Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter Review:

I went (Harmon), I saw, I got excited, I bought, I swatched, and I tried Physicians Formula New Butter Highlighters ($9.99 for 0.17 oz), and didn’t fall in love with them as I was hoping I would glamour babes.

The highlighters come in four shades-Rose Gold, Pink Rose, Champagne, and Pearl. I purchased Rose Gold and Pink Rose. Champagne and Pearl were sold out.

Rose Gold is a warm pinkish coppery gold.

Pink Rose is a soft rosy pink.

Let me just tell you a little bit about PF Murumuru Butter Highlighters before I share my dislikes.

These multi-dimensional cream to powder highlighters are infused with Murumuru Butter, Cupuacu Butter, and Tucuma Butter. As well as ultra refined pearls and soft focus pigments that will help smooth skin texture, brighten skin tone, and deliver a gorgeous highlighted finish.

The formulation reminds me somewhat of Colourpop’s Super Shock Highlighters. They have a mousse like bouncy texture, are lightweight, creamy, easy to apply, easy to blend, not so much buildable, and have an ultra metallic sheen finish with a lovely tropical scent of coconut lingering through each highlighter. I will say that Colourpop’s are indeed buildable and carry a lovely pearlized finish. I did not care the metallic sheen finish along with the Hydrating Brazilian Butter infusion. The shine only enhanced my oily t-zone and enlarged my pores. My skin looked and felt super oily. I think these would work best for normal to drier complexions, and possibly medium to deeper skin tones. Oily skin is a no go though.

The pigmentation was great when I did the swatches, but I was a little sad to see that there was barely any color on my cheeks. In the photos I went heavy handed with the application so you can see the shades better. The color melted into my cheeks and vanished when I began to blend them into my skin. What’s up with the pigmentation factor lately? I really wanted to love these. I’m a huge fan of Physicians Formula. Sigh.

Wear time was about 7 hours before I washed away the glossy face staring back at me. There was too much shimmery dew going on.

I’m going to play around with these some more. Maybe I can layer the Butter Highlighters over a powder blush or try them as an eyeshadow.
Physicians Formula Butter Highlighters are available at Harmon Face Values and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Do you think you’ll try them?

Do share!

Stay beautiful, xo.


Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Cushion Corrector + Primer Duo Review:

I see Physicians Formula has come to the cushier side of things glamour babes with their new Mineral Wear Cushion Corrector + Primer Duo. I spotted these a few weeks back at CVS and purchased both compacts; Yellow/Green and Lavender/Peach. I was becoming a little bored with Physicians Formula, which is why I stopped purchasing their cosmetics. I felt all the makeup was the same, but with different packaging to entice the consumer. Not for nothing, they aren’t exactly cheap for a drugstore brand. I grow tired (as I’m sure you do) of constantly paying for the same blush shade that’s wrapped up in pretty packaging. I want something new and completely out of the ordinary like their Mineral Wear Cushion Correctors! I’ll totally pay $17.99 for them. I know the cushion compacts are a big in Asia. AmorePacific and Etude House (same price range as PF) are just to name a few, and are cruelty free by the way. So I’m glad the cushion compacts are starting to make way in the U.S.

Obviously, this is the first ever Cushion Corrector + Primer Duo Physicians formula has created. Let’s hope they don’t churn out 30 more of the same thing, lol. Less is more. It is a weightless mineral formula that has skin-transforming benefits of color-correction and the skin-perfecting effect of priming in one revolutionary cushion. I have a whole new appreciation for color correctors. I didn’t think they made such a difference until I really got my hands dirty with them and saw an overall improvement in my skins complexion.

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Cushion Corrector + Primer Duo’s come housed in a quilted pin cushion mirrored compact with a dual sided cushion sponge applicator. I thought the pin cushion was such a cute concept. Yep, I got sucked into the packaging aaaagian, lol! Could you Blame me?! At least there is a different product inside.

The Yellow/Green is the correcting compact. Yellow conceals dark circles and dullness, green corrects redness. 
The Peach/Lavender is the brightening compact. Peach brightens darkness, lavender brightens dullness.

The consistency of the corrector/primers are somewhat runny, and apply sheer and soft, almost pastel like. They quickly absorb into the skin upon application and can be worn alone or on top of makeup. The sheer lightweight formula is oddly buildable. Apply as much as you like, it does not get cakey, streaky, or set into fine lines. The all in one ABC (airbrushing+blurring+correcting) cushion instantly corrects imperfected areas such as; dark circles, redness, scarring, and uneven skin tone creating a flawless complexion while lightly hydrating skin. Making the Mineral Wear Cushion Corrector Compacts suitable for all skin types. I use the peach for my scars, yellow for dark circles, green to tame redness due to my scars, and lavender to brighten my skin tone. Hopefully my photo shows you how remarkably well these Compact cushions work. I think I will be switching over to them. I enjoy the lighter formula over the concealer sticks and palettes. My makeup looks more natural, it stays on longer, and my skin is not as oily throughout the day. Plus, there’s SPF 20 to protect skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. Skin should be protected all year round boys and gals. That’s how you keep skin looking ageless and beautiful. The only con I have with these compacts are the dual sided sponges. They barely pick up any product and lack control. I found in this case my oval brushes and blending sponges to work far better than those spongey applicators Physicians Formula gives you. Other than that, I have no complaints.

