Flower Beauty Eye to Eye 2-in-1 Mascara and Eyeliner Review:

Be bold and beautiful glamour babes with the flower beauty eye 2 eye marker and volumizing mascara ($9.98) exclusively at Walmart. This dynamic duo will give you bat worthy lashes and a dramatic eye look all in one. The eye marker is great, a nice rich pigmented black, and the tip of the marker is dense yet soft giving you a clean, precise line every time for your perfect cat eye creations. The mascara wand takes a bit getting use to since it is not the average sized wand, and you have to coat your lashes in two parts as opposed to a regular sized wand that can coat all your lashes in just one swipe. All that aside, I still love that it gives you enough mascara coverage without being overly saturated, heavy and flaky on your lashes. This combo is perfect for on the go and will have you pin-up ready in just a wink of an eye! Stay beautiful xo.

Flower Beauty Ultimate Powder Brush Review part 2:

It’s finally here and in my hands glamour babes, the Flower beauty ultimate powder brush! When it comes to my blush, bronzer and/or face powder applications, I am not one for super saturated or caked-on face coverage. With that being said, this brush has taken my make-up creations to a whole other level.
The faux hair (synthetic hair) is ultra soft, light weight, and silky to the touch, giving my skin a beautiful, flawless and natural look. If you do prefer more intensity with your bronzer and blush, you can most definitely manipulate this brush and saturate it with pigment. The handle is made of a sturdy hard plastic and has a good weight to it, which I love, since I feel some brush handles are flimsy and break quite easily. This can also be used as a body brush for your décolletage area ladies. Remember, a little shimmer and sass never hurt anyone. All in all, I say yay for for the ultimate powder brush! A perfect staple to your make-up kits, and for the price ($12.98) it can’t be beat. Stay beautiful xo

Flower Beauty Ultimate Makeup Brushes Review Part 1:

Achieve even and flawless coverage glamour babes with Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty ultimate makeup brushes exclusively at Walmart. I absolutely LOVE these brushes.
The handles are long, which is great if you like to be precise and balanced, especially when applying your eye make-up, and the rose gold hardware adds a really nice touch. The “faux hair” bristles as they like to call them are made of really good quality synthetic hair. They are nice and dense with flexibility so you can create a beautiful canvas with precision and ease. When applying my make-up I didn’t have one hair fallout, this impressed very much me since I own many high end brushes and I’ve had tons of hair fallout of my brush and stick to my face (annoying isn’t it?!) The price of these brushes are fantastic as well. For the entire collection it will only cost you $50 plus tax. I do apologize ladies, I could not get my hands on the blush brush due to popular demand. But not to fret, when I get my hands on that pretty I will be sure to report it ASAP! So all in all, I give these beauties 5 stars and I think these are a great beginners set for all those aspiring make-up artists out there. Stay beautiful! Xo