Essence Say no to Dark Circles and Say no to Imperfections Review:


Every time I want to review Essence Cosmetics Say no to Dark Circles, and Say no to Imperfections retractable concealers, I always end up getting side tracked by some other makeup product that excites me to the core like, lipstick, highlighters, mascara, and more lipstick (lol), making me cast aside the idea of writing a review for these two makeup must haves, but not this time glamour babes!

Today, it’s all about brightening up those peepers, while saying peace out bean sprout to some undesirable attributes us goils like to call imperfections.

Essence Say no to Dark Circles and Say no to Imperfections are worth keeping in the makeup bag, car, or office drawer at all times, they seriously do the trick for quick touch ups on the go.

As you can see in my photo, I tote these portable babies around a lot in my makeup bag, just look at the the wear and tear of them. Yea, you could say they get a good beating as I dress my face, lol.


They are so easy to use and blend into the skin beautifully, creating no streaks! God, I love concealers that can do this, why can’t all of them be formulated this way? There is a third called Say no to Redness, which is a green concealer that cancels out redness, obviously, uh-duh!

Say no to imperfections is a color correcting natural beige that hides general imperfections (acne scars, blemishes, redness) for a quick solution.

I told you I gave these concealer crayons a good beating, take a look at that nub, shouldn’t it look slender and perfectly pointy much like a crayon?! Well, they did when I first bought them, gotta test the merchandise though to let you know if this stuff works or not, ya know what I’m sayin? Lol.

Could I agree with the description above? Yes and no, for a concealer that is labeled a natural beige shade, I felt it applied a bit too yellow on my fair skin when worn alone. I found that wearing a foundation, BB Cream, or CC Cream cancels out that yellowy undertone and brings out the natural beige perfectly, erasing imperfections and redness quickly and effectively. If I choose to wear a color correcting concealer alone, I find that Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid in Peach ($28) or Sephora’s Bright Future Collection in the peach ($14) shade covers really nicely. And, here’s your dupe of the day!  Baaaaa-Zing!

Say no to Dark Circles is a color correcting bright rose shade that hides dark circles immediately!

I was using the Physicians Formula Touch of Glow Nude Wear Pen (pretty slender girly one with the pink bow cap) for my dark circles, but I decided to try something different and opted for Essence Cosmetics $2.99 version, and it works heavenly. I do have pretty dark circles, and this bright rosy shade seriously conceals them almost instantly. The silky soft formula (say no to imperfections has the same formula) glides under the eyes smoothly and blends in evenly, giving those raccoon eyes of mine a much softer, brighter outlook on concealer crayons (wink).
Both concealers are lightweight, provide medium coverage, giving skins texture a satiny powdery feel. They do not clog pores, and work best on fair to medium skin tones with normal to combination oily skin. Essences Say no to Imperfections, and Say no to Dark Circles is available at Ulta Beauty, and select Target stores.
Stay Beautiful! Xo.


Boo Boo Cover Up Concealer Review:

Happy Friday Glamour babes! Another glorious weekend is coming upon us and so is another great review by yours truly of course ?. I don’t know if you know but I am a huge concealer queen. I prefer it over foundation. Depending on some of the concealer coverages it can cover quite well and I feel some can leave the skin looking flawless much like foundation. That being said, I decided to be a good concealer hoarder and use up every last tube and jar that I owned before I purchased a brand spanking new one. Let me tell you the task at hand that I put myself through was not easy for this makeup junkie, but it was well worth it in the end, lol. Boo-Boo Cover up is the heal while you conceal concealer and it can be found at Ricky’s, Amazon, Soap, Ipsy, and for $20.00 a tube, or you can purchase the travel size version for $10.00. I have never heard of this concealer before and I was intrigued to try it because of the 5 beneficial key ingredients listed to aid in the healing process of the skin which is what I severely need right now due to my acne and scarring.

Here’s the Boo-Boo Cover Up Breakdown so you can better understand it folks. Have a Boo-Boo? Skip the bandage and the shiny ointment. Look your best even while you heal with Boo-Boo Cover-Up for the body (tattoo’s, acne, redness, scarring, and bruises). Our innovative formula offers great coverage for skin imperfections while containing ingredients known in nature to promote healing. Contains Aloe (helps burns, wounds, skin irritations, and acne), Chamomile (helps speed up the process of wounds, dry skin, swelling, acne, and rashes), Green Tea (repairs skin and is known to help bruising, acne, wrinkles and uneven skin tone), Tea Tree Oil (helps infections, wounds, insect bites, and acne) and Vitamin E (helps moisturize dry skin). It’s also fragrance free, so it’s good for all of you out there with sensitive skin. This concealer is sounding pretty good so far huh?!

There are three shades to choose from light, medium, and deep. I went with the medium shade since they claim it matches most skin tones. I am pretty fair and the light was too pale for me, this shade would be perfect for you porcelain beauties out there. So apparently there claim is set to be true, the creamy peachy beige formula was on the right money for my complexion.

The concealer itself is lightweight and creamy, not liquidy at all and sets into a matte finish once applied to the skin providing medium coverage.

