Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss Review:

2017 has been the year of the highlighters glamour babes! I know thats what the main focus has been on my blog lately, but can you blame me? All of them are gem finds. Just take a look at Makeup Revolution’s Skin Kiss Highlighters-perfect examples! Ice Kiss, Golden Kiss, and Peach Kiss are stunners, and they’re huge for $9.00! Are they reminding you of a certain high-end highlighter brand everyone is going gaga for? Does Jeffree Star Skin Frost ring a bell? You thought correctly my dearies. The $29 highlighter has a dupe! Ice Cold is Ice Kiss. Peach Goddess is Peach Kiss, and Siberian Gold is Golden Kiss or it could possibly be King Tut, depending on the skin tone in my opinion. The crushed pigment highlighter brightens and adds a natural touch of illumination to the skin throughout the year. I better get started on my glow then! I’d love to shine 365 days a year! It’ll match my glowing personality! Lol.

Ice Kiss is a bright silvery white.

Golden Kiss is a warm champagne gold. 

Peach Kiss is a warm peachy pink. 

When swatching these Skin Kiss beauties I loved how buttery smooth the texture was as I glided each hue across my wrist. The pigmentation is outstanding! The finely milled formula lets you layer the shades to reach your glowing achievement easily and effortlessly making them suitable for all skin tones. 

Makeup Revolution’s Skin Kiss Highlighters aren’t very shimmery or sparkly if that is something you are worried about. Because the formula is finely milled they produce a metallic to pearlized finish, which is attractive on any complexion. I adore these types of finishes. You don’t end up looking like a glittery disco ball by days end. Your skin looks like it’s been gently kissed by the glow of these beautiful highlighters.

The color payoff is good. I got about 6 hours of wear for each Skin Kiss Highlighter and I was happy by their performance.

I’d like to see more shades come into play. Makeup Revolution needs to get on that stat! For the price and size, three colors is simply not enough for a highlighter junkie who loves a sun-kissed glow all year round.

You can grab these dazzlers at Ulta Beauty.
Stay beautiful! Xo.

Makeup Revolution Beyond Radiance Palette (Breathe, Exhale, Glow) Review:

This is how I know that I own too much makeup glamour babes. I wanted to review Makeup Revolutions Beyond Radiance Palette ($15) for quite sometime now and it slipped under the radar (smh, not in shame though, lol.) due to my terrible makeup hoarding. I seriously need to do one of those no buy makeup challenges. I just gotta find the strength and will power inside me to do so, which isn’t going to be an easy task. Lord, please help me succumb my inner makeup monster and not let me touch, look at, or pick up a stitch of makeup for a while!!!!! You know this is going to take me sometime to master right? Uggggh, and I forgot I ordered more makeup because of last weeks Labor Day sales (whyyyyyyy!?!?!?), but no more after this! Lol.

Okay, back to makeup! I’m going to start off by saying that Makeup Revolutions Beyond Radiance Palette is nothing like the Becca highlighters. If that’s what your aiming for then try Makeup Revolutions Radiance Palette. It is the same price as the Beyond Radiance palette, only it carries more intense pigment if you want to accentuate your features, making you glow for days, lol. This palette mimics Hourglasses Ambient Palette ($62) way better, for they too are illuminators.

So, I suggest saving the extra dollars for a rainy day and stick with Makeup Revolutions, it’s a pretty good dupe if you ask me.

Like all of Makeup Revolutions palettes they are all sleek, sturdy, and black, and come with a full size mirror making it super easy to dress your face anytime, anywhere!

What’s inside this one you ask?!

Only three of the softest illuminators your complexion will see.

Exhale-a soft white, Breathe-a soft pink, and Glow- a soft nude bronze.

The powders are lightweight, finely milled producing a little kickback onto the palette itself as opposed to you, lol, and are very smooth. They apply evenly and smoothly creating a natural looking complexion while giving minor skin imperfections a blur effect. I love Makeup Revolutions Beyond Radiance palette for this reason, I do have some large pores above my cheekbones and all three shades disguise my pores in a subtle effective way.

I tried my best taking a photo of how light and muted these illuminators come through on the skin. I mixed two shades, breathe and glow, hopefully you can see that beautiful incandescent glow from within that lasts for hours.

A stiffer brush or fingertips work best if you want to get better control of the pigments in this palette. My powder brush was a flop when trying to pick up color, womp, womp.

I will definitely review Makeup Revolutions Radiance Highlighter Palette later in the week so you boys and gals can see the difference for yourselves. First I have to find the darn thing review, now which case could it be in? The search is on! Lol.

Stay beautiful! Xo.


10 Piece Oval Makeup Brush Set Review:

Okay, so this oval makeup brush set may not be from the Artis Elite Collection, but there is no way on God’s beautiful green earth glamour babes that I will pay $60 for one brush, let alone $375 for a full set. That’s just highway robbery, and insanity people! I only paid $14 for the generic brand/line and they seem to be working just fine, actually more than fine, amazing! I had to see what the hype was about for myself. What can I say, curiosity can get the best of me, lol.

