Colourpop Gimme More! Highlighter Palette Restock!


Good Morning glamour babes!

Just giving you a quick heads up that the Colourpop Gimme More Highlighter Palette ($18.00) is restocking today at 10am PST! I told you, you had my word.

Do you think you’ll get one?!

Keep your reminders set if you do. I have a feeling this one will disappear rather quickly.

Stay beautiful! xo.

Product Description and photos via Colourpop Cosmetics.

“High-shine radiance delivered in a buttery soft powder highlighter that effortlessly blends into the skin for that lit-from-within effect.”

Extra: pale gold
Upgrade: baby pink
Bottomless: tangerine with a gold flip
Full Service: pink with a gold flip
Bigger and Better: champagne
Total Package: metallic rose gold

Pressed Powder Highlighter Highly reflective highlighter that gives your skin high-shine with a radiant glow. It contains buttery-soft powders that feel creamy, apply super smoothly, and blend evenly on the skin. High colour intensity from the pearls leaves a luminous, satiny feel.

Finish: Pearlized

Shade: Golds, Pinks, Oranges/Corals, Champagnes

Net Weight: 6 x 3.6g (0.13oz)





Colourpop Gimme More! Highlighter Palette Review:

What can I say other than Colourpop Cosmetics Gimme More Highlighter Palette ($18.00 for 0.78oz) is B-O-M-B glamour babes. In fact, all of their highlighters are. They have yet to disappoint me. Hopefully I didn’t jinx that just now, lol.

There are six gorgeous highlighter shades that effortlessly blend into the skin creating a glow from within effect.

Extra is a pearlized pale gold, and has a much softer texture than the rest.

Upgrade is a pearlized baby pink.

Bottomless is a metallic tangerine with gold flip.

Full Service is a metallic pink with a gold flip.

Bigger and Better is a frosted champagne.

Total Package is a metallic rose gold.

The fomula is buttery smooth, highly pigmented, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, blendable, buildable, long lasting, and flatters on all skin tones.

I love this palette simply because its perfect to use for everyday wear, and the shades are versatile as you can convert them into eyeshadows too. I don’t mind giving my eyes a little something extra to make them stand out. Bling is my middle name! Lol.

Don’t worry, the shades in this palette aren’t over the top shimmery. There is a bit of high shine though. The sparkles are micro fine, and depending on where the light hits the face, you can catch glimpses of the soft shimmer. It’s very pretty, not gaudy at all.

Wear time is about 8 to 9 hours with some slight fading towards the end.

Unfortunately, Colourpop’s Gimme More! Highlighter Palette is sold out. I’m praying they send a mass email restock notification soon. I wanted to share my thoughts as a nod of approval in case there was the slightest chance of uncertainty as to whether or not you should order this palette.

You have my blessing boys and girls. Go forth and purchase this palette! I will let it be known once it restocks. I give you my word.

Stay beautiful! Xo.


Colourpop No Filter Concealer Review:

I just tried Colourpop Cosmetics No Filter Concealer, and I’m over the moon for this $6.00 concealer glamour babes.

Not only is it stupid affordable, like most of their products are. You actually can buy a few shades to shape a flawless contour and the cost would still be under $20. Colourpop created plenty of colors to compliment any skin tone. There are 15 shades, ranging from fair to deep dark skin. I was quite impressed by the shade selection. I don’t think anyone will have an issue finding a shade that works ideally for their complexion. I didn’t. You can even take a quiz to find the your perfect match.

The quiz spoke truth. My perfect match was Light Neutral 15. A light neutral base with peach undertones.

The formula of this concealer is creamy, lightweight, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, easy to blend, buildable, does not crease, streak, or feel cakey, provides full coverage, and sets in matte finish. Soft blurring pigments give skin a no filter needed, flawless effect. I use it as a foundation because the coverage is amazing! And I don’t break out at all. It covers everything-Redness, acne scars, dark circles, whatever imperfection you got goin on, it’s gone. I did not use one photo filter during my selfie session and this is what I got out of Colourpop’s No Filter Concealer. I am one satisfied customer!

It’s pretty concentrated too so you don’t need to use a whole lot. The flat doe shaped foot wand acts like a little spatula, and distributes the right amount of concealer onto the skin, whether its a big or small area.

True, this does not crease into any fine lines or wrinkles, but if you happen to have ones that are a bit more pronounced like I do on my forehead. An oval foundation or concealer brush will take care of the concealer from slipping into the cracks in a jiffy. All ya gotta do is Blend, blend, blend. I do not recommend Colourpop’s No Filter Concealer for dry skin types. The matte finish accentuates dry patches and flakes. I have a few dry spots on my face at the moment from the weather getting cooler, and using this concealer made them more noticeable. Nothing to get upset over. I’ll be as good as new once my skin adapts to the fall weather.

The wear time is excellent. Skin stays matte all day, which is fantastic for oily skin types. I do love a strong concealer that can keep my t-zone in check. This one clearly fits the bill.

I may have to pick up a few more shades so I can concoct the quintessential contour scheme for my skin tone.

This should be fun! No sarcasm intended.

Stay beautiful, xo.

Colourpop Creme Gel Liner (Get Paid and Show Me) Review:

I have become the Metallic Monster glamour babes. First, it started off with Wet n Wild’s Coloricon Metallic Liquid Lipsticks, then it was Colourpop’s Ultra Metallic Liquid Lipsticks, and now their Creme Gel Metallic Liners ($5) in Get Paid and Show Me got me horribly obsessed, but in a good way, lol.  Get Paid is a shake yo money maka metallic rose goldShow me is a real crowd pleasing true vivid metallic copper. 

My apologies for not having my own lids photographed and posted. I take the  pics myself with my iPhone and unfortunately, I can’t get as close up as I’d like to without my images becoming over pixelated and out of focus. A professional camera is needed when getting ready for a closeup (photos courtesy of Colourpop’s website). I wanted you to see how beautiful these shades look when worn on the eyes, apart from the swatches I shot.

I always did enjoy wearing eyeliner on my lower lids to make those blue eyes of mine stand out more than they already do alone. Sadly, a lot of the drugstore/high end brand liners I have purchased in the past never exactly made the mark (no pun intended, lol). Within a few minutes, the liners I would end up purchasing would always seem to run, smudge or fade quickly due to my oily lids. It’s a good thing I have a deep love for rose gold and copper shades, otherwise I don’t think I would have tried Colourpop’s Creme Gel Liners, and I am so glad I did, it’s back to loving liners again!!!

These retractable Creme Gel Liners are so lightweight, smooth, and creamy, they apply easily, and glide on effortlessly.

Get Paid and Show Me have high intensity pigment producing opaque coverage, creating a bold and lovely metallic shimmer with just one application.

The color payoff lasts all day, minus the raccoon eyes, and fading, making this glamour babe a very satisfied customer! If you do rub your eyes, of course it is going to smudge, I can’t sit here and lie, Colourpop does have them labeled as a Creme Gel Liner, but a little bit of primer can help control that from turning into a smudge catastrophe. Primer does make everything better during times of a makeup crisis, I swear by it! Colourpop’s Creme Gel Liners are totally worth looking into if you love eyeliners or gel pots. They come in array of colors (pinks, blues, purples, golds, black, brown, green, etc…) a few finishes if I glanced correctly, are cruelty free, and vegan, except for the following 4 shades; Call Me, Best O, No Shame, and DTLA. Uggggh, just go buy them already, you can gush all about them and thank me later (wink).

Stay beautiful! Xo.