Kat Von D Lock It Concealer Review:

You’ll never believe what I spotted and purchased at Marshall’s this time glamour babes. Go on, take a guess…..Give up? Okay, I’ll bite. It’s Kat Von D’s Lock it Concealer!!!!

This bad girl normally costs $25 for 0.58 Fl Oz. at Sephora and KVD Beauty, and I got it for $4.99. How crazy is the price difference?! I saved $20! Sorry for the unattractive pic. The high end cosmetics are now located at checkout, so you know how that goes. Ain’t no body got time for makeup junkies holdin up the line, lol.

There were only two shades available-Deep 38 and Medium 26. I bought Medium 26, also known as original tan. I am aware that I am no where near a medium shade on the concealer charts, but I didn’t care. I have plenty of fair toned foundations and BB Creams to mix my new medium with.

To my surprise, the concealer is not as dark as how the tube portrays it to be. It is actually more of a light medium (neutral with yellow undertone) than a full on medium shade, and I really like it.

The water resistant liquid formula is smooth, creamy, lightweight, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, blendable, buildable, does not oxidize or clog pores, suitable for normal, oily, combo skin types, and sets in a beautiful matte finish.

*Shake well before use.

I felt that the coverage was more medium than full. Kat Von D’s Lock It Concealer camouflaged everything but the redness I had from a few blemishes. I had to go the extra step and lightly bake on some of Wet n Wilds Photo Finish Pressed Powder to hide my additional flaws. It’s a favorite of mine. The powder is lightweight, not to mention affordable, and doesn’t produce a cakey looking veil once everything is said and done. My skin looked impeccably flawless afterwards

If you have oily or oily/combination skin. Don’t fret. Skin stays matte throughout the day. During the course of a 10 hour work shift, there was barely any oil peeking through my t-zone. What’s another word for incredible? Wonderful, fantastic, awesome, great. Yea, this concealer are all of those adjectives in a nutshell.

I gotta get my hands on another one. Let’s hope I can find it for the same price again.

Have you tried KVD Beauty’s Lock It Concealer?

What are your thoughts?

Stay beautiful! Xo.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Makeup Brushes (Powder Brush, Bronzing Brush, Foundation Brush) Review:

Have I hit the luck of the draw or what glamour babes! First I find out Makeup Revolution has hit our Ulta stores in the U.S. and now this! The Vintage Cosmetics Company has been spotted with my own two little eyes and purchased at T.J. Maxx here in the big apple! If you love all things vintage, than you’ll love this company! All of their accessories (hair brushes, hair clips, manicure kits, face brushes) are inspired by the awesome era of the 1950’s. I was sold immediately by this retro theme. I’m a girl who loves all things pin-up and the 50’s have been my all time favorite era since I can remember. The Make-up brushes looked (and are) divine, all packaged up in sweet little boxes of polka dots and floral prints with some great little tips and tricks on the backing of each box.

Okay, enough about the packaging, lets talk brushes! The three I was able to nab before anyone else was the foundation brush, bronzing brush, and the powder brush ($5.99-$6.99) I so wish I found more, they are seriously the prettiest brushes I have laid eyes on. I hope you guys and dolls can find some and try these brushes for yourselves, they will be a great addition to your collection of face brushes.

The Foundation Brush known as The stuff that dreams are made of…….(people let me tell ya bout my best friend)

We all know what this one does, am I right? It is practically a no brainer lol.

 The foundation brush works perfectly with both liquid and cream foundations. I don’t use foundations as I have mentioned before in my posts, but when I use this brush with my liquid BB creams, my skin has a flawless, silky finish, minus the streaking (can I get a high five for a photoshop finish?! Anyone? Don’t leave me hangin). I also use this one to blend in my concealer under my eyes or when I want to add some shimmer to my brow bones. The rounded tip works like a charm, blending my product evenly and streak free.

The Bronzing Brush known as Tan, bam! Thank you Ma’am! (so cheeky I know!).

 This nice large, soft domed shaped brush will provide even distribution of your bronzing powder, creating your beachy sun-kissed look with just a sweep of the brush. Yes, yes, we all know how this one works too. Dab the head of the brush, tap away any excess bronzing powder, sweep along the forehead, cheeks, and jawline. Voila! Your now the ultimate bronze goddess, it’s time to turn some heads. This brush is awesome. I love that I can build up or play down with my bronzers or highlighters. If I want a little bit of shimmer or feel like strobing, not a problem. I can just dab, tap, and apply, it’s as simple as that. If I’m wanting more of a contour on my cheeks, all I got to do is swirl my brush in my bronzer powder and buff in those high cheekbones. Since the bronzing brush is quite large it can also be used as a powder brush as well. I use this with a lot of my finishing powders once I finished my master piece, my beautiful face of course!

And lastly, the Powder Brush better known as Lights! Camera! Action! (I’m ready for my close up Mr. Deville)
 This lighter than air rounded shape brush creates a smooth and flawless complexion that will last all day. You can actually use this brush for a number of things. How I love a good multi-tasking face brush, don’t you?! It can be used as a stippling brush for liquid foundations, perfect for applying mineral makeup, and you can use this brush with any face powder. My favorite way to use this brush is basic. I use it with all of my powder blushes. I love the smooth, non-patchy finish this brush creates on my cheeks and I can build up my blushes if I need to. If I want soft and sweet or bold and chic, this brush has got me covered. I did notice a bit of shedding with this brush, but almost all of my powder brushes do this, even my most expensive ones I own (cough, Mac, cough).

