Boo Boo Cover Up Concealer Review:

Happy Friday Glamour babes! Another glorious weekend is coming upon us and so is another great review by yours truly of course ?. I don’t know if you know but I am a huge concealer queen. I prefer it over foundation. Depending on some of the concealer coverages it can cover quite well and I feel some can leave the skin looking flawless much like foundation. That being said, I decided to be a good concealer hoarder and use up every last tube and jar that I owned before I purchased a brand spanking new one. Let me tell you the task at hand that I put myself through was not easy for this makeup junkie, but it was well worth it in the end, lol. Boo-Boo Cover up is the heal while you conceal concealer and it can be found at Ricky’s, Amazon, Soap, Ipsy, and Birchbox.com for $20.00 a tube, or you can purchase the travel size version for $10.00. I have never heard of this concealer before and I was intrigued to try it because of the 5 beneficial key ingredients listed to aid in the healing process of the skin which is what I severely need right now due to my acne and scarring.

Here’s the Boo-Boo Cover Up Breakdown so you can better understand it folks. Have a Boo-Boo? Skip the bandage and the shiny ointment. Look your best even while you heal with Boo-Boo Cover-Up for the body (tattoo’s, acne, redness, scarring, and bruises). Our innovative formula offers great coverage for skin imperfections while containing ingredients known in nature to promote healing. Contains Aloe (helps burns, wounds, skin irritations, and acne), Chamomile (helps speed up the process of wounds, dry skin, swelling, acne, and rashes), Green Tea (repairs skin and is known to help bruising, acne, wrinkles and uneven skin tone), Tea Tree Oil (helps infections, wounds, insect bites, and acne) and Vitamin E (helps moisturize dry skin). It’s also fragrance free, so it’s good for all of you out there with sensitive skin. This concealer is sounding pretty good so far huh?!

There are three shades to choose from light, medium, and deep. I went with the medium shade since they claim it matches most skin tones. I am pretty fair and the light was too pale for me, this shade would be perfect for you porcelain beauties out there. So apparently there claim is set to be true, the creamy peachy beige formula was on the right money for my complexion.

The concealer itself is lightweight and creamy, not liquidy at all and sets into a matte finish once applied to the skin providing medium coverage.

 A little dab will seriously do ya since it is pretty concentrated and it does cover imperfections seamlessly on the face. I use this for my redness, acne, and scarring and the results are impeccable.

 To achieve a better blending effect I used my fingertip instead of a concealer brush and applied directly to the areas I wanted covered and feathered out the edges for a natural finish. Does it stay put throughout the day? Absolutely! I usually apply in the A.M. and when I return home early evening my face is still intact with no patchiness or streaking. As for the healing properties, this stuff does work, but it takes time. I have been using this for about two weeks now and I do notice a lot of the swelling from my acne breakouts dying down and my scarring has lightened up, not to mention the redness from the acne. One quick dab of my Boo-Boo cover up, a little bit of blending, and just like magic it’s gone! To achieve desired results whether you’re trying to cover a tattoo, bruise, or scars layer as much as you need to. Boo-Boo Cover Up doesn’t clog pores and is most certainly fragrance free, and is perfect for all skin types. Now who’s ready to kiss those boo boo’s goodbye?! Stay beautiful! Xo.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Makeup Brushes (Powder Brush, Bronzing Brush, Foundation Brush) Review:

Have I hit the luck of the draw or what glamour babes! First I find out Makeup Revolution has hit our Ulta stores in the U.S. and now this! The Vintage Cosmetics Company has been spotted with my own two little eyes and purchased at T.J. Maxx here in the big apple! If you love all things vintage, than you’ll love this company! All of their accessories (hair brushes, hair clips, manicure kits, face brushes) are inspired by the awesome era of the 1950’s. I was sold immediately by this retro theme. I’m a girl who loves all things pin-up and the 50’s have been my all time favorite era since I can remember. The Make-up brushes looked (and are) divine, all packaged up in sweet little boxes of polka dots and floral prints with some great little tips and tricks on the backing of each box.

Okay, enough about the packaging, lets talk brushes! The three I was able to nab before anyone else was the foundation brush, bronzing brush, and the powder brush ($5.99-$6.99) I so wish I found more, they are seriously the prettiest brushes I have laid eyes on. I hope you guys and dolls can find some and try these brushes for yourselves, they will be a great addition to your collection of face brushes.

The Foundation Brush known as The stuff that dreams are made of…….(people let me tell ya bout my best friend)

We all know what this one does, am I right? It is practically a no brainer lol.

 The foundation brush works perfectly with both liquid and cream foundations. I don’t use foundations as I have mentioned before in my posts, but when I use this brush with my liquid BB creams, my skin has a flawless, silky finish, minus the streaking (can I get a high five for a photoshop finish?! Anyone? Don’t leave me hangin). I also use this one to blend in my concealer under my eyes or when I want to add some shimmer to my brow bones. The rounded tip works like a charm, blending my product evenly and streak free.