 A little dab will seriously do ya since it is pretty concentrated and it does cover imperfections seamlessly on the face. I use this for my redness, acne, and scarring and the results are impeccable.

 To achieve a better blending effect I used my fingertip instead of a concealer brush and applied directly to the areas I wanted covered and feathered out the edges for a natural finish. Does it stay put throughout the day? Absolutely! I usually apply in the A.M. and when I return home early evening my face is still intact with no patchiness or streaking. As for the healing properties, this stuff does work, but it takes time. I have been using this for about two weeks now and I do notice a lot of the swelling from my acne breakouts dying down and my scarring has lightened up, not to mention the redness from the acne. One quick dab of my Boo-Boo cover up, a little bit of blending, and just like magic it’s gone! To achieve desired results whether you’re trying to cover a tattoo, bruise, or scars layer as much as you need to. Boo-Boo Cover Up doesn’t clog pores and is most certainly fragrance free, and is perfect for all skin types. Now who’s ready to kiss those boo boo’s goodbye?! Stay beautiful! Xo.


Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer Review:

Oh how I love the look and feel of weightless naked skin in the morning glamour babes and you will too when you try Urban Decay’s naked skin weightless complete coverage concealer ($28). This seamless concealer is available in eight (8) selective shades that matches any skin-tone and is infused with Litchiderm. A plant extract that is derived from lychee fruit—which protects against dehydration, while sodium hyaluronate helps the skin attract and retain moisture, resulting in a brighter-looking complexion. I was thrilled to see that Urban Decay finally created a weightless full coverage concealer that acts like a foundation minus all the extra added weight to my face. Once again I was intrigued by Urban Decay’s notions and into my shopping basket the concealer went. I swear their brand has some kind of gravitational pull towards me as soon as I walk into Sephora (Oy). The practical and travel-friendly concealer is housed in a gorgeous sleek cylinder tube much like it’s little sister version of their Naked Skin weightless liquid makeup.  

 The doe foot wand makes applications to the skin precise and easy giving you the perfect amount of product each time creating a mess free situation. Urban Decay’s concealer is oil free, ultra lightweight, creamy and provides full even coverage in an instant! I purchased the concealer in the shade light medium neutral and went application crazy. I applied it to my face, eyes, and to a few areas on my chest. I worked a little blending magic and boom! All of my imperfections that are not my cup of tea to see were completely hidden; dark circles, redness, scars, blemishes were no more. What was left behind was soft, luminous skin that looked and felt naked to the touch with a demi-matte finish. One thing Urban Decay was dead on about was how buildable their naked skin concealer can be. No lie, I must have put on about 2 to 3 layers of concealer and there was absolutely no creasing or bulid-up of the sort. My skin flaws were invisible to the human eye and to myself as well (holla!). The wear of Urban Decay’s concealer lasts fairly well, about six hours before a freshly new coat needed to be applied to my skin. The lovely hydrating peptides that Urban Decay enriched into their concealer was definitely noticeable. My skin felt super hydrated and retained it’s moisture throughout the day leaving me with a sunny, dazzling complexion I always wish to have, and that’s the naked truth. Stay beautiful! xo. 


Hard Candy Glamoflauge Lite Blendable Concealer Duo Medium/Light Review:

Camouflaging your imperfections will no longer be a difficult task glamour babes thanks to Hard Candy’s Glamoflauge Lite blendable concealer duo available at Walmart for $6.00. This double ended concealer stick comes with two different shades for customizable color combinations, allowing you to achieve a perfect even complexion every time. I am so glad Hard Candy decided to come out with a lighter formulation of the Glamoflauge concealer. The Glamoflauge heavy duty was a bit too thick for my taste and really covers more like a foundation rather than a concealer and clogged my pores up a bit causing me to breakout some. It’s all good though, nothing face wash and a good acne cream couldn’t take care of. Using the Glamouflauge concealer duo is very easy to use. All you have to do is apply the corrector to any scars or blemishes, layer on the concealer shade, and blend. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am; after all is said and done your skin is seamlessly ravishing. 

 As always medium/light ended up being the perfect shade for my skin-tone and I think this is one great tool to have in your makeup bag or collection. The texture of the concealer is very light, smooth, and silky making it easy to blend  providing medium coverage with a matte finish. For a light concealer I was impressed how well my skin responded to the consistency and application. I applied this all over my face adding nothing else to the mix besides a highlighter to my cheeks and I was good to go. Everything looked erased; my scars, redness, blemishes, all gone! I could not believe my eyes. I was completely evened out and my skin stayed matte all day long producing no oiliness to my T-zone. Thus creating one fresh and fabulous complexion I long for on a daily basis. The Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer duo comes in four shades; ultra light, medium light, and medium. I am surprised Hard Candy did not make a tan shade for deeper skin-tones as they did for their Glamoflauge Heavy Duty concealer line. Hopefully the company will realize this slight mishap and commence project bronze goddess; a tan concealer duo for all deeper complexions to try and love. And for that matter, there will be no more lurking in the dark with your imperfections my Hard Candyites, so  grab your fatigues and get glamoflauged, that’s an order! Stay beautiful, xo.