Hard Candy Sheer Envy Eye Brightening Concealer (Radiance) Review:

I am becoming obsessed with eye brightening concealers to the point where I may just become an expert at locating the good ones glamour babes. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I think I would kick butt as an eye brightening concealer specialist if it were a real profession, lol. Siggghhhhhh, if only. Well, I can happily say you don’t have to look any further besides your local Walmart store. Hard Candy’s Sheer Envy Eye Brightening Concealer ($6) will help lift your dark circle woes in a blink of an eye! Eye humor, lol…..Ahem…….Moving on…..

I recently reviewed NYX’s Hydra Touch Eye Brightening Pencil ($9) in Radiance, and I absolutely loved it. The part that I didn’t love after while was having to sharpen the pencil every time I needed a new tip. Call me high maintenance if you like, I couldn’t deal with having to tote my sharpener around at all times. The bottom of my makeup bag was beginning to look like a hamster cage due to all of the pencil shavings, very annoying. I much prefer twist-able crayons or clickable wands like Hard Candy’s.

Let’s see what this baby can do for us boys and goils!

The lightweight formula of radiance (pink) helps ease signs of fatigue for a refreshed, radiant complexion. It combines 10 benefits in a single, powerful liquid to reduce puffiness, diffuse shadows, soften wrinkles, and blur lines, all while correcting, lifting, and brightening skin. The medium coverage serum is infused with Hard Candy’s unique Sheer Envy primer complex that offers long lasting coverage for all day wear. The creamy 0.8 oz Hard Candy concealer evens skin tones, giving skin an all over smooth glowing appearance, and it can be worn alone, under or over foundation.

Sounds too good to be true right?! Wrong! I wear the radiance concealer (two other shades are available, light and medium) alone because it provides enough coverage for me, and it camouflages my dark circles beautifully as my fine lines, dark shadows disappear once this creamy concealer has been blended in with my mini oval brush (a god send to blur imperfections).

Did I mention it’s clickable?!?!?! Sayonara pencil shavings, my makeup bag no longer belongs to an invisible hamster, lol! Can you see the difference in my pics?! My eyes do look pretty lifted, more open, and awake, don’t you think?!

When it comes down to the puffiness, I can’t truly say that the Sheer Envy Brightening Concealer aids in this matter. I don’t really experience puffy eyes in the morning, only if I am super dehydrated the night before. So keep in mind, water is your best friend ladies and gents, as are tea bags, and cucumber slices to keep that skin around your eyes hydrated (wink). Hard Candy’s concealer holds all day long and strong. It does not crease, smudge, or wear off, or leave a weird oily residue on the lids. I love this concealer so much! This will be my brightening concealer for awhile, its got the magic touch, why ruin a good thing? Lol. Consider the trip to Walmart and grab one, you’ll be so happy you did!

Stay beautiful! Xo.


Hard Candy Glamoflauge Lite Blendable Concealer Duo Medium/Light Review:

Camouflaging your imperfections will no longer be a difficult task glamour babes thanks to Hard Candy’s Glamoflauge Lite blendable concealer duo available at Walmart for $6.00. This double ended concealer stick comes with two different shades for customizable color combinations, allowing you to achieve a perfect even complexion every time. I am so glad Hard Candy decided to come out with a lighter formulation of the Glamoflauge concealer. The Glamoflauge heavy duty was a bit too thick for my taste and really covers more like a foundation rather than a concealer and clogged my pores up a bit causing me to breakout some. It’s all good though, nothing face wash and a good acne cream couldn’t take care of. Using the Glamouflauge concealer duo is very easy to use. All you have to do is apply the corrector to any scars or blemishes, layer on the concealer shade, and blend. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am; after all is said and done your skin is seamlessly ravishing. 

 As always medium/light ended up being the perfect shade for my skin-tone and I think this is one great tool to have in your makeup bag or collection. The texture of the concealer is very light, smooth, and silky making it easy to blend  providing medium coverage with a matte finish. For a light concealer I was impressed how well my skin responded to the consistency and application. I applied this all over my face adding nothing else to the mix besides a highlighter to my cheeks and I was good to go. Everything looked erased; my scars, redness, blemishes, all gone! I could not believe my eyes. I was completely evened out and my skin stayed matte all day long producing no oiliness to my T-zone. Thus creating one fresh and fabulous complexion I long for on a daily basis. The Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer duo comes in four shades; ultra light, medium light, and medium. I am surprised Hard Candy did not make a tan shade for deeper skin-tones as they did for their Glamoflauge Heavy Duty concealer line. Hopefully the company will realize this slight mishap and commence project bronze goddess; a tan concealer duo for all deeper complexions to try and love. And for that matter, there will be no more lurking in the dark with your imperfections my Hard Candyites, so  grab your fatigues and get glamoflauged, that’s an order! Stay beautiful, xo. 


Hard Candy 1,000 Lashes Fiberized Lash Weave Primer Review:

I should have reviewed this primer before posting my mascara (boots no7 extreme length) review last week, big boo boo on my part. But, I am here now to share it with you. Plus, I will share an awesome secret with you during my review, so stay tuned ladies and gents! I always prep my lashes with a primer before mascara application, this has been my make-up regimen for quite sometime. For those of you who do not use a primer, you should give it a try. It gives a whole new meaning to your eyelashes and it conditions them very nicely. I also noticed many of my mascara’s have not crumbled and flaked off my lashes causing a fallout party all over my face. As we know, (fun fact for those who did not) women go through a tube of mascara a month. That being said, I went through a primer a month, costing me $25 every shot at Sephora (curse that store and all their splendor). So, I gave it up cold turkey and went on the prowl for drugstore brands that can provide the same benefit’s as I got with Lancome’s Cils Booster XL (magic in a tube). I was really surprised that a lot of makeup companies do not have mascara primers. They really do work wonders and give your lashes incredible results. After no luck with the drugstores, I decided to try Walmart and discovered Hard Candy made a lash primer for $6.00!!!! (Hallelujah! the lash gods have finally spoken). I’ll admit I was skeptical while reading some of the reviews on my phone, but I was desperate (primer withdrawal can do this to a girl) and figured what the hey it’s worth a shot. I have been using this for two weeks now and I absolutely love it! This primer seriously gives your lashes that extra oomph that they need. The primer itself is a white fiber based primer and goes on clear when you apply it to your lashes. The triangular wand helps prep, condition and and separate your lashes, while adding extraordinary length and volume to any mascara. You get a good amount of product for your money in the size tube it comes in (.25oz). It has a nice smooth, light texture, and distributes product evenly onto your lashes. Many reviewers have stated they had issues with the fibers getting into their eyes causing irritations. Unless your literally priming your eyeballs, I had no issue with fibers getting into my eyes when applying this primer. The fibers are pretty tiny and grip on to the brush firmly. My only issue is the wand size, it’s a lot shorter than a regular mascara wand (photo shown) and can be hard to maneuver when trying to get in the corners.

Beauty tip: I ended up saving an old Lancome Cils Booster wand and it works perfectly with this primer (winning, again!).
Ladies and gentlemen for your shopping pleasure I present to you a dupe alert:

These primers are a two of a kind. They are both a white based micro-fiber primer with a triangular brush that will condition, lengthen, thicken, and separate your lashes, but for the fraction of the cost.
Go the extra mile glamour babes and add some extra length and definition to your lashes. You know your lashes want you to. Stay beautiful! xo.