Colourpop Mini Ultra Glossy Lip Review (Tokyo Tea and Piranha):

I was contemplating whether or not to review Colourpop’s Ultra Glossy Lip glosses I received as a free gift from last weeks order since I thought my mini glossy freebies could possibly be limited edition.

I can happily say, the debate is obviously no longer an issue because as of July 21st, which is tomorrow! Colourpop will be launching 21 New Ultra Glossy Lip shades to the Ultra lip family, and there will be four finishes for you to choose from (creme, sheer, metallic sheer, and metallic) glamour babes! Are you excited?! I’m pretty stoked about the awesome news!

(Courtesy of colourpop fun)

Okay, so out of the four sample choices Colourpop has given me from their Ultra Glossy mini Lip selection, I picked (two free with $30 purchase) Tokyo Tea and Piranha; Finders Keepers and Weho were the other two selections.

Tokyo Tea is a warm pinky red coral.

Piranha is a soft milky pink.

When wearing the two I noticed both carry different finishes and staying power.

FYI, From what I have read on IG, the full size Ultra Glossy Lip wands will be identical to Colourpop’s Ultra Metallic Liquid Lip wands, meaning they will be smaller from the rest of the Ultra Lip line. I hope that is not too confusing, lol.

Tokyo Tea has a creme finish, and Piranha has a sheer finish.

Tokyo Tea is very vibrant and saturated with color.

I didn’t need to apply much to produce a pretty pop of color on my lips. I used about two coats with this mini me Ultra Glossy Lip wand, which adds up to one coat when using Colourpop’s regular sized wand. The color payoff lasts all day, but it doesn’t stay glossy for long though, about two hours, then it sets into a vibrant, balmy lip stain.

Piranha was very sheer for my taste.

I needed to apply this shade a few times to show some kind of a pink hue on my lips. I applied 3 coats to achieve a good amount of pigmentation, and I didn’t get much wear out of this one, within an hour Piranha completely faded away, I didn’t even have a cup of coffee, let alone breakfast! Bummer.

The formulation for both finishes are lightweight, smooth, creamy, lips are soft and hydrated, they apply easily, and wear comfortably with no sticky or tacky feel no matter how much you build on top of Colourpop’s Ultra Glossy Lip shades.

Out of the two Ultra Glossy Lip finishes, I’m definitely a creme finish girl. I enjoyed the long lasting wear and high vibrancy stain of Colourpop’s Tokyo Tea shade. Piranha fell a bit short for me when it came to the finish and wear. For such a beautiful delicate shade of pink, I think it should last longer than an hour, so I can get at least one compliment after walking out the door, and, I wasn’t a fan of having to re-apply so frequently. This is not the biggest deal in the world considering it was a sample, I’ll just end up using her as a topcoat for many of my lipsticks that have been neglected for quite sometime now and need a bit of TLC.

Be sure to mark your calendars and set your alarms for Colourpop’s Ultra glossy Lip launch tomorrow boys and girls, I have a feeling this is going to be another mad dash to finish when checking out your glossy haul.

Stay beautiful! Xo.

Colourpop Brow Colour (Red Head and Arched Auburn) Review:

For those of you who haven’t tried Colourpop’s Brow Colour, you need to get on that ASAP because all I can say is WOW glamour babes! My brows are on fleek and point 24/7 when wearing this stuff! I was always more of a brow gel, pomade, cream whatever you wanna call it kinda of girl, brow pencils just never did it for me. The tips would always seem to break no matter how light handed I could be, leading to product waste, and some serious dineros down the drain, not cool. And, I felt brow pencils never lasted as long as brow gels, I gotta say you get a lotta bang for your buck ($6) out of Colourpop’s Brow Colour.

I actually purchased two of Colourpop’s Brow Colours in Red Head and Arched Auburn. I was curious to see which shades complimented my complexion and strawberry locks best, let’s see how this showdown went, shall we?!

Red Head is a mid tone red brown

Arched Auburn is a soft gingery auburn

There are 8 brow colour shades in total including Brow Pencils from Colourpop that works for every skin tone and hair color shade out there.

Just putting it out there, I think Colourpop mislabeled the shade names Red Head and Arched Auburn, they should switch brow roles. Arched Auburn definitely works for us lighter haired bubbly red heads such as strawberry blondes, and copper redheads. Redhead really belongs to those auburn beauties and deep dark mysterious redheads we can’t put our finger on, lol.

A little does go a long way with Colourpop’s Brow Colour, so apply in increments, it’s very build-able, and the shade your brows desire can easily be achieved!
The formula of each Brow Colour is lightweight, has a mousse like texture that is very creamy, super opaque, wears comfortably, glides on the brows easily, and can easily be removed with a makeup wipe or remover. I love that Red Head and Arched Auburn do not smudge, or run off my face as the day goes on, it’s stays put all day, even during those hot summer muggy days NYC has been having lately.

Both shades produced very natural color, covering my dish watery, ashy blonde brows impeccably, and they matched my hair (strawberry blonde) and skin tone (fair) perfectly.
I believe this brow tint showdown is a tie, I’m loving both shades, but I will be keeping Colourpop’s Red Head Brow Colour aside for when the autumn leaves begin to fall, and I decide to transpire to the darker shade of red. Yep, I’m going to be a deep, dark, and mysterious enigma, y’all can’t point a finger on. How sexy does that sound?! Lol.

Stay beautiful! Xo.


