NYX Dose of Dew Face Gloss Review:

I don’t know exactly what this “wet and glossy” face fad is about, but I’m not a big fan of the trend glamour babes. NYX’s Dose of Dew Face Gloss left a little too much resi-dew on my face, and that could be dew to my oily complexion. 
Product Description:

Glisten from every angle with Dose of Dew, NYX Professional Makeup’s new face gloss that creates a soft, pearly glow for a totally mesmerizing holographic effect. Inspired by the new beauty trend of the “wet and glossy face”, this dreamy balm highlighter glides on like silk and sets to a lightweight, dewy finish. In short, it’s the best thing your makeup bag has even seen (and we know it’s seen some good stuff).I felt this face gloss to be quite balmy and heavy, not lightweight at all. It doesn’t have a sticky texture if that’s what you are questioning. The formula is very emollient, which makes me think this would work best on dryer skin and possibly medium to deep skin tones. The shade is a super sheer opalescent pink, but I was unable to see a holographic effect come into view.I do have fair skin and when blending, the color faded into nothing. I did glisten though! As if I applied a stick of crisco to my t-zone and was ready to bake in the oven at the perfect set temperature of 350 degrees, creating that beautiful golden glow we all want and talk about. Don’t get too excited, I broke out terribly and produced no glow. Way to accentuate my features, lol. My skin looked slick and wet, and the wear had an uncomfortable greasy feel. Thankfully, the formula payoff wasn’t everlasting-4 hours, but the greasiness still lingered.

The twistable tube was not exactly sturdy, so when trying to apply a bit of pressure to the face gloss stick as it glided across my skin, it would retract back into the tube. It was kind of an annoying process. Having to constantly twist the product back up into place, and I am sure by doing this motion repeatedly weakened the structure of the face gloss. 

Oh well, I didn’t loosen the purse strings too much on NYX’s Dose of Dew Face Gloss. It was only a $9 loss, and I was able to experiment with a trend that’s not all it’s cracked up to be in my opinion.

What do you think of dewy sticks in general? Love? Hate? Or could you do without?

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Stay beautiful! Xo.


Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Balm (Euphoria) Review:

I am trying to compose my excitement as I write this review to you glamour babes because I don’t want to leave out the important deets on Makeup Revolution’s Ultra Strobe Balm in Euphoria ($9)! If you want to feel like a magical unicorn, or feel like you have a unicorns bad ass magical powers then this balm is for you my friends ?.

What does Makeup Revolution’s Strobe Balm do?!

This hyperstrobing illuminating balm comes in two shades (second shade hypnotic which is a champagne gold. Not sold at Ulta, photo below courtesy of MR), it sculpts and adds depth to the face while creating a natural looking glow. You can use it either wet or dry depending on the level of intensity you want to achieve.

 You can also use your fingers to highlight key areas of the face: brows, Cupid’s bow, eye lids, cheeks. The highlighting fun never ends! I normally use my finger tips if I want a diffused, blurred look, or a dampened blending sponge for a more glittering effect (bling, sparkle, sparkle) ✨.

Euphoria is a gorgeous light pink opalescent set in a duo chrome finish. The formula is lightweight, creamy, sheer, and applies easily for effortless manipulation as discussed above ?.

 I didn’t realize it until I borrowed my sisters highlighter that this strobe balm is a dupe of Colourpop’s Super Shock Highlighter in Monster ($8)!!!

True, the shades look completely different in the packaging and Makeup Revolution’s is a dollar more, and much bigger. But, once applied you can’t tell the difference, it’s insane. I guess I won’t be needing Colourpop’s anytime soon…..or will I? ?. One can never have enough highlighters in the same shade from different makeup companies lol.

I really do love Makeup Revolution’s Strobe Balm. It stays put all day and I love how this soft pearlized highlighter almost looks holographic depending where the light hits the face. I’ve noticed duo chrome finishes can produce a soft dimensional effect. It’s really cool and a fun approach to makeup. I shot this photo this morning as I was getting ready, so please excuse the tired eyes ? lol.

I just wanted you to see how beautiful this looks on and how nicely it applies. I used my fingertips for the subdued effect. I can’t walk into work looking like a disco ball as much as I’d like to, lol! Makeup Revolution’s Strobe Balm is perfect for all skin tones and works quite well on oily skin. For a balm, it doesn’t produce extra sebum or cause breakouts to form surprisingly. This made me very happy since I really never had much luck with highlighter balms. Makeup Revolution gets two thumbs ???? up for another stellar highlighter that creates multi colored spectrum’s of light to appear on the skin. I told you being a unicorn can be wicked awesome! Stay beautiful, xo.


