Bad Habit Beauty Athena and Aphrodite Restock!

Good morning glamour babes, and happy Fri-yay! Athena ($12) and Aphrodite ($10) will be back on the @shophush_ app in just a few short hours (10am PST) so have the app downloaded and ready for the haul of a lifetime! These palettes are sure to sell out fast.

I have already written reviews for the two palettes, and in case you forgot or have not gotten around to reading, these are dupes of HB Desert Dusk and Rose Gold Palettes, which are $65 a piece!

Bet you wanna download the app now! Lol.

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Bad Habit Beauty Athena Eyeshadow Palette Review:

Hold on to your eyeshadow brushes glamour babes, I have more dupetacular news to share with you!
Are you ready for this one?! K, here it goes…….
Deep breath in. Pause. And out.
Bad Habit Beauty’s Newest Eyeshadow Palette, Athena ($12) is a dupe of Huda Beauty’s Desert Dusk Palette!!!! ($65). They are identical to one another. Its craymazing!
I know. I’m becoming a Bad Habit Beauty junkie, but my addiction is saving you money in the process, and I am more than happy to bargain hunt for my awesome followers.
Let’s take a peek at the comparison.
Inspired by the Greek goddess of wisdom, this 18 shade collection features four unique textures. Athena has 8 soft and bold mattes, 6 buttery pearled shimmers, 3 shade shifting duo chrome toppers, and one eye-catching glitter.

Fierce is a pearl medium gold.
Triumph is a pearl taupe.
Valour is a soft orange sherbet.
Purity is a soft custard.
Truth is a muted taupe.
Heroic is a warm medium brown.
Gleam is a soft brown with a green to blue shift.
Epic is a shimmering lavender with a blue violet to pink shift.
Medusa is a shimmering golden pink.
Justice is a dark purple magenta.
Lore is a terra cotta orange.
Power is a warm medium red.
Divine is a pearl medium copper penny.
Cunning is a sparkling peach with a gold to pink shift.
Wisdom is a deep grape jelly
Prize is a copper cranberry red.
Daring is a glittery dark copper. This is the eye catching glitter finish. The glitter is quite chunky, so you will need to use a glitter primer or adhesive of some sort to keep this shade from migrating throughout the day. A flat rounded eyeshadow brush or finger tip works best when applying, and it creates the most fallout out of the 18.
Clever is a rich cocoa with a purplish red undertone.
I seriously could not stop staring at this palette when it arrived, I had a hard time putting Athena down. I felt like Gollum from Lord of the rings for a moment-“My precious! Must protect the precious.” Snapping out of it. Lol!
The formula is amazing. Lightweight, buttery smooth, creamy, insanely pigmented, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, blends out evenly and easily, buildable, produces little fallout, and flatters all skin tones. It’s hard to believe that this a $12 palette. Athena looks and feels very high end.
Wear time with a primer is about 8-9 hours. After that, I started to see the bold colors of the desert slowly fade into the night.
Do you think you’ll grab this Huda Beauty dupe once she restocks on the ShopHush app? 
Bad Habit Beauty Athena is just as popular as her beloved sister Aphrodite, if not more so.
Grab her as fast as you can!
I’ll be sure to post a restock update on my blog when ShopHush announces her debut for the second time around.
Stay beautiful! Xo.

Bad Habit Beauty Aphrodite Eyeshadow Palette Review:

Huda Beauty fans rejoice! The Rose Gold Palette has a dupe! Bad Habit Beauty’s Aphrodite Palette costs only $10 (Yes, you read that price correctly) and has the exact same shades as the $65 palette.

I find that to be such a foolish price for an eyeshadow palette. Why so expensive? If cruelty free companies such as Bad Habit Beauty can make beautiful affordable palettes with the same high end quality, there’s no need to spend your hard earned money on one palette when you can purchase six different ones. And, BHB has plenty of more eyeshadow dupes that I will share on my blog each week. I have three more palettes to cover for you. I already got the Retro Love Palette down, which is a dupe of ABH Subculture Palette. I’m so excited! They are so beautiful. You’re going to want them all!

