Milani Color Harmony Blush Review:

Happy Monday glamour babes! Today I wanted to talk about Milani’s Color Harmony Blush ($13.00 for 0.30oz). Walgreens was having a buy two get one free sale on drugstore brand cosmetics, which I believe is still going on thru the 23rd. So you still have time if you’d like to stock up on some of your makeup favorites, wink.

I was actually trying to find Wet n Wild’s Mermaid Collection, but alas it was sold out. Sigh. I did happen to find the next best thing though-The Color Harmony Blushes! Something I did want to try and review for awhile now.

I purchased three out of the four shades. Pink Play, Berry Rays, and Coral Beams. Bronze Burst was beautiful a looking bronzer, but looked a bit dark for my fair skin. Blushes tend to be more my thing during the fall anyway.

Berry Rays has warm rosy, mauve tones.

Coral Beams has warm peachy, pink coral tones.

Pink Play has cool blush toned pinks.

Each blush compact holds four color quadrants ranging in different shades. For some reason the fourth color (bottom) quadrant would not swatch for me whatsoever. This goes for all of the blushes I bought. They have a very waxy, slippery texture. Something I found odd with Milani. Usually their blushes have great pigmentation for swatch testing. I was a little disappointed considering these are not exactly cheap for a drugstore cosmetic brand.

The other shades in the compacts, however, are richly pigmented, buttery smooth, blendable, buildable, lightweight, and have a satin frosted finish, flattering most skin tones.

You can apply these shades individually to sculpt, shape and highlight your cheeks, or swirl them together to create a custom color.
I found that Coral Beams had the most pigmentation comparing to Pink Play and Berry Rays. I had to use a much denser blush brush and plenty of wrist power for those two. I didn’t mind. The extra reinforcement created a beautiful, soft, healthy glow to my cheeks with a pop of color!

The color payoff is outstanding. The Milani Color Harmony Blushes clung on for 8-9 hours, zero fading. That had me glowing with satisfaction.

I really enjoyed these blushes. I just think for the money, the quality could have been better. $13 is kind of extreme to pay for a drugstore blush that doesn’t deliver in my opinion. I would definitely wait for sales or coupons to grab a few of Milani’s Color Harmony Blushes if you’d like to try them. They are now available at Walgreens and

Did you purchase any?

What are your thoughts?

Stay beautiful! Xo.


Milani Natural Glow Brush On Liquid Makeup Review:


Twistin time is here again glamour babes and you’re going to glow like you did last summer! The “no buy” makeup ban inspired me to create one of my own and it was strictly no buying of BB creams until my hoard of tubes were completely used. This was no easy task, I can tell you that much, but it led me to Milani’s Glow Natural Brush on Liquid Makeup ($7.99). A fantastic easy to use twistable tube with a built in foundation brush that let’s you control the desired amount of liquid makeup going onto your skin. How awesome is that?!


Bye, bye makeup sponges, leaky foundation bottles and BB cream tubes, I found a new best friend and her name is Milani! For the record, this is not a foundation as it is mentioned on Milani’s website. This is most definitely a BB cream which provides sheer to medium coverage with a satin finish, booyah!


Now that I got you covered on the coverage part of my find, I can finally get into the good stuff, the product itself. The oil free formula is infused with natural ingredients like Ginseng and Cucumber Extract to help rejuvenate skin, diminish the appearance of fine lines and large pores. I know, I know, you’re probably wondering are Milani’s claims set to be true? Yes they are. This is why she is my new best friend boys and girls, Milani hooked my skin up! Applying Milani’s liquid makeup takes no effort at all, it is lightweight, surprisingly hydrating from the Cactus Extract, and blends evenly into your skin making it super comfortable to wear at all times. I wore it today and I could not believe how revitalized my skin looked, even as I dealt with another wicked NYC scorcher, I had a dewy, natural glow like no other. My perfectly applicated face did not melt off like most BB creams have done to me in the past creating breakouts and tons of uneven streaking.


My pores, and teeny tiny fine lines were close to invisible producing no creasing or caking inside the lines. Don’t you just love not seeing unsightly makeup buildup on your face?! P.S. it doesn’t clog pores either, can I get an amen!? The built in foundation brush is great when wanting to touch-up some minor flaws around the face and under the eyes. I did happen to draw out the big gun when I opted for full face coverage, my larger foundation brush. The brush Milani provides is a tad too small for such a big job and was rather time consuming when I was trying to apply the brush on liquid makeup in a timely manner.


Milani’s Glow Natural Liquid Makeup wears for a fantabulous full 8 hours. From what I have seen online and in stores, there are only two shades available; fair to light (skin tone with neutral or pink undertones, my shade) and light to medium (skin tone with yellow and pale olive undertones). Hopefully they will introduce a third shade for much deeper skin tones because this is a great liquid “foundation” everyone should be able to get their hands on no matter what skin tone. Stay beautiful! Xo.