Essence Cosmetics Little Beauty Angels Colour Correcting Setting Powder Review:

Well these were rather disappointing glamour babes-Essence Cosmetics Little Beauty Angels Colour Correcting Setting Powders ($4.99 for 0.21 oz) didn’t do much of anything, except set makeup flawlessly.

The color correcting aspect in these loose powders didn’t really come through like I was expecting. My face was neither brightened or neutralized when using the two shades available. And, what’s up with the limited shade range? Where’s the peach? There’s not even a pink? Or a yellow? If you’re going to have color correctors in powder form at least do it right and have a variety of colors.

I’m Flawless Minty! Is a green powder that neutralizes redness and provides a matte flawless finish.

I’m Flawless Lilly! Is a lilac powder that brightens dull, tired skin and also provides a flawless matte finish.

*Both powders can be used alone or applied on top of makeup. I used a powder brush instead of the powder puff included. The powder puff just created mess everywhere and too much powder collected on the puff.

I wasn’t looking for a miracle, but c’mon Essence, give me a little color with your face powders. I got nothing during my applications. It’s like basically owning two more translucent setting powders that I already have. I was hoping these were going to be a great alternative to my color correcting concealers. The finely milled formulation of the powders are soooooooo lightweight, and comfortable to wear. I thought I would be able to getaway with not having to cake and clog my pores up with concealers every now and then.

On the plus side, the Little Beauty Angels Colour Correcting Powders do keep skin looking fresh and matte all day long. I had zero oil peeking through when applied on top of my makeup. So, I will choose to look at the glass as half full instead of half empty when using Minty and Lilly. Something still remains inside the formulation, which is an excellent loose mattifying powder.

Stay beautiful! Xo.

Essence Cosmetics Blush Play Review:

I am totally crushing on Essence Cosmetics New Blush Play Sculpting Palette ($5.99) glamour babes. This Palette lets you sculpt, define, and highlight your cheekbones effortlessly with three simple shades, and they all work together perfectly.

I purchased Play It Peach. I did want Play It Pink too, but it was sold out. Apparently girls really do love pink, and not just on Wednesdays either. Lol.

Play it Peach Palette has a beautiful corally pink color scheme.

The packaging is pretty straightforward. It’s a sturdy plastic compact with a clear window with black lettering defining the product (as shown above). I am okay with the design. I think its a good looking palette for $6. I bought it didn’t I? Lol.

The powder formula is lovely. It’s lightweight, buttery smooth, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, blends out evenly, highly pigmented, buildable, compliments fair to medium skin tones, and the finishes of the blushes are different from one another.

Highlight is a pearlized finish.

Define is satin finish.

Sculpt is a matte finish.

I really like the individual finishes Essence’s Blush Play Palette offers. It gives cheekbones nice depth, making them look precise and sharp. You can also use the shades separately if you want for a softer, radiant appearance.

The color payoff is outstanding. I didn’t think my freshly colored contoured cheeks would last long, but they did-a full 8 hours. I definitely need to grab Play It Pink. I love this palette for every day wear. These are makeup must haves for me.

I haven’t seen the Blush Play Palettes in stores as of yet (did you?). If I do I will be sure to revise my post. They are available at, and shipping is free when you make a $15 purchase.

What do you think of Essence’s new sculpting and highlighter palettes?

Yay or nay?

Stay beautiful! Xo.

Essence Color Correcting Liquid Concealer Review:

Essence Cosmetics has been knocking it out of the park lately with their newest arrivals, especially in the color correcting department glamour babes. I recently did a makeup haul on the essence website and went a little color correcting crazy. They have everything! There are so many things to choose from I couldn’t decide on what I wanted, so I kinda bought it all as you can tell from the picture above. Their BFF (30% off entire purchase) sale served me well. From loose powders, to multi colored pearls, to liquid concealers, to crayon sticks, and concealer palettes. I felt like a kid in a candy store and could not wait to flavor my selections once they arrived. 

First up, Essence Cosmetics Color Correcting Liquid Concealers ($3.99 each). Those were the ones I wanted to try out first. I finally finished the Say No To Dark Circles, Redness, and Imperfections color correcting sticks, and I wanted to see how the liquid version performed. 

So how does Wakeup Effect, No to Dark Circles, and Anti-Redness perform?Really nice actually. The formula is water based making them a wee bit sheerer than the concealer sticks, but this is something I don’t mind. I tend to go lighter with my bases during the summer months. I love the natural finish of each one, and how easily they brighten shadows and camouflage imperfections. However, If you prefer a color corrector with fuller coverage that won’t break the bank. You can try L.A. Girl’s H.D. Pro Concealer ($4.99), NYX’s color corrector palette ($11.99), or NYX’s Concealer in a Jar ($4.99 and is a dupe for Benefit’s Boing Concealer). I consider these HG budget friendly products to flawless skin without looking cakey. 

The color correcting liquid concealers are lightweight, moisturizing, somewhat creamy, provide good pigmentation, are comfortable to wear, easy to apply, easy to blend, buildable on top of concealer or foundation, non-chalky, and set in a matte finish, providing sheer to medium coverage.

They are long lasting too! Skin stays matte and intact for hours and hours. Perfect for oily/combination skin. I highly recommend these color complexion changers. They made my skin happy. 

Essence Cosmetics Color Correcting Liquid Concealer is available at Use Code FRIYAY25 all weekend for 25% off. Plus free shipping on US orders over $15.Happy hauling!

Stay beautiful, xo. 


Essence Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette Review:

I can understand why some of you would be disappointed with the Essence Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette ($5.99). I was in the same boat glamour babes, but after giving it a couple of tries, this palette grew on me.For those of you who absolutely love to shine and sparkle bright like a diamond. I do not recommend this palette. You will end up returning it. These trio of highlighters have subdued light reflecting pigments, which create a very, very soft glow, that gives skin a natural, radiant appearance. I don’t mind having this look at all. I have been favoring it more lately because of the Light Up Your Face Palette ($5.99). I guess you can call it Spring fever, lol. 

The finely milled, buttery smooth formula is lightweight, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, has sheer pigmentation, and is somewhat buildable, but not by much. As sheer as the shades (nude, rose,  golden beige) are, I think they’re quite beautiful and it truly shows on the complexion. I prefer to use these individually to accentuate features. I didn’t really see much natural dimension when blending all three together. It still gave off an individual effect since these are so sheer. You can however, use other highlighters (liquid, powder, or stick) on top of this one to create better depth.  The finish of these highlighters are in no way, shape or form chunky or glittery. So don’t listen to the review rumors. Obviously, they don’t know highlighters. Yep, I went there. Big whoop, you wanna fight about it? (Family Guy humor) lol.

I was actually impressed by the color payoff. Usually highlighters this faint (from my experience) don’t stick around for long, they fade quickly. It’s as if I never put on highlighter. Not this one though. I got six hours of gorgeous glow and tons of compliments. Thanks boys and girls! It’s all thanks to Essence. 

You can try on The Essence Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette for size at Ulta Beauty or select Target stores.

Stay beautiful! Xo