BHB Aphrodite Palette features 18 shades and ranges in three finishes-10 deeply saturated mattes, 6 jewel toned metallics, and 2 chromatic pressed pearl eye shadows. This palette has a ton of versatility and you can create many eye looks for day or night.


Admire is a deep earthy tan

Flirt is a hot pink

Lust is a rich mulberry

Romance is a warm reddish brown

Passion is a smooth gray

Blushing is a dusty pink

Seduction is a rich cocoa brown

Jealousy is a maroon clay

Coy is a soft cream

Heartbreak is a striking jet black


Infatuation is a smoky bronze

Love is a sparkling cranberry

Sparks is a lavish gold

Beauty is a rose gold

Adore is a rich copper penny

Euphoria is an antique gold

*The metal finishes have a much creamier texture than the pearl and matte finishes. They almost feel mousse like, and create the most fallout during applications. Be sure to have your eyeshadow shield close by.

Chromatic Pearls:

Crush is a sweet pink with a gold shift

Moondust is an astral gold illumination

The formulation of each eyeshadow is lightweight, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, has buttery smooth textures, highly pigmented, opaque, blendable, buildable, and are long lasting.

Wear time is 8 hours. After the 8 hour mark, that is when I started to notice a little bit of fading going on, but the colors stayed intact throughout the day. You can use a shadow primer to prolong the wear. The shades will appear more vibrant as well.

BHB Aphrodite Palette is available at shophush.com or you can download the shophush app and save on shipping.

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She’s quite the desirable deity.

Stay beautiful! Xo.

Bad Habit Beauty Retro Love Palette Review:

No need to go wasting all your hard earned dollars on ABH Subculture Palette ($42.00) glamour babes. I got just the dupe for you! Bad Habit Beauty’s Retro Love Palette, and this pretty baby only cost $10.00!

I personally do not own the Subculture Palette, but after carefully studying the shades and reading reviews. This palette is indeed a copycat and I am in love with it. It is by far more beautiful in person than depicted on the shop hush website. Product details: An ultimate throwback to the 1960’s, this 14-shade eyeshadow palette features 11 velvety mattes in bold, edgy shades, 2 duo-chromes, and a metallic bronze. Oh, and Bad Habit Beauty is also Cruelty-Free! Yay!  Psychedelic is a duo chrome pink pearl Icon is a duo chrome lime gold Hippie is a matte sage green Pop is a matte slate grey Rebel is a citron orange Mod is a matte tarnished green Rock n Roll is a matte vintage wine Peace is a matte sand Flower Power is a matte muted coral Youth is a matte warm brown Revolution is a metallic bronze Nostalgia is a matte blackened purple Fab is a matte gold mustard True Love is a matte blue green The formula is amazing. It has the same high quality texture as the higher end brands. The eyeshadows are lightweight, finely milled, velvety smooth, richly pigmented, blendable, buildable, apply evenly and easily, and flatters all skin tones. For a finely milled formula, I was super impressed by how little shadow fall out there was when applying and blending the shades together. My autumn leaves inspired look consisted of four colors in this palette-Peace, Flower Power, Youth, and Revolution. The color payoff is wow. No primer 8 hours. With primer 10 hours. There is no creasing or running, and the colors stay vibrant all day through. I highly recommend making a purchase if you’re a fan or collector of eyeshadow palettes once it comes back in stock. This one is gorgeous and does not break the bank.

You can download the Hush app and Follow their feed on IG @shophush. Don’t forget to turn on your post notifications as well to receive a reminder for the next Bad Habit Beauty Retro Love Restock.

I already ordered two more BHB palettes, which look like excellent dupes for Huda Beauty and Urban Decay. That’s all I’m saying for now.

Until the next review.

Stay beautiful! Xo.