I found the 10 Piece oval makeup brush on EBay for $14, which was the cheapest when filtering the price ranges. If you are looking for a set with a little more pizazz, there are ones that look kinda like the Artis Elite brushes, and prices start at $20 with free shipping coming from China (two week wait, but worth it!). The oval brush heads are made from synthetic hair, which is super soft, like butta when applying makeup, they have sturdy black nylon handles and wash easily (let air dry to return back to its original shape). Below, you will see that I have numbered, and labeled each brush and what it is suppose to do to make it easier for you boys and gals.

 I really do love my regular fluffy make-up brushes, but these oval brushes take the cake! I could not believe how flawless my skin looked, it seriously looks photoshopped! See how great my skin looks!!! How awesome are these brushes?!

Also, you do not need to use much product with these brushes. I’m a big BB cream and concealer user, and I used a pea sized amount, if that, and the oval 2 brush completely covered my face evenly, producing no streaks. I did not use oval 1 because I felt that it consumed my face and I wanted to get the best results when applying my makeup. The smaller brushes are fantastic to work with too! I use brushes 1 and 2 for concealing my dark circles, blending in small imperfections, getting my brow swag on (or linear works just as good for brows) and making my red lips bold, and feather free.

I’m still getting use to using the oval brushes when creating a cat eye or wanting my eyes to sparkle and pop when using shadows. It got a little messy for me personally since I don’t really play with my shadows or liners much, but I think I will now that I have these brushes. For you contour junkies out there, this is a great set to slim down, and emphasize your features when wanting blend it all in flawlessly. As for blushes and highlighters, I think I will continue to use my basic old school brushes. I felt the oval brushes picked up too much color for my taste and I feel that I have more control with my basic powder brush. All in all, these brushes are excellent for the price and to start out with before making such a hasty decision when spending all of your hard earned cash on one brush or a set for that matter. I’m guessing these oval makeup brushes are going to be the next wave of the future in the makeup industry. Has anyone tried the Artis Elite makeup brushes? What’s your take on them? Do you think they are worth the money comparing to the generic brand if you have tried both? I’m still trying to wrap my head around those price tags (lol), and curious to see if there is a big difference between the two. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Stay beautiful, xo.


Sage Cleansing 101:

Happy Sunday glamour babes!! Today is not about make-up, shocker I know, but I thought I could make it fun with one of my Sunday Funday projects for you guys and dolls to try out. There is no pressure if you don’t want to do this. I just thought it would be a fun way to undress your stress and I promised my blogger friend Joy from styled with Joy I would do this for her. So sorry it has taken me two weeks Joy, things got a little hectic in the last two weeks. I hope you will enjoy doing this sage smudging for yourself and reap the positive benefits! I have been doing sage smudging in my home for about five years. This cleansing really does the trick when I feel an oppressive amount of negative energy has built up in my home or around my physical body. Once every room has been cleansed in my home and every inch of my body I can feel a difference instantly. My surroundings and physical body feels much lighter like a wieght has been lifted from me. I do my cleansing about once a month. You can do one weekly, every few months, every other month, it all depends on how your energy feels. I hope I convinced my lovely viewers to give this one a shot, I promise you won’t regret the outcome. Good luck on your cleansing journey loves!

1. Buy a sage smudge stick (you can purchase one a natural foods store like Wild by Nature, Whole Foods, Fairway, even those little holistic shops for about $6-$10) and find a bowl to hold it over possibly abalone if you can, otherwise any shell or bowl will do.

2. Open every door and window in your house if possible. I live in an apartment so I open all of my windows. I don’t need old lady Ethel next door thinking I am conducting a seance in my home, plus cleansing is a sacred ritual to me so I prefer a little privacy.
3. Light your stick, and when it catches fire, blow it out and allow the embers to start to smoke, like you would light incense.

4. Set your intention for each room and say a prayer of cleansing. If you can’t think of any on the top of your head, Here are a few of my favorites that should help keep things moving.

5. Walk around the room, waving the sage stick so its smoke drifts into corners, along walls, around windows, and along ceiling lines. As you do, imagine the smoke absorbing negativity, problems from those who were in the space before you, toxicity, and anything else you want to go away. See the smoke dissipating and floating out the windows, and imagine that bad energy flowing out of your space, making room for positive, fresh energy.

6. After you’ve blessed every room, give yourself a sage shower. Wave it all over your body as you would in a water shower. Visualize any residual negativity sailing out of your body, out of your home, and into oblivion.

7. Extinguish the stick in a cup of water or a mason jar of sand about 1/2 cup full (be sure to give it a few taps so the grains of sand don’t fall all over the floor). If your stick was very small or is almost done flush it down the toilet. You can also bury it in your back yard, just make sure the embers are completely out. Remember, only you can prevent forest fires or in this case backyard fires.

And there you have it! Seven simple steps that will make your home and body feel shiny and new, free from all negativity. Nothing but positive vibes and a positive mind from here on out! Stay happy and well, xo.