The next time you’re headed to CVS, see if you can spot Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Cushion Corrector + Primer Duo’s. You won’t go wrong with this purchase, scouts honor.

Stay beautiful! Xo.


Physicians Formula Super BB all-in-1 Beauty Balm Powder Review:

Diffuse any flaws you would no longer like to see in the mirror glamour babes with Physicians Formula Super BB all in 1 Beauty Balm Powder with SPF 30 ($14.00). Available in two shades, light/medium and medium/deep. This first ever beauty balm powder from PF instantly smooths, evens out skin tone, and minimizes pores creating a flawless finish. I use to use PF’s Super CC Color Correction Powder, but I felt it did not live up to its expectations for coverage (reduce redness, brighten skin, even out skin tone, hide imperfections). It was a little too heavy for my taste as well, broke me out like crazy, and made me more oily than usual. I was very surprised by this since I have never had an adverse reaction to any of their products before. Disappointed, but not doubtful, I decided to try the BB version in light/medium and I am super happy I did because this is wonder powder in a compact. It is an oil free matte powder that is virtually weightless and melts right into your skin leaving no trace behind. You can tell how well this works with my swatch in my photo. It was disappearing into my skin as I was putting it on, its like magic.

Whatever minor flaws you got going on at the moment will soon be a distant memory. I have some faint acne scars that I cannot stand to look at due to my cystic acne and a bit of unevenness with my complexion, and this super hero of a powder takes care of it all, even dark circles! I was even happy to see no breakouts and a I struck oil! T-zone. (if that was one kind of oil that could make you rich, our troubles would be over ladies). My only criticism here for Physicians Formula would be to make more shades available for other skin tones. There are buyers out there who have fairer and darker complexions that cannot use the shades that are available, maybe just a light or deep shade as opposed to combining the two. This is just a thought PF and I am putting my thought out into the universe for you to see, fingers crossed that you do. The super BB powder also has a BB concealer (highly recommend), and bb cream that they suggest you use all together to create the ultimate canvas. Honestly, I tried this and you really don’t need to do this to yourselves. It is time consuming and becomes heavy, and takes away the idea of having a flawless face. Using this alone or with a bit of the BB concealer works beautifully and gives you the perfect amount of coverage your skin needs. The compact is sturdy and has a holographic motif, which actually draws you in when it’s sparkling like a disco ball in the aisle. As for the wear, it lasts all day. No touch-ups needed, unless you feel like you have to due to some hot date (mirror and brush are beneath the powder) or other engagement you have going on 😉 I must say that this was money well spent and I am glad I added this to my makeup vault. Hopefully you may want to add some Super BB Powder to your makeup stash and create a flawless face of your own. Stay beautiful! xo


Physicians Formula Super BB all-in-1 Beauty Balm Stick Review:

Perfect, conceal, smooth, brighten, moisturize, and protect your skin all-in-1 shot glamour babes with Physicians Formula Super BB beauty stick with SPF 30 ($11.99). Available in two shades, light and light/medium, I decided to purchase the light/medium shade. It’s not too dark, it’s not too light, this one is just right for my complexion. I am a huge fan of BB creams, they really do what they are suppose to do. Protect your skin while moisturizing, diffusing, and brightening, without the heavy feel of a foundation and create a flawless face in the process. This jumbo chubby stick has a twistable bottom and is super easy to use. Just glide, blend, and watch the transformation happen as it melts right into your skin.

This BB stick has sheer to light coverage and is formulated with SPF 30. It’s a great touch up tool and can be used as a concealer to hide slight imperfections we all have and want to hide. This is not a foundation as it states on the package. Foundation provides medium to heavy coverage and works best if you have issues with moderate to severe acne, rosacea, age spots, and dark spots. Be sure that it’s oil-free and contains salicylic acid for those of you with flare-ups. Otherwise, bb cream is the way to go if you want to brighten your skin, hide some minor blemishes, tame redness, or smooth out your uneven skin tone. I would even recommend this for people with dry skin, I felt it to be really moisturizing and hydrating. I give this BB stick five stars. I love the lightweight consistency and how it absorbs nicely into my skin without the greasy feel some BB creams have given me in the past. I didn’t feel the need to give myself a quick touch-up with this tool, surprisingly. My skin looked great for an 8 hour work day (bright, flawless, and happy!) with no breakouts in sight. I only touched up my T-zone with some translucent powder and I was good to go! Physicians formula BB stick is hypoallergenic, paraben free, non-comedogenic, fragrance free, dermatologist approved and let’s not forget gluten free.
This jumbo BB stick is the multitasking tool of 2015. It acts as a concealer, touch up tool, and bb cream that glides onto your skin effortlessly, while blending easily. Creating a smooth and even application every-time, giving you the perfect flawless face with a natural finish. Stay beautiful! xo