Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen Kit Review:

The holidays are drawing near glamour babes, and I am so excited to finally discuss Pixi’s new holiday collection for 2016! I am going review each item individually as to not overwhelm you boys and gals. You may go into a tizzy and buy everything from this collection, lol. Not that I would blame you. These holiday kits are pretty stellar, and friendly on the wallet, but also deserve to have a moment in the spotlight on their own.
Okay, let me spread some holiday cheer already, and show some love for Pixi’s Endless Silky Eye Pen Kit. The $22 kit contains five classic best selling shades, which are;

Black NoirBlack CocoaSlate GrayOpal OvercoatGold Glow-exclusive to this collectionNo joke, these are the best eyeliners that I have come across, and that says something, lol. I barely talk about eyeliners on my blog, I never had much luck with them because of my oily skin and lids.

I used Black Noir for Halloween when creating my purrrfect cat eye, and could not believe how long this liner stayed in place, hours on end!
The vitamin E enriched liners are intensely pigmented, opaque, lightweight, comfortable to wear, are water and smudge proof, hypoallergenic, are easy to apply, give eyes a beautiful defined look, and they glide on like butta!

They do not smudge, run, feather, or crease. And due to those four known facts, I love the Silky Eye Pens even more, and the vitamin E really nourishes and protects the lids when wearing them throughout the day. Pixi’s Endless Silky Eye Pens can be worn on top of shadows for an extra pop of fun or you can smudge them out to create a simple yet lovely smokey eye.

For the price, this eyeliner kit is the perfect little gift to give someone as a stocking stuffer, Christmas gift, secret Santa, heck even a birthday gift! I know I’d be a happy camper if I got a set of these!

Pixi’s Limited Edition Endless Silky Eye Pen Kit is available online at pixibeauty.com or your local Target Stores. Happy shopping!

Stay beautiful, xo.

Colourpop Creme Gel Liner (Get Paid and Show Me) Review:

I have become the Metallic Monster glamour babes. First, it started off with Wet n Wild’s Coloricon Metallic Liquid Lipsticks, then it was Colourpop’s Ultra Metallic Liquid Lipsticks, and now their Creme Gel Metallic Liners ($5) in Get Paid and Show Me got me horribly obsessed, but in a good way, lol.  Get Paid is a shake yo money maka metallic rose goldShow me is a real crowd pleasing true vivid metallic copper. 

My apologies for not having my own lids photographed and posted. I take the  pics myself with my iPhone and unfortunately, I can’t get as close up as I’d like to without my images becoming over pixelated and out of focus. A professional camera is needed when getting ready for a closeup (photos courtesy of Colourpop’s website). I wanted you to see how beautiful these shades look when worn on the eyes, apart from the swatches I shot.

I always did enjoy wearing eyeliner on my lower lids to make those blue eyes of mine stand out more than they already do alone. Sadly, a lot of the drugstore/high end brand liners I have purchased in the past never exactly made the mark (no pun intended, lol). Within a few minutes, the liners I would end up purchasing would always seem to run, smudge or fade quickly due to my oily lids. It’s a good thing I have a deep love for rose gold and copper shades, otherwise I don’t think I would have tried Colourpop’s Creme Gel Liners, and I am so glad I did, it’s back to loving liners again!!!

These retractable Creme Gel Liners are so lightweight, smooth, and creamy, they apply easily, and glide on effortlessly.

Get Paid and Show Me have high intensity pigment producing opaque coverage, creating a bold and lovely metallic shimmer with just one application.

The color payoff lasts all day, minus the raccoon eyes, and fading, making this glamour babe a very satisfied customer! If you do rub your eyes, of course it is going to smudge, I can’t sit here and lie, Colourpop does have them labeled as a Creme Gel Liner, but a little bit of primer can help control that from turning into a smudge catastrophe. Primer does make everything better during times of a makeup crisis, I swear by it! Colourpop’s Creme Gel Liners are totally worth looking into if you love eyeliners or gel pots. They come in array of colors (pinks, blues, purples, golds, black, brown, green, etc…) a few finishes if I glanced correctly, are cruelty free, and vegan, except for the following 4 shades; Call Me, Best O, No Shame, and DTLA. Uggggh, just go buy them already, you can gush all about them and thank me later (wink).

Stay beautiful! Xo.


Sonia Kashuk Dramatically Brightening Kajal Review

Give those tired eyes something to be bright eyed and bushy-tailed about glamour babes with Sonia Kashuk’s dramatically brightening kajal ($8.99). Available at Target, this is a definite must have and will instantly make your eyes appear brighter thanks to the help of this creamy white kohl liner. Formulated with Rose and Mimosa waxes, it creates an effortless application without causing any irritation to the waterline. The Dramatically Brightening Kajal is the perfect liner for a fresh daytime look or play it up for a dramatic evening out. I was on the hunt for this eyeliner for quite sometime because of all the rave reviews. I completely understand why this Kajal liner has been out of stock in my Target for so long……it rocks! Especially for the price.

When you think kohl, your probably thinking super soft and the tip is fragile and it will break quite easily after usage (I know! it has happened to me with a few from different companies, super frustrating). This is not the case with this one. It is soft, but there is a sturdiness to it where the tip will not break and give you a nice smooth line due to the wax. Also this is great to throw in your bag when you really need an eye perk. I used this when I was sick with a cold (the proof is in the photo ladies) and I was pretty satisfied with the way it made my eyes appear, less tired, red, clear and bright. You will have to apply it after a couple of hours, but most liners do wear off over time when applied to the waterline. So give your eyes a cheery outlook on life and grab yourself some brightening kajal! They will certainly thank you. Stay beautiful xo.


Sexy Cat eye in Minutes!

Here’s a great way to get that purrrfect cat-eye you glamour babes are longing for.
1. Once you are prepped with either your primer, eyeshadow, concealer, or face powder. Draw a simple little diagonal line at the corner of your eye. I’m using Loreal’s infallible super slim liquid liner pen ($8.99). This liner gives you great control when creating your lines. I love the fine tip, the rich black and fine precision this gives me when creating my cat eye. And it lasts for hours with no smudging whatsoever!
2. Draw another diagonal line to connect with the first line, this will create a triangular shape as shown in the third photo.
3. Once you have done this, you will then draw a line across the lid connecting to your triangle.
4. Now the fun part! Now that you have made your outline for your cat eye. Simply fill in the negative space with your black liner. Let it set for a few seconds before you apply mascara and/or your falsies. The mascara I chose to use in the photo is Flower Beauty Zoom in ultimate Mascara ($7.98). This mascara is amazing! With just the click of the wand you can choose from three different mascara wands (lengthening, curling, volume). You ladies should definitely give it a try, you will not be disappointed.
5. And there you have it you feisty felines, a beautiful winged tipped cat-eye in just minutes. Stay beautiful! Xo