Pixi MultiBalm (Baby Petal) Review:

I’ve gotten quite the spread of PR samples from Pixi Beauty, and absolutely loved all that I have tried from the brand. However, Pixi’s MultiBalm Stick ($12 for 0.23oz) didn’t exactly work for me. I have no complaints about the product in general- it’s great. I’m thinking the shade (Baby Petal) I received was far too light for my skin tone.

Hear me out.

Product Details:

• The crème-to-powder texture is great for cheeks and leaves a natural finish on lips

• Awakens skin by adding a touch of color to the face.

• Infused with aloe vera, shea butter, and rose hip oil to protect

• Try one shade on cheeks & lips to look pulled-together instantly!

• Travel friendly

•Not tested on animals

Baby Petal is a very, very neutral pinkish nude.

Although the swatch depicts a good amount of pigmentation, that wasn’t the case upon application. When applying Pixi’s MultiBalm Stick to my cheeks and lips, barely any color showed through. The proof is in the pic. Lol.

In my opinion, I think this shade would benefit porcelain skin tones rather than light (me) to deeper complexions.

I beg to differ with the creme to powder texture. It is indeed creamy, but does not set powdery. It’s more of a creamy/balmy texture, which I like.

The formulation of the product is lightweight, easy to apply, easy to blend, not buildable from what I can tell with this shade, comfortable to wear, has a good amount of hydration, and is perfect for all skin types, especially dry skin. I am not so sure about the color payoff, but by the dewiness I felt lingering on my skin, it was about 6 hours. My lips stayed for about two hours, and that was due to eating and drinking.

Give this product a chance if you are a fan of Pixi. There are more pros than cons to Pixi’s MultiBalm stick. You just have to find the shade that works best for you. Nudes were never my thing, or shade of choice. Lol. I’m going to see what the other colors have to offer. By what I am gathering on the Pixi Beauty site, Soft Strawberry is looking like a strong contender. Target here I come!

Stay beautiful! Xo.

Beauty Bakerie So Icy Illuminator Review:

Beauty Bakeries So Icy Illuminator ($32 for 0.46oz) left me feeling a wee bit freezer burned glamour babes. And by freezer burned, I mean frosty and glittery. It was a little much for my taste.

I thought the illuminator was going to be more pearlized when I went by the swatches online. Turns out, it is not.

Iced is a luminous (blinding) white highlighter that has hints of micro fine pink shimmer with a frosted finish. Indoor and Outdoor swatches.

I felt like a walking snow globe as I wore this shade of winter wonderland. I was sparkling from head to toe, and not in a flattering way really. Wearing the So Icy Illuminator made me feel kiddish. Like I was trying too hard to create a incandescent glow. The sparkles is what makes the glow look overwhelming. There was too much churning going on in that tiny ice cream inspired container. I think it would have been a successful treat if that part was taken out of the formulation.

I could deal with a frosted finish. It can sometimes come off as pearlized, depending on the intensity, but those two together only produced a massive glitter bomb on my face. I definitely think that this illuminator is targeted for a much younger crowd.

Complimenting all skin tones. The super finely milled loose powder formula is lightweight, highly pigmented, comfortable to wear, not so easy to apply, blendable, buildable, and has a smooth silky texture.

The loose powder makes a mess of everything. The directions seem pretty simple on the lid. Tap top, open slowly.

Okay, Yup, I followed as directed, and as I tapped ever so gently, illuminator started to shimmy its way outside the lid, and upon opening it, a lovely plume of highlighter dust emerged. Sparkles, sparkles here and there, sparkles, sparkles, everywhere! Including myself. Applying Beauty Bakeries So Icy Illuminator with a brush was no easy task either. The kickback gets allover. Is this an expensive party popper gag that I don’t know about? Lol. It sure felt like it. I found using the flat end of a blending sponge helped prevent a lot of fallout to occur during applications.

The color payoff is alright. I got about 5 hours of wear time before it fully faded away. I did not re-apply. I have an oily t-zone and the shimmer only enhanced my shine, which is something I can do without.

If throwing a glitter party is one of your favorite things to do, then you can grab a pint sized So Icy Illuminator at Asos, Forever21, and BeautyBakerie.com.

