Profusion Cosmetics Correct & Conceal Palette Review:

I have finally got a handle on things when using color correcting concealers glamour babes, and Profusion Cosmetics Correct & Conceal Palette was a big help.

I am now part of Profusion’s Beauty Exec Program. Which means, I get to try new makeup from their company on the house (Thank you Profusion for this awesome opportunity!), as long as my thoughts are honest, and submitted in a timely manner. Super simple, especially if you love makeup and enjoy reviewing the subject like I do, lol.

Profusions Correct & Conceal Palette comes with four shades of color correcting concealer to tackle some of the most common skin imperfections; Redness, sallowness, dark spots, and to brighten dark circles.

Light- corrects dark spots

Peach- corrects blue/purple, neutralizing dark circles

Green- reduces redness in skin and blemishes

Lilac-brightens dull/swallow skin

Plus, you get three beauty blending sponges! One full size sponge for larger areas, and 2 mini sponges to get into smaller areas, such as the under eyes. How awesome is that?! A set of beauty blending sponges alone cost between $15-$30. This entire kit cost only $10, and it’s totally worth trying.

The concealers are lightweight, creamy, comfortable to wear, highly pigmented, blendable, buildable, provide full coverage, do not cake up, and leave skin looking incredibly flawless once set. The compact is small enough to tote around or keep anywhere for quick touch-ups if needed. The clear window along with the plastic sleeve describing what each concealer targets makes correcting a whole lot easier. I loved Profusion’s ingenious idea so much, I actually taped the sleeve to the window of the compact so I can remember which does what, lol.
I have some redness from minor breakouts, dark circles, subtle dark spots due to cystic acne, and the texture of my skin is rather dull because of the weather transitioning into winter. To make all of those minor flaws disappear, I used all the four hues to the appropriate areas of my face, then added a little bit of liquid concealer to achieve maximum coverage when applying with the blending sponges, and voila! A new complexion was born! If you have oily skin, no need to panic, you’re in the clear. The long lasting color correcting concealers do not clog pores or make skin oilier as you wear them throughout the day. Pretty fantastic right?!

Have you tried Profusion Cosmetics Correct & Conceal Palette? No? Well, click right here to get started!

Happy shopping!

Stay beautiful, xo.

Essence Say no to Dark Circles and Say no to Imperfections Review:


Every time I want to review Essence Cosmetics Say no to Dark Circles, and Say no to Imperfections retractable concealers, I always end up getting side tracked by some other makeup product that excites me to the core like, lipstick, highlighters, mascara, and more lipstick (lol), making me cast aside the idea of writing a review for these two makeup must haves, but not this time glamour babes!

Today, it’s all about brightening up those peepers, while saying peace out bean sprout to some undesirable attributes us goils like to call imperfections.

Essence Say no to Dark Circles and Say no to Imperfections are worth keeping in the makeup bag, car, or office drawer at all times, they seriously do the trick for quick touch ups on the go.

As you can see in my photo, I tote these portable babies around a lot in my makeup bag, just look at the the wear and tear of them. Yea, you could say they get a good beating as I dress my face, lol.


They are so easy to use and blend into the skin beautifully, creating no streaks! God, I love concealers that can do this, why can’t all of them be formulated this way? There is a third called Say no to Redness, which is a green concealer that cancels out redness, obviously, uh-duh!

Say no to imperfections is a color correcting natural beige that hides general imperfections (acne scars, blemishes, redness) for a quick solution.

I told you I gave these concealer crayons a good beating, take a look at that nub, shouldn’t it look slender and perfectly pointy much like a crayon?! Well, they did when I first bought them, gotta test the merchandise though to let you know if this stuff works or not, ya know what I’m sayin? Lol.

Could I agree with the description above? Yes and no, for a concealer that is labeled a natural beige shade, I felt it applied a bit too yellow on my fair skin when worn alone. I found that wearing a foundation, BB Cream, or CC Cream cancels out that yellowy undertone and brings out the natural beige perfectly, erasing imperfections and redness quickly and effectively. If I choose to wear a color correcting concealer alone, I find that Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid in Peach ($28) or Sephora’s Bright Future Collection in the peach ($14) shade covers really nicely. And, here’s your dupe of the day!  Baaaaa-Zing!

Say no to Dark Circles is a color correcting bright rose shade that hides dark circles immediately!

I was using the Physicians Formula Touch of Glow Nude Wear Pen (pretty slender girly one with the pink bow cap) for my dark circles, but I decided to try something different and opted for Essence Cosmetics $2.99 version, and it works heavenly. I do have pretty dark circles, and this bright rosy shade seriously conceals them almost instantly. The silky soft formula (say no to imperfections has the same formula) glides under the eyes smoothly and blends in evenly, giving those raccoon eyes of mine a much softer, brighter outlook on concealer crayons (wink).
Both concealers are lightweight, provide medium coverage, giving skins texture a satiny powdery feel. They do not clog pores, and work best on fair to medium skin tones with normal to combination oily skin. Essences Say no to Imperfections, and Say no to Dark Circles is available at Ulta Beauty, and select Target stores.
Stay Beautiful! Xo.