TruBeauty Flawless Face Foundation Applicator Review:

Wowie, wow, wow, wow! Who would have thought a $4 T.J. Maxx find could work so well glamour babes. I was a bit of a skeptic at first, but for the price it was worth buying, I wanted to try this gadget for awhile now. I found the TruBeauty Flawless Face Foundation Applicator a few weeks back in a clearance bin, and was actually shocked to see the entire box intact with all of the accessories (I checked) including the battery. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming for a moment. It is a rarity to come by this at T.J. Maxx. For some odd reason people seem to love tearing packages open at these discount department stores, throwing the contents every where like they’re toddlers. I don’t get this behavior, it’s quite annoying and disrespectful towards others. 

Okay, that’s enough venting for one day. Let’s talk about my awesome find!

I wanted to try the Color Me Foundation Applicator since forever, but the reviews were not exactly stellar, and I did not want to spend $54 on a foundation tool that was going to give me mediocre results. I could do a lot more with my money, like buy more makeup, lol.

Anyway, I found the same exact one from TruBeauty for the fraction of the cost, and couldn’t be happier with my new toy. This applicator is pretty cool, and really does work!

The Flawless Finish Foundation Applicator is an innovative cosmetic tool that provides perfectly blended, long lasting makeup. 15,000 delicate vibrations per minute gently and hygienically apply liquid, cream, or powder foundations, creating a flawless airbrushed finish-replacing multiple brushes and fingertips in one tool. I still love my makeup brushes too. Those can never be replaced, no matter what new beauty tool or fad is out there. They will always have a place in my heart.

The applicator kit comes with two disposable application sponges that are latex free and hypoallergenic. A CR2032 battery is required, but was included as mentioned before. It’s a flat battery that most watches take. 

Using this applicator is relatively easy. The sponges are interchangeable and are easily removable by gently popping the sponge head off. Coat the sponge with the desired amount of foundation-less for light, natural coverage or more for full coverage. 

You get the gist, she’s simple to manipulate. Push the on button to power the applicator, gently sweep the applicator across the face to evenly distribute and blend your makeup. Boom! Your flawless in 5. You can use BB creams and CC creams too if foundation is not your thing. You’ll get the same payoff with less coverage. All mediums pan out beautifully and evenly in the end.When interchanging the sponges from liquid to powder foundation, the sponge wasn’t fluffy, and didn’t really do much of anything. I don’t think any powder adhered to my skin. I got the job done faster by using a powder brush. I honestly can’t complain though. I paid $4 for the entire kit. I’ll keep the second one as a backup for when I need to change the old sponge in 30 days. 

Good thing I found another TruBeauty Foundation Applicator just the other day for the same price. Turns out my sister wanted one after telling her how much I loved it. Hopefully she likes pink, lol.You can get one at $5. Shipping and handling ($7.99) costs do apply unfortunately, but you’re still getting an extremely good deal on a beauty tool that will cost you $40 more at sephora, and will most likely do the same thing.

Now there’s something to chew on.

Stay beautiful! Xo. 

Elf Studio Mascara and Shadow Shield Review

Keep those eyes squeaky clean from makeup debris glamour babes with Elf Cosmetics mascara and eyeshadow shield ($3). This flexible silicone design helps shield your skin from mascara smears and eyeshadow fallouts, while It’s reusable, reversible and washable design works on both eyes for easy makeup application.
The mascara and eyeshadow shield is perfect for achieving gorgeous eye creations without any flaking or smudging whatsoever. I had fun using this tool and it cut down a lot of time for me when applying my eye makeup, which can take forever when it’s caked all over my eyes causing me to look like whatever happened to baby Jane (for those of you who are not aware of this film, google it! Then you’ll understand where I am coming from lol) I have to say this is the perfect tool for you makeup artists and aspiring artists alike. It is the must have for your makeup kits! Stay beautiful xo.


Tarte Bright Eyed & Beautified High-Performance Eye Enhancing Tool Review:

Keep those tired eyes bright eyed and bushy tailed glamour babes with the Tarte Bright Eyed and Beautified High Performance Enhancing tool. This cost me $18.00 due to it being on sale and let me just say it does exactly what it says it will do. You do need to use this on a regular basis to see results, but you will not be disappointed ladies. To activate this little gadget, just place your index finger on the gold sensor button on the top of the eye enhancing tool. You will feel the sensor head start to vibrate and the red sensor will turn on as shown in the photo.

Place the flat end of the tool to your skin under the eye and then gently massage your eye cream of choice under your eyes for 3 minutes (each eye) and voila! it’s as simple as that! The gentle vibrations massage your eye cream into the skin and assist with maximum absorption, leaving your eyes looking brighter and rejuvenated. Once you have finished using your eye tool, cleaning it is a breeze. You can just use a tissue or wash cloth to wipe off the extra eye cream and store it in a dry, cool place afterwards. I used this every night (you can use it twice a day, but once a day before bed worked fine for me) for a month with the Tarte Maracuja C-brighter eye cream and I could not believe the results. My dark circles are no more, and my fine lines….what fine lines? Gone! Thanks to this tool my eyes look bright, rested, renewed and their ready to take on the day. So, sit back, relax and give your eyes a brighter outlook on life with the Tarte Bright Eyed & Beautified High-Performance Eye Enhancing Tool. Stay beautiful! Xo

Bliss Fabulips Pout-o-matic Lip Perfecting System Review


Keep those beautiful lips of yours revitalized and smooth glamour babes with Fabulips pout-o-matic by bliss. This kit comes with the works so you don’t have to worry about paying out of pocket for the extra perks.
– 0.5 oz Fabulips™ Sugar Lip Scrub
– Replacement polishing head (change every three months)
– AAA battery
– Protective cover
When used with the Fabulips sugar lip scrub, this supercharged tool uses a gentle rotation and exfoliating head with massaging nubs to softly buff away that flaky, dry pout! Leaving you with beautiful, soft, and hydrated lips we all want during the winter months. Clinical studies have shown that:
• 93% agreed that lips look healthier and feel nourished
• 90% showed a clinical improvement in lip rosiness and hydration
• 90% agreed that dry flakes were removed, lips look smoother and feel moisturized I kept passing this kit by for months since I was such a skeptic, but now that the summer has come to an end and fall has begun, my skin and lips have transitioned to dryness and flaking. So, I decided to spend the $48.00 and give it a shot. I do not regret my decision ladies, I have been using the pout-o-matic for a month now, about twice a week (I try not to over exfoliate since that can lead to chapping and burning….ouch!), and for approximately 30 seconds of my life while moving the tool in a circular motion around my lips including the lip line the results are amazing!!!! My lips are full, soft, hydrated and pinker than my aura. I haven’t even made a dent in my lip scrub, you only need to apply a small amount and you will still buff away flaky skin. Its super easy to clean. Just gently peel off the exfoliating head, wipe off with a damp wash cloth and store in a cool dry place. For everything that Bliss gives you in this kit, I totally think it is worth the investment, to give your lips the TLC they are screaming for! Stay beautiful xo.