Pixi+Maryam Maquillage Review:

To my glamour babes that love to sculpt, shape and, contour their faces to perfection, I commend you highly. I don’t know how you make contour applications look so effortless, it’s a lot of work! All the different powders, and where to apply them, Oy! It felt like a full time job without the paycheck, lol. An hour is way too long for me to get gussied up nowadays. But, it was for a wedding and my first contour application, and I’ll admit, I did have fun learning how to enhance my features with the Pixi+Maryam Maquillage Collection. 

Maryam Maquillage is a fashion and lifestyle blogger that teamed up with Pixi Beauty among three other well known beauty gurus (Caroline Hirons, Aspyn Ovard, and Judy Travis) and created The Strobe & Sculpt and Strobe & Bronze Palettes ($20 each), along with a Sculpt and Strobe Brush ($14).

The palettes are lovely, but are not for the fair skinned. I can see them having a better audience for those with medium to deeper skin tones. The contour and bronzing shades in each palette were too dark for my complexion unfortunately. I was unable to work with them. I felt where I contoured the areas of my face I had created dark harsh lines, which made my skin appear dirty or you can even say muddy. Mind you, I used a light hand during application. I actually had to dabble in my ABH Powder Contour Kit for light skin to achieve the natural look I was going for. I was however able to use the highlighters in both palettes. Those shades I can say flatter all skin tones. The Strobe & Sculpt and Strobe & Bronze Palettes have the same formulation. They are finely milled, buttery smooth, nicely pigmented, blend out evenly and easily, and are build-able. The contour shades are matte, highlighters have a pearlized finish, and the bronzers are matte and pearlized. The shade names are in the back of each palette, exactly like the ItsJudyTime Palettes. No mirrors are included. Here’s a fun tip! To keep your contoured face looking impeccable all day for at least 10 hours. Mist Pixi’s Makeup Fixing Mist ($15) all over the face (eyes closed) to keep your makeup from moving. I swear by this setting spray, its one of my favorites. 

The Strobe & Sculpt Brush is okay. It is a soft, synthetic fiber (vegan friendly) brush used for applying contour, bronzing, and highlighter. One end is tapered designed for highlighting. The flat edge buffing end is amazing for bronzers and sculpting. 
I didn’t get good use out of it. The bristles were a little too fluffy for my taste when wanting to sculpt around my features. It kinda blended everything all together as to where my contour never existed, only my strobing skills. On that note, I think you need more than one brush (preferably denser) to blend out your work in order to see a beautiful contour take shape. You can save your pennies for now. 

Have you purchased anything from the Pixi+Maryam Maquillage Collection? 

What do you think of her makeup creations? 

Give me the scoop!

Stay beautiful! Xo. 


Pixi + ItsJudyTime Get The Look ItsEyeTime and ItsLipTime Review:

Happy Monday glamour babes! I hope everyone had a lovely spring break and wonderful Easter weekend. Spring was definitely in full bloom here in NYC and I couldn’t get enough of it! You couldn’t keep me indoors if you tried. Mother Nature has finally come out of hibernation and I had to take in earths natural beauty.

Anyhoodles, today I wanted to talk about Pixi + ItsJudyTime Get the Look ItsEyeTime and ItsLipTime Palettes. You can get these palettes at either Target or PixiBeauty.com for $24 each. 

In case you were wondering as to who is Judy Travis. She is a Vlogger/Beauty Blogger on YouTube and has two popular channels-Itsjudytime and ItsMommysLife. Both focus on beauty and lifestyle. Of course she is going to do a collab with Pixi Beauty! Who would turn down that dream opportunity?! I know I wouldn’t. To collab with someone in the beauty industry is a huge deal/honor for a beauty blogger. I tip my hat to you Judy! Congrats!

The palettes are nice. I do however prefer ItsEyeTime over ItsLiptime.

I was never one for lip palettes. I never understood the purpose of them really. Yes, you can mix and match shades, wear them solo, its portable, and excellent for makeup artists, but I don’t find them functional for everyday life. I’m not trying to paint a canvas like Bob Ross, lol. I enjoy my lipstick one shade at a time, and in a tube, which I think would have been a more successful venture for Judy if the shades were sold individually rather than palette form. 

ItsLipTime has twelve flattering shades that compliment all skin tones-ranging in pinky nudes, deep berries and reds.Not all of the shades are equally pigmented. I found the reds and berries to be the most pigmented from the nudes, they are much sheerer.The formula has a balmy, creamy texture making them comfortable to wear, and they provide a good amount of moisture for lips. The colors do not have long lasting wear though, about 2 to 3 hours max. I found these to be quite messy too during application. I wasn’t feeling the whole just apply with your finger thing. It most certainly is not easy. You have to create a bit of friction to warm up the hues. They are stiff and trying to build color out of the pans were somewhat time consuming, along with removing lipstick color off my finger tips. Yea, you could say I was irked by the entire process, lol. I’ll just stick with a simple tube of lipstick. That’s me wearing fierce by the way. As for ItsEyeTime?! LOVE! The neutral eye flattering palette contains twelve shades that you can play up or down effortlessly from day to night.There are four shimmer and eight matte shades. All are equally pigmented. Now, I have no problem dipping my fingertips into these gorgeous pans.The formula is super silky, has great pigmentation, they are blend-able, highly build-able, apply evenly, and are easy to apply-with or without eyeshadow brushes. The color payoff is fantastic! My lids stayed fully pigmented for 10 hours with lots of pearlized shimmer. I didn’t even reach for the primer! You can use primer. Don’t think that you can’t, lol. The shades do stand out more, especially the mattes if they seem a touch muted for your taste. I’ll tote this around anytime! Not that I need to, the staying power is pretty incredible.

