Profusion Cosmetics Eye & Cheek Palette Review:

Happy Monday loves! Let me start off by saying how impressed I am with Profusion Cosmetics Eye & Cheek Palette. I wasn’t a huge fan of them at first, but now they have completely won me over after giving themselves a major makeup transformation. I found this kit on clearance at Target for $6.98. You can still order it online at Target and profusioncosmetics.com for $10.00, which is even so an awesome steal for what comes in this kit.

Let’s take a peek inside……

Product Description:

A covetable mix of eyeshadows, blushes and highlighters to enhance your features. The richly pigmented and silky powders blend onto the skin smoothly with the Pro Series Brush. The spectrum of colors from brilliant bronze to plush pinks will take your looks to out-of-this-world dimensions!

This palette includes 12 eyeshadows ranging in tones of soft nudes, rich chocolate browns, and shimmery coppers. 4 neutral/ rosy pink Blushes and 2 Highlighter peachy/gold shades in matte, satin & shimmer finishes, plus a Pro Series brush. You get it all!

The formulation is overall well rounded.

Eyeshadows: finely milled, velvety smooth, nicely pigmented, blendable, buildable, and set in matte, satin, and shimmer finishes.

*Although pigmented, I felt a few of the shades (embrace, bestie, comeback, and tease) needed some help when it came to wanting more richness for a smoldering/ smoky eye look. I suggest using a primer or wetting your brush with water to catch more color. You’ll be happy as to what the payoff brings. Trust me. Oh! Let me not leave out the dual ended Pro Series Brush. It’s a pretty good brush, I’ll give Profusion that. There was no hair fallout, the bristles are soft, yet dense enough to blend everything together to create a beautiful finished eye look.

Blushes: finely milled, buttery smooth, bold pigment, blendable, buildable, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, sets in satin matte finishes. Same applies for the two highlighters, except the finishes are pearlized.

Profusions Eye & Cheek Palette is suitable for all skin tones and is extremely versatile. You have many options to create all sorts of looks that can go from day to night. I can’t say it’s exactly travel friendly. I mean, it is if you’re going on a weekend to weeks long getaway, but for everyday throw in your bag and go, ehhhhhhh, not so much. Lol. Its a pretty big palette.

Not to worry though, I don’t think you’ll need to tag this palette along like your life depends on it. The wear time is quite excellent.

Eyeshadows stayed true for 8 hours.

The blushes kept cheeks rosy and pinched for 8 hours.

The highlighters left skin glowing and sunkissed for 8 hours.

Not bad for a $10.00 palette, right?!

Think you’ll give Profusion’s Eye & Cheek Palette a go?

Do tell!

Stay beautiful, xo.


Profusion Cosmetics Studio Highlight Palette Review:

Profusion Cosmetics Studio Highlight Palette isn’t exactly the newest makeup arrival glamour babes, it has been around for quite sometime, and yet to my knowledge there are no reviews about this pretty palette. What’s with that?! This is one budget friendly highlighter palette that should not go unrecognized.I happened to pick this palette up at my local T.J. Maxx on a whim. They always have a slew of Profusion Cosmetics at such amazing prices. Their Studio Highlight Palette cost only $3.99. Talk about a major beauty steal, right?! If there isn’t a T.J. Maxx near you, Five Below and Marshall’s carry the brand as well. Prices vary from store to store, but not by much. The Studio Highlight Palette comes with six fairly large highlighters that are housed in one slim palette. I must have purchased one of the irregular palettes because mine did not include a clear printed plastic sleeve with the shade names. Luckily, I was able to locate the names on the Profusion Cosmetics website, and here they are:Aren’t these pearlized highlighters gorgeous?!The velvety smooth formula is lightweight, crazily pigmented, comfortable to wear, blends evenly and easily producing no patchy areas or streaks. It has decent color payoff, about 6 hours and is buildable. I love that I am able to control all the shades to my liking in this palette without looking overly made up or too shiny when accentuating my features. Careful, the highlighters are finely milled and create a lot of kickback. Photo as proof.Profusion made every shade in this palette completely customizable to compliment all skin tones for the perfect luminous glow.