Makeup Revolution Vivid Shimmer Brick Radiant Review:

I’m telling you glamour babes Makeup Revolution is by far exceeding my makeup expectations especially in the highlighter/blush department. As of right now I am fawning over Makeup Revolution’s Vivid Shimmer Brick in Radiant, which is available at Ulta for $7.

You can use this lovely brick in a few ways to create the warmth you are looking for. You can swirl the colors together to get a gorgeous copper, bronzy glow, or you can use each individual shade to highlight and/or strobe the areas you favor most on the skin.IMG_8431 My skin is so fair at the moment (no judging on the Casper translucent skin folks. It’s still not warm enough to drench myself with some vitamin D lol) I tried my very best to swatch each color individually below for you boys and gals so you can take in the beauty of each brick.

Brick 1 is a soft gold

Brick 2 is a soft pink

Brick 3 is a coppery peachy pink bronzer

Brick 4 is champagne colored

Brick 5 is a deep copper bronze

There are currently two shades to choose from out of the shimmer brick collection. Unfortunately, Ulta only sells the radiant brick at the moment. The Rose Gold is available on the Makeup Revolution website (makeuprevolutionstore.com) and costs the same amount, possibly a a few cents less. Here are the photos courtesy their website. I thought you should see how gorgeous this one is too! ?

Gorgeous right?! Uggh im drooling, I wish I could get this one at Ulta as well! Raspberries!

Makeup Revolution’s packaging reminded me very much of Wet n Wild’s Ombré blush compacts. These are very sleek and sturdy with a clear window to see the highlighter in full view.

This is a finely milled powder (produces kickback dust) that is nicely pigmented (pearlized finish), applies evenly and easily. I use a less denser powder brush when applying this shimmer brick because it holds a lot of color when I swirl the shades together and my skin is very fair as you can see. Combing them all together gives me a little of everything; an incandescent glow with the warmth of a soft bronzer.

 Manipulating the shimmer brick is quite easy to achieve when wanted to create depth or a more subdued look, and works well with all skin tones. The color payoff is fantabulous! I get all day wear with Makeup Revolution’s shimmer brick with no reapplication or uneven streaks as I go about my day. Pretty sweet huh?!

And, Makeup Revolution’s Radiant shimmer brick replicates Bobbi Browns shimmer brick in Sandstone ($46).

 The shades are exactly alike and will give you that warmth and glow for $39 less with the same long lasting wear skin longs for during the spring and summer months. Stay beautiful! Xo.


Wet n Wild Color Icon Ombre Blush (Mai Tai Buy You A Drink and The Princess Daiquiries) Review:

Okay, so I may not have been impressed with Wet n Wild’s Ombre Lip Wands, but their Color Icon Ombre Blushes are a whole other story glamour babes, and at $4.99 a pop! You may agree with me as well. Let me just say that these Ombre blushes from Wet n Wild took me forevvvvvvvveeeerrrr to find. It felt like I was searching for the holy grail! I went to three Target stores in my hood and I was finally able to get two out of the three from the collection. The search left me tired, excited, accomplished, and complete. And most importantly, I was ready to play with my new finds!

Mai Tai Buy You a Drink? Is a gorgeous array of beachy, peachy, corally nudes.

   The Princess Daiquiries are beautiful clouds of soft baby pinks.
I do apologize, I could not find the third shade Purple Haze (pinky purple). I’m guessing that was the most popular color out of the bunch.

So we all know what ombré is, right? If not, it’s okay, I will school you in a nutshell. Ombré is when color is graduated from light to dark (or in some cases dark to light, think hair) much like these pretty blushes!

The compacts are pretty basic yet sleek and sturdy, very mod if you ask me. I love that these compacts have clear windows so you can see the shades easily.

 They do run on the pastel side, but oddly enough the blushes don’t apply that way. They are finely milled and will produce kickback dust. So be careful if you wish not to look like a pastel speckled egg for the holidays. Wet n Wild’s Color Icon Ombré Blush gives off soft and sheer color when applied, and come in different finishes from what I have noticed. Mai Tai Buy you a drink has a quite a bit of shimmer leaning towards a pearlized finish.

   Whereas, The Princess Daiquries has more of a satin finish with minimal shimmer.

 They may also be used as an eyeshadow if I you’d like to create a subtle color wash over your eyelids. I use them for the inner corners of my eyes and brow bones when I need a huge wake up call in the eye department. The staying power of these ombré blushes lasted about 5 hours before they fully faded away. I’m not so sure how these will work for deeper skin tones since the colors appear faint once applied. I know Hard Candy and NYX have created a line of ombré blushes ($8-$10) of their own that are highly pigmented from what I have seen and tested in stores. They may just tickle your fancy if Wet n Wild’s don’t give you the color satisfaction you need. I’m fair skinned and I couldn’t be happier with the subtle color payoff each blush has given me. That is all I need to build happy glowing cheeks! Stay beautiful! Xo.