Duh! I almost forgot! Both palettes come with a detached mirror for custom placement, and in the back of each palette you will find the shade names to your favorite colors.

Stay beautiful! Xo.


Pixi Hello Rose! Review:

Pixi’s Hello Rose! Kit is my newest obsession glamour babes. I had a grand old time playing dress up with this little beauty over the weekend.

The three piece kit contains a glow booster, blush/highlighter duo, and LipLift Max plumper gloss.Everything you need to create a soft natural rosy glow is right here in this kit. All you have to do is throw on a coat of mascara and some concealer, and you’re good to go! This is why I am obsessed with Hello Rose! Apart from the amazing glow, It has cut down my makeup application by 15 min, usually its about a 30 min process. I have a ton of makeup, I gotta rummage for what I want, lol. And the best part about Rose? She is totally travel friendly, which is making me love her more than I already do. 

Let us look further into detail on what this threesome can do for your complexion.

The Glow Booster in Pink Pearl is a sheer pearly pink, and can be applied allover skin alone, or added to a base for a beautiful sheen. Or it can be used to accentuate features; Cheek bones, brow bones, bridge of nose, etc….Pixi’s Beauty Blush Duo in Rose Gold carries a sheer pink blush with a white gold highlighter along side of it. You can apply the blush to the apples of cheeks for a flush of color, add the highlighter for a sheer warmth of glow, or swirl them together to create a radiant pearlized finish with a subdued pop of color. 

Pixi’s LipLift Max Plumping Gloss in Sheer Rose is a Nudie Pink. Wear it alone or as a lip topper to jazz up your favorite lip color. The Lip Plumper is truly amazing. The gloss is not sticky or tacky, and gives lips a bit of oomph with a nice refreshing minty tingle that’s not uncomfortable to bare, while keeping lips hydrated throughout the day, even as it wears off. All three are very comfortable to wear and are super lightweight. Applications are a breeze. The glow booster and blush blends in evenly and easily, lasting all day through. The lip plumper doesn’t stay long on its own about 2 hours. Over lip color, I got about a 4 hour run, but my lips stayed hydrated and looked pleasantly plump.

Here I am sporting my glowing complexion as I rock the girl with no pearl earring frock, lol! It was blow dry day, and I didn’t want you boys and girls to see me in pin curls. Throw a few kittens in my bathrobe pockets and I’m the perfect depiction of the crazy lady! Just a little more put together. Hahahahaha!Pixi’s Hello Rose is available at Target and pixibeauty.com for $22. 

You’ll feel a glow of satisfaction rushing over you with this purchase.

Stay beautiful! Xo.


Pixi + Aspyn Ovard Glow-y Powder Review:

If Pixi + Aspyn Ovard’s Glow-y Powder isn’t the perfect depiction of a highlighter, then I don’t know highlighters anymore glamour babes. All three shades Aspyn created with Petra are incredibly stunning! I received all three Glow-y Powders (Rome Rose, Santorini Sunset, and London Lustre) as PR Samples along with the rest of the Pixi Pretties Collection. You would have thought a wild animal was loose in my apartment after the way I squealed with joy when this package arrived, lol. It was beautiful, and my heart is still grateful for Petra’s generosity. 

                    You can grab these at Target or PixiBeauty.com for $16, and they’re well worth the price for the size. The velvety soft powder adds a hint of glow, creating a luminous effect. Each highlighter has natural mineral powder that hydrates and reflects light to brighten your complexion. 

Rome Rose is a corally rose with gold shimmer. This shade can be worn as a blush or highlighter. I’ll be using this one more for the summer. 

Santorini Sunset is a classic champagne.London Lustre is an icy white gold.These apply like buttah!!! You know how I love to use that term in a sentence whenever I get the chance. The texture is soooooo buttery. I’m getting verklempt thinking about it, lol! Spread on as much highlighter as you like boys and girls. The finely milled (surprisingly no kickback) formula is lightweight, soft, silky smooth, buildable, and packed with pigment. Aspyn made these powders suitable for all skin tones, and they set in a lovely pearlized finish. I do enjoy that these don’t overwhelm my face with full blown sparkly bits and eye blinding shine. They give off a healthy incandescent glow, and remain that way for a solid 7 hours without becoming streaky or patchy. The hydration is there too, which I think would work nicely towards drier skin. The glow-y powders do have a faint almost to nothing soft floral (rosy) scent that lingers in the pan not on the skin. I wanted to make note of that in case some have sensitive sniffers or do not care for scents in their cosmetics.

Well done Aspyn for your successful collaboration with Pixi Beauty! I hope these will stick around for awhile.

What are your Pixi Pretty Favorites?! Aspyn Ovard’s Glow-y Powders better be one of them!

Stay beautiful! Xo.