Colourpop Ultra Metallic Liquid Lipstick (3-Way, Kween, Man Eater) Review:

Can all of my glamour babes relate with me when receiving Colourpop’s restock email notification on their Ultra Metallic Liquid Lipsticks ($6 each), they felt as if they were on the game show Supermarket Sweep?! Lord, the pressure I felt when I was trying to add 3-Way, Kween, and Man Eater into my shopping cart in under 7 minutes was surreal, but I did it! And, boy did I feel like the Supermarket Sweep winner! So, Where’s my pony with saddle bags full of money?! Or more like saddle bags FULL of Colourpop goodies! Lol.

Poor Zebra (fantastic dupe for Kylie’s Reign Metallic Lippie), I am afraid I had to leave this true bronzy little fella behind, I didn’t fall as hard for this shade the way I did for the others.

3-Way is a plummy pink with gold sparkle that pairs well with Colourpop’s Contempo, and Ellarie lip pencil.

Kween (FYI, this is a vegan lippie!) is a burnt red with tons of gold glitter that can be paired with Colourpop’s Bitchette, Dalia, and Poison (highly recommend) pencil.

Man Eater is my top favorite out of the bunch, which is a shimmery rose gold, and Colourpop’s BFF Pencil 2 or BFF Pencil 3 can be used to outline those shimmery lips for a more defined look.

Colourpop’s Ultra Metallic Liquid Lipsticks have a lightweight formula, are very comfortable to wear, and apply evenly and precisely despite the negative comments I’ve come across on their much smaller doe foot wands.

Honestly, I really couldn’t tell the difference. Yes, their wands are a wee bit smaller, but in no way effects the color application. They work exactly the same as Colourpop’s regular sized wands, and hold a good amount of color, nuf said.

As for pigmentation, I felt that 3-Way and Man Eater had the most opaqueness out of the three, saturating the lip beautifully with one application. Kween needed a little more effort, one application wasn’t enough, it looked sheer, I needed about two or three coats to get that rich metallic sheen 3-Way and Man Eater produced with just one coat.
Even though Kween adds an extra 60 seconds to apply during my makeup routine, lol, I’m still happy with the shade choices I picked, and I love the velvety whipped texture each shade carries.
Because Colourpop’s Ultra Metallic Lippies set into a satin metallic finish, the colour payoff varies. Drinking causes subtle transferring onto cups and glasses, but the color stays intact all day. Eating (avoid greasy foods) will cause some fading creating a soft sparkly balmy stain. No eating or drinking, ummmmm, I think we all know the payoff when us boys and goils do this tactic, lol! Lips are packed with metallic color, looking lustrous and gorgeous all day long!
Who was lucky enough to grab some of Colourpop’s Ultra Metallic Lippies?! Do you think they take full Reign over Kylie’s Liquid Lipsticks? After my mad dash for Colourpop’s Metallic Lippies, I think I know who rules the metallic queendom already (wink).
Stay beautiful! Xo.


Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick Highball, Succulent, Sundae, Mars, Ouiji Review:


Happy Fri-Yay glamour babes! I have so much to yay about! Well for one it is the weekend and who’s not excited about their summer weekend?! Two, I finally get to share my review about Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks!


I know it took some time to get my thoughts out on paper to you guys and dolls, but I wanted to make sure that my lippie purchase was beauty blogger worthy of a review…and it is, so let’s take a peek! In total there are 25 eye-catching colors to get your hands on, ranging from your softest shades of nudes, pinks, and mauves to some extreme bold colors of summery corals, hot pinks, and fiery reds. If my readers know me by now, than you are well aware that I must have striking, gorgeous lips 24/7 to match my colorful personality lol. Highball, Succulent, Sundae, Mars, & Ouiji were the five out of the twenty-five I fell in love with.

Highball- There is no need to have a drink in hand when wearing this stunning hot pink. Just looking at your lips will make you feel warm and giddy all over.


Succulent-will paint your lips a mouthwatering shade of vibrant tomato red with a hint of orange undertone.


Sundae- I scream, you scream, we all scream for pink magenta lips with a subtle blue violet undertone on top!


Mars-is an out of this world shade of warm red fuchsia….much like the planet!


Ouiji- You don’t need a talking board to tell you that this bright corally red will have the fire department knocking down your door because you’re lips are going to be smokin hot!


Before I apply any matte lippie I always make sure that my lips are nicely exfoliated, buck naked, and dry. This is a sure way that you will create a clean, beautiful, crack-free, crumbly lip.

The formulation of the Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks are thin and light weight with an ultra matte finish (obvi). The sponge tipped wand glides color on easily and smoothly providing super intense rich pigment upon application. I only needed one application per shade I chose. They are extremely opaque and dry immediately once lip application has been made (loves!). Since these are ultra matte the finish can become ultra drying at times. I would suggest applying a lip balm as a top coat to create a subtle moisture barrier. This little trick helps greatly when I need an instant lip hydration boost while keeping my lips matte and intact. The color payoff is amazeballs! Eating and drinking, snacking, and chatting led to an all day lip love affair of long lasting color. It’s even kiss proof, I kid you not. Go ahead give your spouse a big smooch on the forehead and tell me what do you see besides your reflection lol? A whole lotta nothin transferring onto his forehead I bet, and you do you know why? Because they’re matte-nificint, oh and kiss proof as I have mentoned before :D. Each Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick cost $6, which is such a great buy if you love matte lips and sensational color all wrapped up in one tube. Stay beautiful! Xo.