For all of you animals lovers out there The Vintage Cosmetics Company line is cruelty free and all of their brushes are made from synthetic bristles, which are super duper soft. The gorgeous cream handles are lightweight, long, and easy to use when needing perfect precision. The prices for the brushes I purchased range (fingers crossed my pounds to dollars conversions are correct) between $18 to $22. Totally worth purchasing in my opinion if you could not get them at T.J. Maxx. All in all, I give The Vintage Cosmetics Company an A+ for their beautiful line of brushes, you certainly won me over. Well done lads! I hope I will see your entire collection in the states real soon. Cheers and Stay beautiful! Xo.


E.L.F. Studio Shimmer Palette Review:



E.L.F. Cosmetics needs to ban me from all of their stores at some point in time glamour babes because I cannot stop myself from entering one! I am literally going into one almost every week looking for great beauty finds for you in mind. My newest beauty find for you guys and dolls is E.L.F’s shimmer palette that will only cost you a mere $3.00. Yep, you read correctly, only three smackeroos! The once online only palette is now available to you in stores. If you prefer highlighters over bronzers or your a highlighter hoarder much like myself, this highlighter shimmer palette will fit right into your collection. The design of the case is your basic run of the mill black sturdy compact with a clear window that views the gorgeous shades of shimmer (pearl, pink, champagne and peach), carrying a small brush and mirror inside for quick and easy touch ups when needed.


The shimmers are practically weightless that have a soft, sheer creamy texture that glides onto the skin effortlessly leaving your skin more pearlized than glittery. I love these types of palettes, they are such great multitaskers and accentuate any part of the face in an instant!


You can do whatever you please with the E.L.F. Cosmetics Shimmer Palette, the world is your oyster! You can mix and match your shades, use them individually, highlight your eyes by using them as eyeshadows, or liners, or you can strobe (highlight) those cheeks and face for a glow like no other, the list goes on. I really enjoyed using the colors individually. I applied the pearly shade of white to the inner corners of my eyes and lower lash line for an eye brightening wake-up call. The peach, pink, and champagne shimmers are my go to strobing/cheek selections for when I want to achieve a healthy, subtle natural glow. You can also create some serious pout power with your cupid’s bow as well, which will create the illusion of a fuller lip. Just add a dab of highlighter to the “V” shape in the middle top of your lip, and Voila! Lips appear fuller and defined. The color payoff is pretty impressive, my eyeliner application lasted roughly about 4 to 5 hours and my highlighted cheeks stayed put for a good 7 hours. Perfect for all skin types and skin tones, this is totes worth the $3.00 purchase Elfettes, so don’t let this one slip through your fingers. Stay beautiful! Xo.


Wet N Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection Shimmer Palette Rose Champagne Glow Review:


Listen up glamour babes cause this is it, the beat that i’m bangin is delicious. Fergalicious (so delicious) but I ain’t promiscuous and if you was suspicious all that ish is fictitious. I blow kisses (mwah!) that puts them boys on rock, rock and they be lining down the block just watch what I got (four, tres, two, uno)….Whoops! I almost forgot I was writing a review for a second, sometimes a song can get the best of me. I seriously could not get this song out of my head (and I still can’t!) when I glanced over at Wet n Wild’s Fergie Centerstage Collection Shimmer Palette in Rose Champagne glow ($6). My inner rockstar was unleashed and I wanted to showoff my Roger Rabbit skills as if the makeup aisle was my centerstage at Walgreens and the customers were my audience. Makeup does crazy things to me, can you tell? Too lazy to create a scene, I moonwalked over to the checkout counter, did a spin and handed the cashier my highlighter ;P I know Fergie launched some killer blushes recently, but I had no idea she made highlighters, especially one that similarly replicates Hourglasses Ambient Lighting blush in Luminous Flush (score!).



I will get to my dupe discovery in a moment, I have to share the beauty of this shimmer palette with ya’ll first. The compact is nothing to whoo over, it’s just a simple black plastic casing that has a clear plastic window to view the gorgeous shade of rosey champagne with Fergie’s name in the center, cursive style, minus a mirror.

I could have cared less about the packaging anyway, my eyes were more drawn to the highlighter inside the compact because that’s what matters right?! The rosey marbleized swirls of blush intertwining with the pinky champagne shimmer was like an arrow through the heart for me, It was highlighter love at first sight.


Fergie’s highlighter is a baked shimmer powder which you can apply either wet or dry. I did not apply this onto my skin wet since the highlighter is highly pigmented dry. It has a smooth, silky, light weight texture with a pearlized finish creating a soft beautiful, healthy glow from within. The rose gold powder blends in evenly, easily, and beautifully. I literally swirled my powder brush three times into my shimmer palette and collected more than enough product to cover my entire face (cheekbones, cupids bow, chin, nose, and forehead). My skin looked dewy and flawless for a full 8 hours while looking luminescent in natural sunlight.


I honestly did not think I was going to get this much color payoff from a Wet n Wild highlighter, this was shockingly exciting for me. How I love long makeup walks down the aisle when waiting for a prescription 😀 If you love highlighters as much as I do than this is totally pick up worthy, for the price it can’t be beat and the formulation is simply amazing. There are four shades in total (left to right); Rio Carnaval, Rose Goddess Glow, Rose Champagne  glow, and the newest member of the family Hollywood Boulevard.


Most definitely any skin tone can rock anyone of these palettes, the shades produce so much vibrancy. As for my dupe find, Fergie’s Rose Champagne glow palette ($6) reminded me of the Hourglass Ambient Luminous Flush blush ($35). Both are a rose champagne colored highlighter/blush that are finely milled and give off a pretty multidimensional iridescence to skin lasting for hours. Oh come on! Admit it, I totally sparkled up your Sunday when nobody else could. Stay beautiful! Xo.