Beauty Bakerie BROWnies (Auburn) Review:

I can’t even begin to tell you how many brow gels, pomades, and pencils (I’m guessing somewhere in the hundreds) I have gone through to find the perfect shade of Auburn, but I think I have finally found the one glamour babes. Beauty Bakerie Brownies Auburn Pomade ($16.00) looks yummy on the brows, and that’s its soul purpose. To make those brows of yours look fleeky deeky. All day, erryday.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have much love for my previous brow pals (NYX, Colourpop, Makeup Revolution) that I reviewed, and they will be my go to’s if need be. It’s just that the BROWnie Pomade has the right amount of red in the formula that I was looking for. I’ve had trouble finding that in a brow product. There is always either too much brown or too much orange, not even red. I couldn’t seem to reach a happy medium, till now. I got 99 problems and my brows ain’t one!

Auburn is the epitome of a reddish brown hue. I’d say its of equal measure too-50/50.
The gel like formulation is incredible. It’s lightweight, creamy, comfortable to wear, glides on easily, water proof, smudge proof, long wearing, blendable, buildable, opaque, and insanely pigmented. I barely dipped my brow brush into the jar and I was able to cover one brow without having to go back in again. This little jar is going nowhere fast, and I ain’t complaining. My brows looked amazing the whole day through with zero smudging or fading!!! You’ll need an oil based makeup remover to remove your impeccable arched brows. They don’t budge without it. Who would of thought baking could be such work? lol. Beauty Bakerie BROWnies are another Holy Grail brow product that’s worth considering. The Kitchen is now serving five scrumptious shades (Brown, Dark Brown, Blonde, Taupe, and Auburn) of power brows. Check em out at

Which one are you going to taste?

Stay beautiful! Xo.

Makeup Revolution Brow Revolution (Auburn) Review:

Brows be on serious fleek with Makeup Revolutions Brow Revolution glamour babes. I had no idea Makeup Revolution came out with a fiber brow gel, and let me just say it was the best $9.00 investment I made.

I was using their Ultra Brow Palette (medium/dark) for the longest time until I got sick of my brows looking like Groucho Marx. Lol. After a few short hours they would smudge and feather out uncontrollably, and would look a fright. Not exactly the look I was going for. Halloween isn’t coming for another 202 days. Long story short, I dropped the palette, it broke, creating one disheveled bathroom. Jumbled pieces of brow powders were flown in every which way. Oh what a delight that was to clean! And I meant that in the most sarcastic way possible, lol.

Anyhoodles, a quick drive to Ulta helped defuse my brow situation as I was scoping out brow gels to try. Lo and behold Makeup Revolution presented itself, slapping me in the face with a new product right at the very top of the display case-Brow Revolution! Yoink!

So why is this the best $9.00 investment?! Because the brow gel allows you to define, shape, and texturize your brows naturally in as little 2 minutes! The fine tip of the brow gel wand and brow brush makes all of this possible, giving you even and precise applications. It’s so easy to use, it’s ridiculous!Apply and blend the brow gel along your natural arch using small, upward strokes. Use the applicator brush to fill in and define brows. Ta-da! Awww, how sweet! My brows are friends again. I love a happy ending.

The auburn formula is creamy, lightweight, highly pigmented, waterproof, budge proof, transfer proof, and buildable. Seriously, this fiber brow gel does not move, lasting for hours and hours on end.

Since it is waterproof, you do need an oil based makeup remover to remove your beautifully arched creations. Otherwise you and your brows are having a sleepover, which could be fun!

There are four shades available- Auburn, Soft Brown, Medium Brown, and Dark Brunette. I think MUR needs to come out with a few more shades. They’re missing a key one here, helllllooooooo, blonde? Where’d ya go? We need you!

What do you think of the Brow Revolution? Does it arch your brows like a pro?

Stay beautiful! Xo.

Brow Powders for The Red-Headed Review:

For those glamour babe redheads out there, I dedicate this to you! I have always struggled trying to find any eyebrow product for a redhead. I almost felt like the stores were discriminating against our eyebrows, because let’s face it girls redheads do have more fun (wink!). But after much soul searching through the web, drugstores and beauty stores I finally hit the mother load and discovered these great eyebrow products for you girls. Check out NYX cosmetics for the perfect brow powders, gels and pencils in the shade Auburn, that’s right girls I said Auburn (please note that the brow gel from NYX in the photo is called chocolate, but it is recommended for redheads). These will keep those misbehaving brows of yours sculpted, defined and perfectly precise that won’t fade or smudge. I should know, after trying the brow powder and gel. I was thrilled that it didn’t decide to magically run off my face and stayed put all day, and no one knew my true identity (yes ladies, my secrets out, I’m a blonde. Eek!). Your wallet will sure love you to since it will cost you between $5 to $7 dollars to keep your brows beautifully concealed without anyone knowing your beauty brow secrets girls will be envious for. Another favorite brow line of mine I have discovered is Anastasia Beverly Hills available at Sephora. I’ll admit it can be pricey, but if you decide to splurge on yourself I highly recommend this line. Anastasia creates a beautiful natural brow effect with Her brow powder duo ($23) in shade Auburn. It’s lightweight, sheer to medium coverage formula was designed to be smudge-proof and comes with two shades to ensure the perfect brow color. It can also can be combined with her smudge-free, creamy formula dip brow pomade ($18) giving you a flawless arch. Stay Beautiful! Xo