Essence The False Lashes Mascara Dramatic Volume Unlimited Review:

Not gonna lie to you glamour babes. I did not like Essence The False Lashes Mascara Dramatic Volume Unlimited ($4.99). I typically LOVE their mascaras, the formulations are great. This new one though, not so much. The rich black lightweight formula produces very inky/wet applications that take forever to dry, and once it does lashes begin to flake and smudge like crazy!If I tried removing any excess mascara off my lids with a q-tip my lashes would stick together and there was no way to fix them. Adding an extra coat of mascara did not help the situation, it only made matters worse by clumping. What a royal pain in the derrière this was turning out to be. My eyes looked terrible. They were agitated, watery, gray, and bloodshot from all of the rubbing due to the little dry flakes of mascara falling into my eyes. It was so uncomfortable. It looked like I was crying because of sleep deprivation. That’s always a sight for sore eyes, lol!

I think what annoys me the most about The False Lashes Mascara is how it is advertised as “unique”. Seriously homes?!. There is nothing unique about this dang mascara! It’s a cone shaped wand that adds a bit of volume and length that is supposed to create a gorgeous false lash effect, which I shockingly did not get out of this tube.I am just going to stick with Essences Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara. It has the same unique wand, but with a better formulation and amazing lash payoff. I only wish I realized this sooner rather than later (smh), lol. 

Have you tried any of the False Lashes Mascara? What’s your take on them?

Stay beautiful! Xo.


Pacifica Cactus and Kale Oil Free Stress Recovery Lotion Review:

This is another Pacifica find that I absolutely love and had to share because you may just end up loving it too glamour babes! I picked up Pacifica’s Cactus and Kale Oil Free Stress Recovery Lotion ($18 for 1.7 Fluid Ounces) along with their Quinoa Sensitive Face Wash ($10) during Ulta’s BOGO sale back in March.

I know I sound like a broken record in my last few posts about these BOGO sales, but you do save so much money when racking up your Ulta points and being able to use coupons on top of those points. As much as I love Pacifica, some of their products don’t come cheap, and being coupon savvy helps when wanting to try new skin care without breaking the bank :D. FYI, this lotion works phenomenal when paired with the Quinoa Face wash, both have calendula and aloe to help calm inflammation on stressed, acne prone, and sensitive skin or any skin type as a matter of fact. Cactus water and Kale extract put moisture back into dehydrated and tired skin while keeping everyday stress factors that we tend to come across (environment, hormones, UV Rays) in check. My skin has been a hot mess a couple of months prior, my cystic acne flared up, I had horrible white heads, my face was beyond inflamed and irritated due to the cystic acne, and horrifically oily. Pacifica’s Cactus and Kale Oil Free Stress Recovery lotion helped big time when wanting to gently heal my acne fiasco. The lotion is super light weight, absorbs quickly into the skin without any greasy feel after application, and does not clog pores! I use it in the morning and at night, and I love how soft, supple, and healthy my complexion looks. The redness and swelling has greatly reduced, whiteheads…gone! I still have oily skin, but it has decreased a bit, I’m not as shiny. I do get breakouts from time to time, I’m not saying this completely healed my acne, it takes much more than a lotion to combat cystic acne, unfortunately. What I can say is, the Cactus and Kale lotion along side with the Quinoa Face Wash has made it more manageable and easier to keep under wraps due to all of the natural extracts, and the gentleness of both products. I am also on acne medication, which can make my skin feel tight and drier than the Sahara desert (I’m sure all ya’ll acne suffers can relate to this side effect), Pacifica’s lightweight lotion hydrates overnight! It feels so great not waking up to a dry, parched face in the morning, it can be really unattractive, lol! Oh! And one more thing, a little goes a long way, a pea sized amount should do the trick or at least start off with so you don’t waste this awesome sauce of a product.

Stay beautiful! Xo.