The Bronzing Brush known as Tan, bam! Thank you Ma’am! (so cheeky I know!).

 This nice large, soft domed shaped brush will provide even distribution of your bronzing powder, creating your beachy sun-kissed look with just a sweep of the brush. Yes, yes, we all know how this one works too. Dab the head of the brush, tap away any excess bronzing powder, sweep along the forehead, cheeks, and jawline. Voila! Your now the ultimate bronze goddess, it’s time to turn some heads. This brush is awesome. I love that I can build up or play down with my bronzers or highlighters. If I want a little bit of shimmer or feel like strobing, not a problem. I can just dab, tap, and apply, it’s as simple as that. If I’m wanting more of a contour on my cheeks, all I got to do is swirl my brush in my bronzer powder and buff in those high cheekbones. Since the bronzing brush is quite large it can also be used as a powder brush as well. I use this with a lot of my finishing powders once I finished my master piece, my beautiful face of course!

And lastly, the Powder Brush better known as Lights! Camera! Action! (I’m ready for my close up Mr. Deville)
 This lighter than air rounded shape brush creates a smooth and flawless complexion that will last all day. You can actually use this brush for a number of things. How I love a good multi-tasking face brush, don’t you?! It can be used as a stippling brush for liquid foundations, perfect for applying mineral makeup, and you can use this brush with any face powder. My favorite way to use this brush is basic. I use it with all of my powder blushes. I love the smooth, non-patchy finish this brush creates on my cheeks and I can build up my blushes if I need to. If I want soft and sweet or bold and chic, this brush has got me covered. I did notice a bit of shedding with this brush, but almost all of my powder brushes do this, even my most expensive ones I own (cough, Mac, cough).

For all of you animals lovers out there The Vintage Cosmetics Company line is cruelty free and all of their brushes are made from synthetic bristles, which are super duper soft. The gorgeous cream handles are lightweight, long, and easy to use when needing perfect precision. The prices for the brushes I purchased range (fingers crossed my pounds to dollars conversions are correct) between $18 to $22. Totally worth purchasing in my opinion if you could not get them at T.J. Maxx. All in all, I give The Vintage Cosmetics Company an A+ for their beautiful line of brushes, you certainly won me over. Well done lads! I hope I will see your entire collection in the states real soon. Cheers and Stay beautiful! Xo.


Sage Cleansing 101:

Happy Sunday glamour babes!! Today is not about make-up, shocker I know, but I thought I could make it fun with one of my Sunday Funday projects for you guys and dolls to try out. There is no pressure if you don’t want to do this. I just thought it would be a fun way to undress your stress and I promised my blogger friend Joy from styled with Joy I would do this for her. So sorry it has taken me two weeks Joy, things got a little hectic in the last two weeks. I hope you will enjoy doing this sage smudging for yourself and reap the positive benefits! I have been doing sage smudging in my home for about five years. This cleansing really does the trick when I feel an oppressive amount of negative energy has built up in my home or around my physical body. Once every room has been cleansed in my home and every inch of my body I can feel a difference instantly. My surroundings and physical body feels much lighter like a wieght has been lifted from me. I do my cleansing about once a month. You can do one weekly, every few months, every other month, it all depends on how your energy feels. I hope I convinced my lovely viewers to give this one a shot, I promise you won’t regret the outcome. Good luck on your cleansing journey loves!

1. Buy a sage smudge stick (you can purchase one a natural foods store like Wild by Nature, Whole Foods, Fairway, even those little holistic shops for about $6-$10) and find a bowl to hold it over possibly abalone if you can, otherwise any shell or bowl will do.

2. Open every door and window in your house if possible. I live in an apartment so I open all of my windows. I don’t need old lady Ethel next door thinking I am conducting a seance in my home, plus cleansing is a sacred ritual to me so I prefer a little privacy.
3. Light your stick, and when it catches fire, blow it out and allow the embers to start to smoke, like you would light incense.

4. Set your intention for each room and say a prayer of cleansing. If you can’t think of any on the top of your head, Here are a few of my favorites that should help keep things moving.

5. Walk around the room, waving the sage stick so its smoke drifts into corners, along walls, around windows, and along ceiling lines. As you do, imagine the smoke absorbing negativity, problems from those who were in the space before you, toxicity, and anything else you want to go away. See the smoke dissipating and floating out the windows, and imagine that bad energy flowing out of your space, making room for positive, fresh energy.

6. After you’ve blessed every room, give yourself a sage shower. Wave it all over your body as you would in a water shower. Visualize any residual negativity sailing out of your body, out of your home, and into oblivion.

7. Extinguish the stick in a cup of water or a mason jar of sand about 1/2 cup full (be sure to give it a few taps so the grains of sand don’t fall all over the floor). If your stick was very small or is almost done flush it down the toilet. You can also bury it in your back yard, just make sure the embers are completely out. Remember, only you can prevent forest fires or in this case backyard fires.

And there you have it! Seven simple steps that will make your home and body feel shiny and new, free from all negativity. Nothing but positive vibes and a positive mind from here on out! Stay happy and well, xo.



Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


Wow! Three nominations for the sisterhood of the world blogger award. I am truly flattered and touched when ever I receive an award especially for ones unique voice talents as a blogger. Thank you Laura Bruj, Puddles of Avni, and Makeup with Makenna for your nominations; P.S. I apologize for the minor delay, it’s so hard to keep up nowadays. Please, Please, Please with sugar on top click, check out and follow these three beautiful women. Each one has their own eclectic style in writing, fashion, and beauty that shows through deeply with passionate creativity. So be sure to do as I say ;P

The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award is defined as follows: It recognizes the unique voices of women bloggers around the world, like me!

1. Thank and link the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer the 10 questions your nominator has provided.

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers.

4. Create 10 questions for your nominees and notify them of their nomination.

Laura Bruj:

1.Favorite high-end/low-end makeup brand? That would be Urban Decay and NYX. I love that they provide  great color payoff and long lasting wear.

2.Favorite clothing brand? Free people and Anthropologie, I love their boho, classic chic styles.

3.Shoes or Purse? Shoes, definitely shoes

4.What trend are you rocking now? A little bit of everything I suppose. Beachy Boho somedays, casual chic for work, and a much more modern version of a grungy Kirk Cobain (ripped boyfriend jeans, Converse, and V-neck T with a red lip) on my lazy Sundays lol. 

5.The most desired item on your wishlist right now is…? That would be a Louis Vuitton agenda book, I hope that doesn’t sound too over the top or shallow. It is a wish-list afterall, right? So no guilt 🙂

6.Favorite perfume? Chloe! omg, if this was a drinkable product, I would drink it up and make my insides smell pretty too!

7.Contour or strobbing?Or both?;-) Strobbing hands down, contouring over accentuates my features since I already have pretty high cheek bones. I feel like I look like some kind of sci-fi creature when I contour lol.

8.Favorite item in your makeup stash is…? As of right now it would have to be, Physicians formula BB Super Powder and Milani Natural Glow Brush on Liquid Makeup. Summer sun makes this white russian burn! LOL.

9.Favorite summer song? Vance Joy-Riptide

10.Where you buy your evening gowns? I can’t actually say I wear many, but if I do its usually BCBG or Free People

Puddles of Avni:

What’s your favourite breakfast food? Cream of wheat with Raspberries! Noms

If you were to perform in the circus, what role would you want to have? Trapeze artist! That way I can overcome my fear of heights 😀

What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten? I wish I remebered the name of the fruit I ate, but all I can say was that it was slimy and cloyingly sweet :X

If you had 1 extra hour a day, what would you use it to do? Sleep! hahhahha I love to sleep.

What was your favourite book as a child? Dr. Suess’ Green Eggs and Ham

Would you rather explore the depths of outer space, or the ocean? The ocean, there are so many things lurking at the bottom that have yet to be discovered, peaking my interest greatly.

Are you a bath person? If so, what’s your essential product? If not, what puts you off them? Yes! I take one every night, I usually put a few drops of lavender or rose oil to undress my stress and to moisturize my skin 🙂

Makeup with Makenna:

1.) Best dessert you’ve ever eaten? Oh boy I have so many lol, but I have to say Nutella cheesecake with a hazelnut shortbread graham cracker crust and chocolate ganache on top made by yours truly!

2.) Your #1 celebrity crush, and why that person is your #1? Johnny Depp, always and forever since Benny and Joon. Do I really need to explain why? Just look at him! Beautiful on the inside (hopefully) and out!

3.) Favorite color to wear on your nails? Red!

4.) Early bird or night owl? Night owl

5.) Would you rather read a book or watch TV? A little of both, why deprive yourself 

6.) Favorite artist, and how long they have been your favorite. Annie Lennox since I was about twelve. My uncle introduced me to her music and it was all over from there, I had to have every album of hers. She has such a beautiful voice. 

7.) Favorite holiday? Halloween, who doesn’t love to dress up as their alter ego every year and give out candy to sweet little children while eating it too! hahahahaaha.

8.) Favorite full body outfit (regardless of the current season)? This kind of sounds tricky like what my favorite dominatrix out lol! Ummmm, Skinny jeans, a v-neck T, and some converse. I always gotta have converse on my feet.

9.) If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Mind reader

10.) Simple jewelry, or layered, chunky jewelry? Very simplistic, I am not a jewelry lover at heart.If you prefer delicate pieces for an affordable price check out gorjana, love them!

Again, thanks so much girls for the nominations! I will be using some of your questions since I loved them oh so much!

My Nominees:

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Congrats glamour babes! I cannot wait to read your Q&A! Stay beautiful, xo.

If you had 1 extra hour a day, what would you use it to do?

Favorite holiday?

If you could be any animal, what type would you be and why?

Favorite clothing brand?

What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten?

The most desired item on your wishlist right now is…?

Favorite fruit?

The most desired item on your wishlist right now is…?

Favorite item in your makeup stash as of now?

Favorite part of your face you love to accentuate (lips, cheeks, eyes)?