Smile Brilliant at Home Teeth Whitening Review:

A smile is most definitely the best makeup any girl can wear glamour babes, and Smile Brilliant will get you there!

What is Smile Brilliant? It’s an at home teeth whitening system that is going to save you lots of time, energy, and lets not forget the most important thing too-money. You are going to save lots of money. Dentists are not exactly cheap, especially in the cosmetic department. My sister works in the field, and I cannot believe what they charge for two whitening sessions. Cough, $600, cough, cough. It’s unbelievable, right?! Is two sessions even enough to get your teeth white?

I asked my sister this because I so desperately wanted to get my teeth whitened. I am a big coffee and tea drinker, and I was a smoker way back when (filthy habit. Don’t ruin your skin and health just to fit in), which in return, stained my teeth. Nothing crazy, but was still noticeable to the human eye.

Long story short, I was bummed and left it alone as I went the natural way to whiten my teeth. Yea, that was more fun than a root canal, and I’d would’ve rather had the root canal. Lol.

Anyway, I was contacted by Abby who is part of the marketing team at Smile Brilliant and asked if I would like to collaborate with the brand as long as I put in an honest review of their product! I was so excited and said yes immediately. Thank you universe for smiling upon me!

After a few exchanged emails, and patient waiting, I received my Smile Brilliant T-6 Kit! Yay!

There are three teeth whitening systems to choose from depending on the stain severity. Don’t worry, they have packages for sensitive teeth too. SB didn’t forget about you.

(photo credit via Smile Brilliant.)

Sorry that this is not my pic. My phone felt that it was necessary to do an update while I was asleep and I lost all of my work. Boo! I just wanted to give you an idea as to what will arrive when you receive your kit.

What comes in the kit:

2 impression trays

4 Whitening Syringes

4 Desensitizing Gel Syringes

3 sets of impression material. Smile Brilliant provides you with an extra just in case there’s a mishap as you make you’re impressions. You can always email them too if you need extra. The third time isn’t always the charm.

3 way postage

Looks intimidating at first, but it’s so easy to use and lots of fun to do. I have Invisalign, so I got the gist of how impression making worked. I’ll take you through the steps. Follow me….

Step 1: Brush and floss your teeth. Clean teeth are important for perfect impressions. Plus, no one at the lab wants to pick the broccoli out of your impressions. Just sayin. It’s kinda gross and unhygienic. Lol.

Step 2: Mix Catalyst & Base Paste

Step 3: Place Mixed Putty in Tray

Step 4: Make Upper Impression

Step 5: Verify & Repeat


Once you are finished making your impressions, set them aside for thirty minutes, rinse under cool water to easily remove them from the trays. Make sure they are completely hardened and dried before mailing your dental impressions to the lab.

Step 6: Mail Impressions to The Lab.

One week later I received my clear silicone custom fitted trays! They fit perfectly. If you feel like your trays do not fit properly, email Smile Brilliant. They are more than happy to make alterations for your comfortability.

What I love about this process is that you do not have to sit in a waiting room for an appointment followed by sitting on your rump for nearly two hours in a dental chair. You can whiten your teeth in the comforts of your own home. You can watch TV, work out, read a book, cook, clean, work from home, take care of the kids, feed the cat, and I’m sure loads of other things just to pass the time while your teeth are processing. Bear in mind, there are some steps you need to go through prior to application. It’ll all be worth it in the end. You’ll see.

Before you use the whitening gel. Make sure to brush your teeth with ONLY water, and clean/dry your custom fitted trays every-time.

Remove cap and apply a thin steady ribbon of gel to both trays.

Insert trays and let the whitening process begin!

The duration depends on the sensitivity of ones teeth.

I went in increments. I started at 45 minutes, then gradually increased my way up to an hour. You can go as long as 3 hours. I was content wearing my trays for an hour a day, and I surprisingly had no gum irritation. If you start to feel gum sensitivity, you can apply Vaseline or coconut oil around the gums for protection. Remember, consistency is key if you want to see results.

After my hour was up, I had to brush my teeth again, this time with toothpaste and rinse/dry my trays with cool water.

Again, remove the breakaway cap for the desensitizing gel

Apply a steady ribbon, and pop those bad boys in for another 15-20 minutes. Spit out the remaining gel, do not rinse your mouth, and please refrain from food consumption for a minimum of 30 minutes. I did my whitening everyday for two weeks before bed, and I could not believe the difference. They look amazing!!!! My teeth are so much brighter and whiter. I feel like a whole new me! I’m much more confident in my smile, and I received many compliments about my teeth, and where I got them whitened. It’s funny to see some of the reactions people give when you tell them it’s an home whitening system. Really?! No way?! For real?! Shut up! Omg, that’s amazing! Sweet. Cool. Where can I get a system for myself?

You can take the first step by heading over to and from there that is where you will begin your teeth whitening journey. I would have totally paid out of pocket if I had known about Smile Brilliant sooner. This is a whitening system worth trying.

And, to show that it is worth trying, I am doing a giveaway!!!! Hooray!!! One lucky winner will receive a kit ($139 value) of their very own for free! Click the link below, enter your name and email, and the rest is history.

Winner will be selected and contacted via email 2 weeks after the post is live. Giveaway is for $139 credit and is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

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Good luck!

Stay beautiful, xo.