Lorac California Dreaming Eyeshadow Palette Review:

Happy Fall Equinox glamour babes! Could you believe it?! Fall has officially crept up on us in its good old fashion style-sneaky! So, as you have your pumpkin spiced latte in one hand, Lorac’s California Dreaming Eyeshadow Palette should be in the other (on sale for $15. Orig. $30).

Even though it’s a summer palette, the soft, universal shades are neutral enough to wear during all seasons.

The limited Edition Palette has a variety of shades, containing 6 Matte and 7 Shimmer finishes.

Sandcastle is a warm pearl shimmer.

Button is a linen shimmer.

Overcast is a dusty lilac matte.

Bonfire is a pastel mauve matte.

Hot Toddy is a rose mauve matte.

Starfish is a coral bronze shimmer.

Seaside is a deep emerald shimmer.

Cable Knit is a plum wine matte.

Cozy is a khaki matte

Boots is a blue steel shimmer.

Kitty Cat (my favorite) is a bronze pewter shimmer that looks more like a foil finish.

65 Degrees is a pink champagne shimmer, and is the least pigmented out of the twelve. I use it to highlight my brow bones or base for the lids.

The formulation of the eyeshadows are finely milled with a super soft texture. When applying, I suggest using some sort of an eyeshadow shield to prevent fallout. These can get messy. They are highly pigmented, comfortable to wear, blends and builds well, does not crease or run, and works for all skin tones.

You can play them up or down. Either way you do it, your eyes will stand out beautifully. I love creating pale, dusty lids and lining my lower lash line with a more deeper shade (Kitty Cat) to make my eyes pop.

I haven’t worn eyeshadow in 10 years (crazy I know) so I am having a ton of fun at the moment experimenting with various palettes, especially this one. Like I need another addiction, lol. At least it’s affordable…….hahahahaha. Yea right. Who am I kidding?!

The longevity of these eyeshadows last just as long as the California Dreaming Cheek Palette- 8 to 9 hours with or without primer. You’re probably better off using a shadow primer to keep the hues rich. They will fade a bit without it.

Lorac’s California Dreaming Eyeshadow Palette is available online at LoracCosmetics.com for the sale price above, which is a nice steal for a high end palette.

Do you think you’ll grab one?! Way or no way?

Stay beautiful! Xo.

Lorac Cosmetics California Dreaming Cheek Palette Review:

Do not let this palette get away glamour babes. Lorac Cosmetics California Dreaming Cheek Palette is definitely one to consider owning. The shades are beautiful. And, it is now on sale for $21 (orig $30 for 0.48oz) on their site!!! Link is above.

The cheek palette carries four limited edition shades that will add highlight, color, and glow to your complexion.

Sunlight is a warm gold pearl shimmer.

Wavelength is a soft warm pink shimmer.

Ray is a warm dusty matte rose, that works nicely as a contour shade.

Golden Hour is a rose gold bronze shimmer.

Ray and Golden Hour are very dark for fair skin tones. I’d go in with a light hand when applying these two shades. Lightly swirl and tap your brush of any excess powder. If bronzers or blushes are something you’re not use to wearing. The colors can come off as overwhelming.
Perfect for everyday wear. The formulation of the four are finely milled (kick back alert), richly pigmented, velvety smooth, lightweight, comfortable to wear, apply evenly and easily, blendable, buildable, flattering on all skin tones, and have a frosted pearl finish, except for Ray.

You can wear them invidually or mix and match the shades to create a customizable one.
I didn’t get that creative. I liked wearing the neutral toned hues separately, using Ray as a contour, and sometimes as a rosy blush to get some color back into those cheeks of mine.

The color payoff is great. Sunlight, Wavelength, Ray, and Golden Hour stayed intact for a full nine hours, showing lots of glow, vibrancy and warmth throughout the entire day.

So, what do you think of Lorac’s California Dreaming Cheek Palette?

Is she pickin up a good vibration?

Do share your thoughts!