Have you tried Profusions Cosmetics Studio Highlight Palette?! What’s your take? Is it a Glow? Or no glow?
Stay beautiful! Xo.

Profusion Runway Glamour Eyeshadow Review:

I know the holidays can get crazy when it comes to gift giving, and there maybe some who are strapped for cash or have a spending limit, but want to give a small token to spread some holiday cheer among friends during the Christmakkuh season. Holiday shopping can get so expensive, no doubt about that! So, I thought Profusion Cosmetics Runway Glamour Eyeshadow Palette would be a great gift idea to share with my glamour babes!

I love this little portable eyeshadow palette. It’s super affordable, only $2.99! How awesome is that?! You can get all four eyeshadow palettes (Blue Magic, Cafe Latte, Silver Moon, and Berry Bloom) for $12. Boom! Four people have been crossed off your Christmakkuh list, just call me Santa!

The Runway Glamour Collection is a set of trendy palettes, created for every occasion! Each look book includes 6 satin shades in complimentary colors to take the guesswork out of creating a cohesive look. I own Berry Bloom, and I adore the shades included in this book. There are 3 soft hues (white, pink, lavender) and three deeper hues (mauve, copper, plum) that can fabricate a few different looks; Bright and vivid, soft and subtle, and a smoldering pair of smokey eyes. I wanted my eyes to pop while still having a subtlety to them, so I used the white, pink, and lavender tones. The formulation is lightweight, silky, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, are blendable/buildable, highly pigmented, finely milled, and provide long lasting wear. I wore my brightly colored eyes to a party for 7 hours with no creasing, fading, or messiness under the eye area, impressive for a $3 palette.

Guess who’s getting Profusion Cosmetics Runway Glamour Eyeshadow Palettes in their stocking from jolly old Saint Nick this Christmas Eve?! It’s not me, lol.

Are you sold?! Do you think your friends will be merry receiving the gift of Profusion Cosmetics?!

Tis the season to be Jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la!

Stay beautiful, xo.

Profusion Cosmetics Correct & Conceal Palette Review:

I have finally got a handle on things when using color correcting concealers glamour babes, and Profusion Cosmetics Correct & Conceal Palette was a big help.

I am now part of Profusion’s Beauty Exec Program. Which means, I get to try new makeup from their company on the house (Thank you Profusion for this awesome opportunity!), as long as my thoughts are honest, and submitted in a timely manner. Super simple, especially if you love makeup and enjoy reviewing the subject like I do, lol.

Profusions Correct & Conceal Palette comes with four shades of color correcting concealer to tackle some of the most common skin imperfections; Redness, sallowness, dark spots, and to brighten dark circles.

Light- corrects dark spots

Peach- corrects blue/purple, neutralizing dark circles

Green- reduces redness in skin and blemishes

Lilac-brightens dull/swallow skin

Plus, you get three beauty blending sponges! One full size sponge for larger areas, and 2 mini sponges to get into smaller areas, such as the under eyes. How awesome is that?! A set of beauty blending sponges alone cost between $15-$30. This entire kit cost only $10, and it’s totally worth trying.

The concealers are lightweight, creamy, comfortable to wear, highly pigmented, blendable, buildable, provide full coverage, do not cake up, and leave skin looking incredibly flawless once set. The compact is small enough to tote around or keep anywhere for quick touch-ups if needed. The clear window along with the plastic sleeve describing what each concealer targets makes correcting a whole lot easier. I loved Profusion’s ingenious idea so much, I actually taped the sleeve to the window of the compact so I can remember which does what, lol.
I have some redness from minor breakouts, dark circles, subtle dark spots due to cystic acne, and the texture of my skin is rather dull because of the weather transitioning into winter. To make all of those minor flaws disappear, I used all the four hues to the appropriate areas of my face, then added a little bit of liquid concealer to achieve maximum coverage when applying with the blending sponges, and voila! A new complexion was born! If you have oily skin, no need to panic, you’re in the clear. The long lasting color correcting concealers do not clog pores or make skin oilier as you wear them throughout the day. Pretty fantastic right?!

Have you tried Profusion Cosmetics Correct & Conceal Palette? No? Well, click right here to get started!

Happy shopping!

Stay beautiful, xo.