I’ll be there. Watching the fun unfold…….That’s if an invitation is extended my way. Hint, hint, wink, wink.

Stay beautiful! Xo.

ELF Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser Review:

I am obsessed with ELF’s Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser glamour babes. It’s been my favorite cleanser for removing eye makeup for the past month now. I didn’t think it was going be. I was searching for a gel/cleansing balm that melts away eye and face makeup just as effectively as Pixi’s Cleansing Balm ($20), but at a more affordable price. I happened to find a few jars of the ELF Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser on a whim at Marshall’s for $3.99 (orig.$10 for 1.41oz) a piece.

I bought one and put the other two on hold for safe keeps. Lol. The price was too good to leave them behind. In case you were wondering, ELF did not discontinue this cleanser. The packing needed a little face lift, that’s all.

The Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser has a clear thick silicone/gel like texture, and is formulated with argan oil, rose extracts, seed oils, and vitamin C to easily dissolve makeup, while keeping skin hydrated and moisturized during each use.

It’s very simple product to use. Take a bit of the cleanser with dry hands, apply onto the face neck, and activate with warm water. You will soon start to see the thick silicone/gel textured cleanser breakdown into a thin milky, oil based non-foaming face wash.

It’s pretty neat. Almost like watching a cool science experiment take place. Massage all over the skin for 15 seconds, pat dry, and boom, done.

Suitable for ALL skin types.

You can also use the ELF Cleansing Duo Face Brush for a deeper cleanse. Spotted this at Marshall’s too, for $5! It’s really $14.

It does not leave any residue behind. The cleanser melts away with the rest of the debris. I love how it keeps my oily skin perfectly balanced with hydration and softness, especially around the eye area. That’s the main reason why I go after this type of makeup remover. It does not suck the moisture out of skin or eyes. The formulations can be pretty emollient. Everything comes completely off without stripping the natural oils skin produces. Plus, I enjoy that I don’t have to tug at my skin. Gentle circular motions with a dampened wash cloth works aces. Well, for me anyways. Lol.

You can find ELF’s Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser at a few places-Target, Ulta Beauty, Walmart, Walgreens, and ELFCosmetics.com.

Do you think you’ll try it? Yes, no, maybe so?

Do tell!

Stay beautiful, xo.


Gerard Cosmetics Star Powder Review:


Happy September glamour babes! Summer may have left us, but that doesn’t mean we have to close up shop and pack away the highlighters. Gerard Cosmetics Star Powder ($36 for 0.42 oz) is one of those highlighters that shall be a fall favorite of mine. The glow is unbeleafable! Lol. Fall humor. I crack myself up sometimes.

Inspired by some of the world’s most celebrated Hollywood icons, this Star Powder will make you feel your prettiest. Out of the seven shades, I picked Lucy and Brigitte.The shades seemed a little more unique to me than the others (Audrey, Dorothy, Marilyn, Grace, and Sophia).

Lucy- doesn’t have any splaining to do with this warm rosy highlight. A hint of golden shimmer was added to give America’s Sweetheart dimension.

Brigitte- ooh la la. Oui, Sil vous plait! For this warm champagne highlight with a beautiful pearlescent peach undertone. C’est magnifique!

Infused with Jojoba oil, the formulation of the powders are smooth and buttery. They are finely milled, highly pigmented, comfortable to wear, blendable, buildable, apply evenly, flatter all skin tones, and have a satin pearlized finish.

The glow is not blinding. It gives off a more radiant and incandescent look to skin. I love it. You can easily manipulate the powders too if you want to create a subtle glowing appearance. I usually use a less denser brush for highly pigmented highlighters. The brush picks up just enough color to do so.

The color payoff is excellent. Lucy and Brigitte performed gorgeously for 9 hours with no fading whatsoever.

And the Oscar goes to…….drum roll please…..Gerard Cosmetics Star Powders!

Your leading ladies are available at Dermstore, Dolls Kill, and of course GerardCosmetics.com.
Be sure to check out their Labor Day sale. Use Code LABORSLAY and enjoy 50% off site wide! 

Happy shopping!

Stay beautiful! Xo.