Stay beautiful! Xo.

Lorac Cue the Confetti Highlighter and Blush Palette Review:

Oh boy, I believe I waited too long to review Lorac’s Cue the Confetti Highlighter and Blush Palette ($30) glamour babes. I didn’t realize this palette was limited edition, and I am afraid to say that it is sold out. But, Christmakkuh is not far away believe it or not. So who knows, maybe some of you good boys and girls out there already have one in your stocking, and its just waiting to be unwrapped come Sunday morning, wink.

What’s inside Lorac’s Cue the Confetti Palette you ask? Lets take a look-see….
The super glam art deco palette has a trio of Color Source Buildable Blushes in shades Tinge, Technicolor, and Vivid. By the way, the blushes are available (Kohls, Ulta, and Lorac) singularly for $22 in case you did miss out on this palette. A limited edition Light Source Illuminating Highlighter in Spotlight.

Full size mirror

And, a limited edition Rose gold brush that is to die for. The soft winter white bristles pick up color so beautifully that I think Lorac needs to consider carrying brushes all year round. Spotlight-rose gold pearl (pearlized)Tinge-nude (matte)Technicolor-coral (matte)Vivid-hot pink (satin shimmer)Infused with anti-aging antioxidants such as Pomegranate, Acai, and Vitamins A, C, & E. These Blushes/Highlighter can either be worn sheerly for a natural flush of color, or layered for high shine or a more dramatic effect. Making this palette friendly for all skin tones. The formulation is finely milled, lightweight, opaque, highly pigmented, each one is comfortable to wear, they blend evenly and easily, and the texture is smooth as silk. Apply with caution, the blushes and highlighter do produce a good amount of kickback dust.

The color payoff I will give a solid ten. I absolutely love how long the vibrancy last on my cheeks while still looking natural throughout the day.

Were you able to bring home the party and try Lorac’s Cue the Confetti Palette? What has you celebrating?

Stay beautiful! Xo.


Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick Review:

    Release the fun, sexy, and sultry side of yourself that you secretly want to be glamour babes with Lorac’s Alter Ego lipstick ($16). Whether you want to be a southern belle, dominatrix (for role playing purposes only), or the sweet girl next door, Lorac is ready to discover and uncover your mysterious side. I definitely have two alter ego’s and I felt that pin-up (classic red) and show girl (watermelon pink; Ginger Snaps would be my performer name. That’s just between us girls) were the perfect shades for me and I was ready to lip play my roles. 


 The lipstick itself is housed in a beautiful silver barrel case with a clear swivel bottom exposing each shade for you to see (how fantastic that the back of your hand will no longer look like a bag of skittles?!). Each shade is infused with vitamins C and E as well as acai berry, pomegranate, grape seed extract to help keep your lips hydrated and nourished. Lorac’s Alter Ego shades are highly pigmented (and they are not kidding by that statement), super creamy with an opaque matte finish. While playing dress up with my Alter Ego’s, I loved how they applied evenly to my lips and popped with bold beautiful color in one velvety application (easy peasy, lemon squeezy). My lips are of normal hydration, so the lipsticks kept my pout nicely moisturized throughout the day. I think if your lips tend to run on the drier side you may want to use a lip balm underneath for extra hydration due to it’s matte finish. This will not change the color’s vibrancy whatsoever. I noticed that the color payoff varies. When eating (3 square meals, snacks inbetween) and drinking it lasted about 5 hours with some fading creating a lip stain (matte) effect. When I did not eat as much and I had a few drinks, this lasted all night (about 8 hours), leaving me with the same striking gorgeous lips I walked out the door with hours ago. The lipsticks do have a scent, but nothing that is overpowering to the senses. It has an intoxicating sugary smell of sweetness that left me in my alter ego’s state of mind setting free the powerful, sexy, bold lipped pinup/show girl I yearn to be on the outside. So, which one of the twenty shades has caught your Alter Ego’s attention? They are waiting for you to come out and play. Stay beautiful! xo