J.Cat Beauty Lipfinity Matte Kissproof Lip Review:


OH-EMM-GEE glamour babes, I am loving J.Cat Beauty’s Lipfinity Matte Kissproof Lip. There are sooooooo many shades to choose from, and the staying power is incredible for a $5 liquid lipstick. Kiss the ones you love and see if the lipstick transfers. Go ahead! See for yourselves. The kissproof lip is in the pudding. From neutral to bold, J.cat has got what you need in 24 gorgeous transfer-proof shades. Talk about a selection!

I played it safe since these are fairly new and ordered two- Vegas before Vows and Bottles Left and Right.Trust me, I wanted just about all of them, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Especially, when it’s a new product you’re completely unsure of. Take it from the master of over hauling, lol. 

Vegas before Vows is a warm fuchsia red. Bottles Left and Right is a juicy reddish pink. 
The formula is waterproof, lightweight, opaque, crazily long lasting, very comfortable to wear, goes on evenly, and the doe foot wand makes it easy to apply. It does not crack, cake, bleed, feather, crumble or leave lips feeling dry. 
I ate and consumed multiple beverages through out the day when wearing these lip shades, and not one of them transferred on to any cup, nor did they fade. These babies stayed on my lips for 10 hours, with no touch ups needed. The color remained as true to when I first applied it. You will need to use an oil based makeup remover to remove the color. The Kissproof Matte Lip does not budge without it. It’s insane! 

*BEAUTY TIP: I recommend exfoliating your lips before application. This will prevent any color from setting into fine lines or adhering to flaky bits of skin. We’ve all been there and it’s not attractive. Can we agree on this? Little bit, right? Lol.

I am definitely purchasing more shades. Lipfinity’s formula and color payoff has me completely blown away. Plus, they’re super affordable.

Now, I have a question for you, who’s hopping on this J.Cat Beauty band wagon with me?!

Stay beautiful!


J.Cat Beauty You Glow Girl Baked Highlighter Review:

Guess what glamour babes?! I have more fantabulous highlighters for you to try, and they’re affordable!

Priced at $9 each, J. Cat Beauty’s You Glow Girl Baked Highlighters in White Goddess, Twilight, and Pink Goddess have been nothing but sensational in the glow department, and I am in awe of all three.
The multi dimensional baked formula brings instant glow all day long due to high intense shimmer pigments in each shade. It is designed to compliment all skin tones and skin types. The smooth texture blends effortlessly and gives the perfect luminous finish.

J.Cat couldn’t have described it any better when it comes to their glowing girls, and I have swatches as proof!

White Goddess is a pure white gold.
Twilight is gold toned.Pink Goddess is a rose gold.Whether you’re strobing or highlighting, and need a little assistance as to where you would apply these beautiful highlighters, look no further. Below is a How to Use Tutorial compliments of J.Cat Beauty. Thank you!The formula is lightweight, finely milled, has a velvety texture, making them comfortable to wear, easy to blend, and they are insanely pigmented with a micro fine metallic finish. I gradually build layers when using the You Glow Girl highlighters. I prefer having a more natural ethereal glow as I am getting older, which these can produce (Moi, wearing White Goddess). So, my suggestion to you would be to go with a light hand, and apply gracefully. These gorgeous gals sure know how to shine bright if you let them, wink.

Stay beautiful, xo.


J.Cat Beauty Liptitude 24/7 Hydrating Lip Stain Swaaag, Hikilicious, Blow your Mind Review:

How I love walking into Ulta beauty and discovering new cosmetic lines I am dying to try glamour babes. The universe has been way too kind to me this year, or it is sick and tired of hearing my request to please sell J.Cat Beauty at Ulta so I can try their amazing Liptitude 24/7 Hydrating Lip Stains!!!! Danke universe 😀 I was finally able to try these little beauties for and I grabbed the three that best suited my complexion; Swaaag (hot pink), Hickilicous (watermelon pink), and Blow your Mind (deep muted pink). There are 14 colors to choose from and are priced at $5.99 a piece. I noticed Ulta did not carry all of the shades, they only had about 7 of them on display. Totally worth checking out though if your a lip stain junkie like myself. 

  The formulation is mineral based that has a creamy consistency with a medium viscosity and has a smooth, slippery feel when applying. The shades are super pigmented and you don’t need much to cover your lips. Seriously, one pump of the doe foot applicator wand and your done. I could not believe how much product dispersed onto the wand in one shot, these will last me a lifetime I am sure. Your lips get full even coverage with long lasting wear followed by tons of hydration from the Vitamin E. I will point out that they can be a bit messy when applying and come off more as a glossy finish instead of a semi matte at first glance. But, once the Liptitude stain sets in for about 5 minutes you will start to notice the semi matte finish coming through. I loved each and every one of these lip stains despite the minor setback. I ate, drank, snacked, chatted and the shades still stayed vibrant. Even as it tapered off through the night as it turned into a lovely flush of color on my lips. Has anyone come across the J.cat Beauty brand at Ulta and experienced their line for themselves? What do you think?! I’d love to hear some feedback. Stay beautiful! Xo.



J.Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint Review:

Welcome to J.Cat Beauty Wonderland glamour babes, where you will find 36 eclectic shades of Wonder Lip Paints ($5 each) that will make you mad as a hatter and for the price you may just question why is a raven like a writing desk?! I never heard of J.Cat Beauty up until a month ago when I was fishing through Instagram for more affordable cruelty-free beauty brands; hence their saying “good quality makeup does not need to be expensive”. How coincidental that I was thinking the exact same thing while doing my daily internet prowl for project beauty on a budget, I’m telling you it was fate. While scoping their website I came across the lip paints and immediately thought of the OCC Lip Tars, dupe alert!   Super excited by this find I purchased 6 shades and my post men could not deliver them any sooner. Five days later my six impossible things to do before breakfast were here to be tried and tested:
Golden Afternoon- a rich scarlet red  
 Red Queen- a blue based red (dupe for OCC Lip Tar Stalker) 

 Mad Splatter-a pinky red fuchsia  

 2nd Impossible Thing- Tomato Red  

 Heartadocious- Watermelon Pink 

 The Dodo- Hot Pink 

 If you haven’t caught on to J.Cat’s idea, the Wonder Lip Paints have Alice in Wonderland theme names (spleeee my favorite), how creatively whimsical is that?! I love how the company worked that into their lip paints, so much fun as makeup should be!
All of the J.Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paints come in one finish which is satin. They are extremely opaque so all you need is a pin drop of this liquid lipstick to create even bold pigmented lips. I also love that the formulation is much thicker than OCC’s, your lips do not tend to feather out as much if you do not apply a lip primer. Just be sure that your lips are clean and dry before application, the lip paint adheres beautifully by doing this simple step. The lip paints are infused with peppermint oil giving you a subtle tingly cool sensation while hydrating and nourishing your lips leaving them super soft throughout the day. The color payoff is all day wear as it tapers down to a vibrant stain towards the 8 hour mark. If you do decide to try the lip paints for yourself make sure you shake the tube or squeeze a bit of the product out before application. They tend to separate a bit due to the peppermint oil, other than that they are totally worth buying, I regret not purchasing more especially for the price! Oh dear, I am afraid my review has made you go mad with lip color, entirely bonkers. But i’ll tell you a secret, all the best lip addicts are! Stay beautiful, xo.