Bad Habit Beauty Inferno Review:

Hello beauties! I thought today would be a good day to bring a little warmth to the table. The last two weeks have been frigid, cold, and snowy across most of the U.S., and I can’t take it anymore!!! This is probably the cabin fever talking, but sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows everything is looking good in my forecast right about now. Lol. That being said, I was inspired to use Bad Habit Beauty’s Inferno Palette ($12 for 0.42oz) to turn up the heat, and boyyyyy was I feeling the burn. A girls gotta defrost somehow.

This is another beautiful eyeshadow palette from BHB. I have yet to complain about any of their palettes. I am sure I have repeated myself like a broken record during every review, but it’s truth. Every single palette I have gotten from BHB has been awesome.

The inferno palette carries twelve shades featuring 6 rich warm mattes, 2 velvety shimmers, 3 metallics, and 1 highlighting semi matte that will compliment all skin tones. Just like her $54 twin Urban Decay Naked Heat. Yup, she’s a dupe boys and girls! Being cooped up for quite sometime got me to do some investigating of my own. Lol.

White Hot is a soft ivory shimmer. The sheerest out of the twelve. I use this shade more to highlight the inner corners of my eyes.

Baked is a light nude semi-matte.

Lit is a copper shimmer with a gold pearl shift.

Blaze is a deep red metallic with a gold micro shimmer.

Warmth is a brown matte.

Smolder is a deep reddish brown matte.

Glow is a soft terra cotta matte.

Flames is a metallic burnt red.

Bonfire is a deep terra cotta matte.

Burn is a burgundy matte.

Hot spot is a burnt red matte.

Ignite is a deep metallic copper burgundy.

The formula is finely milled, ultra soft, and creamy with a super smooth texture. The eyeshadows are highly pigmented, opaque, blendable, buildable, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, versatile, and produces a wee bit of fallout. What eyeshadow doesn’t though if they’re finely milled and super soft? It wipes away easily.

You can play these fiery shades up or down for day to nighttime wear. As you can see I went all out (shades used: Warmth, Blaze, Hot Spot, and Smolder) and created a Phoenix rising out of its ashes look, or at least tried to, lol. I loved how each shade complimented one another when building on my eyes. I had no problems with any of the metallic shadows either. They went on with no trouble, and effortlessly to boot!

You do not need to use any primer to enhance the longevity or vibrancy of the eyeshadows in this palette. You are more than welcome to, by all means. I didn’t find it necessary to go that extra step. The wear time is over 8 hours and the colors stay truer than true with no creasing, fading, or running. Yes, you could say it. I am infatuated with the brand. I have no shame to admitting that. Lol.

Bad Habit Beauty Inferno is an eyeshadow palette must have. It’s affordable, beautiful, cruelty free, a fantastic dupe, and available on the shophush app and online at

Think you’ll get one?

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Stay beautiful! Xo.