are. You actually can buy a few shades to shape a flawless contour and the cost would still be under $20. Colourpop created plenty of colors to compliment any skin tone. There are 15 shades, ranging from fair to deep dark skin. I was quite impressed by the shade selection. I don’t think anyone will have an issue finding a shade that works ideally for their complexion. I didn’t. You can even take a quiz to find the your perfect match.

The quiz spoke truth. My perfect match was Light Neutral 15. A light neutral base with peach undertones.

The formula of this concealer is creamy, lightweight, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, easy to blend, buildable, does not crease, streak, or feel cakey, provides full coverage, and sets in matte finish. Soft blurring pigments give skin a no filter needed, flawless effect. I use it as a foundation because the coverage is amazing! And I don’t break out at all. It covers everything-Redness, acne scars, dark circles, whatever imperfection you got goin on, it’s gone. I did not use one photo filter during my selfie session and this is what I got out of Colourpop’s No Filter Concealer. I am one satisfied customer!

It’s pretty concentrated too so you don’t need to use a whole lot. The flat doe shaped foot wand acts like a little spatula, and distributes the right amount of concealer onto the skin, whether its a big or small area.

True, this does not crease into any fine lines or wrinkles, but if you happen to have ones that are a bit more pronounced like I do on my forehead. An oval foundation or concealer brush will take care of the concealer from slipping into the cracks in a jiffy. All ya gotta do is Blend, blend, blend. I do not recommend Colourpop’s No Filter Concealer for dry skin types. The matte finish accentuates dry patches and flakes. I have a few dry spots on my face at the moment from the weather getting cooler, and using this concealer made them more noticeable. Nothing to get upset over. I’ll be as good as new once my skin adapts to the fall weather.

The wear time is excellent. Skin stays matte all day, which is fantastic for oily skin types. I do love a strong concealer that can keep my t-zone in check. This one clearly fits the bill.

I may have to pick up a few more shades so I can concoct the quintessential contour scheme for my skin tone.

This should be fun! No sarcasm intended.

Stay beautiful, xo.