J.Cat Beauty Liptitude 24/7 Hydrating Lip Stain Swaaag, Hikilicious, Blow your Mind Review:

How I love walking into Ulta beauty and discovering new cosmetic lines I am dying to try glamour babes. The universe has been way too kind to me this year, or it is sick and tired of hearing my request to please sell J.Cat Beauty at Ulta so I can try their amazing Liptitude 24/7 Hydrating Lip Stains!!!! Danke universe 😀 I was finally able to try these little beauties for and I grabbed the three that best suited my complexion; Swaaag (hot pink), Hickilicous (watermelon pink), and Blow your Mind (deep muted pink). There are 14 colors to choose from and are priced at $5.99 a piece. I noticed Ulta did not carry all of the shades, they only had about 7 of them on display. Totally worth checking out though if your a lip stain junkie like myself. 

  The formulation is mineral based that has a creamy consistency with a medium viscosity and has a smooth, slippery feel when applying. The shades are super pigmented and you don’t need much to cover your lips. Seriously, one pump of the doe foot applicator wand and your done. I could not believe how much product dispersed onto the wand in one shot, these will last me a lifetime I am sure. Your lips get full even coverage with long lasting wear followed by tons of hydration from the Vitamin E. I will point out that they can be a bit messy when applying and come off more as a glossy finish instead of a semi matte at first glance. But, once the Liptitude stain sets in for about 5 minutes you will start to notice the semi matte finish coming through. I loved each and every one of these lip stains despite the minor setback. I ate, drank, snacked, chatted and the shades still stayed vibrant. Even as it tapered off through the night as it turned into a lovely flush of color on my lips. Has anyone come across the Beauty brand at Ulta and experienced their line for themselves? What do you think?! I’d love to hear some feedback. Stay beautiful! Xo.



L.A.B.2 The Triple Threat Multi-Purpose Brush Review

 I think I know how that kid from Willy Wonka felt when he discovers that he is the winner of the last golden ticket glamour babes……flippin ecstatic!!!!! I was Charlie Bucket when L.A.B.2 announced I was one of the winners of their fab brushes! Remember the part when he starts running home with excitement and tell his family the good news?! Yea, I did the same thing, only I was running around in my apartment telling my four fur babies (cats) the exciting news, LOL! Hey, it’s a rare occasion I ever win anything so why not share this celebratory rarity with the ones I love most, even though they could have cared less 😀   Anyway, I have been trying to get ahold of L.A.B.2’s brushes since Walmart launched them in my neck of the woods, but I had no such luck getting my hands on one since they are always sold out 🙁 So what were the odds that I came across L.A.B. 2’s #ultashelfie (I posted a pic of their new mascara wands sold at Ulta) contest on I.G. (instagram) and won! The universe dealt me a good hand last week, thank you universe! L.A.B.2 was sweet enough to congratulate and DM me a message asking what brush I would like to try from their line, and without hesitation it was the Triple Threat Multi-Purpose Brush ($12.00). The name alone had me quite curious to what fun make-up challenges lie ahead when using this multi-tasker of a brush. What am I? Obviously, a multipurpose brush that buffs, blends, contours, and highlights all in one shot for a professionally sculpted look.

 What it does? The slightly fanned shaped flat top brush will make makeup application a whole lot easier with its dense thickly packed bristles made from fiber luxe technology. This will provide you with superior pigment pick-up and release, even color distribution, precise makeup application, and of course flawless professional results! I think this brush is more of a quadruple threat if you ask me. Also, the soft touch handle makes life a whole lot easier giving you extra grip and comfort when applying your make-up. I have been using this brush for about a week now and I love it. I can use any medium to my liking whether it’s powder, cream, or liquid, my makeup applications haven’t fell short. The handle is super comfortable to work with, it molds right into your hand when sculpting your face away. Plus using one brush has cut down my application time which isn’t so bad seeing that I can be a flustered hot mess in the morning, come on, who isnt?! Lol. My face always stays intact looking completely flawless with no streaks or unevenness when using this brush. Everything is blended in perfectly, and I have not had one hair fallout! Impressive don’t you think? I bet you just want to run out to Walmart right now and get grab yourself one, and you can! Just as soon as you’re finished reading my review 😉 You can purchase L.A.B.2 Makeup Brushes at select Walmart Stores, Amazon, and for you U.K. beauties living on the other side of the globe, Superdrug. Oooo and I saved the best for last! They are vegan, cruelty free, and made with a whole lotta love. Budget friendly brushes never felt so good. Stay beautiful! Xo.