Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette Review:

Whahoo! Marc Jacobs Beauty is cruelty free glamour babes! I was one of the lucky contestants to receive their New Fall Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette ($49) through Influenster for reviewing purposes.

I had no idea Marc Beauty was on the cruelty free list (logical harmony, cruelty free kitty, PETA). I just assumed that the brand was owned by Coty (not cruelty free), and I left it alone. Obviously, I got ahead of myself, judged too quickly, and did not do my research properly. Here is what I learned. Coty owns Marc Jacobs Fragrances, not Marc Jacobs Beauty, which is owned by Kendo-a Cruelty Free Company that works with other brands that we all know and love, such as Kat Von D, Bite Beauty, and Ole Henriksen.

If you want to read more about it, visit CrueltyFreeKitty.com. It’s an eye opener, I’ll tell you that much. The link is above.
So what gorgeous Palette out of the six available was I given from Marc Beauty and Influenster you wonder?
Frivoluxe! And boy is she beautiful.

The Icy cool toned gray and violet palette carries 7 shades, ranging in four finishes-Velvet Matte, Silk, Satin, and Metallic.

The eyeshadows come housed in a gorgeous modernesque all black sleek plastic case that includes a slender mirror so you can focus your attention on those smoldering eyes that are about to be created.

The formula is finely milled, intensely pigmented, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, all of the shades are blendable and buildable, providing long lasting wear. Because the eyeshadows are finely milled there is a good amount of kick back dust, and eyeshadow debris during application. Beware.
I lost track of time after 6 hours. My eyes were smmmmooookkkkiiinnnnn all day well into the night. You can customize the shades to your liking. They can easily be manipulated for day or night wear.

I absolutely love this palette. I already have my eyes on two others from this collection-Edgitorial (camouflage and gold) and Scandalust (rust and warmed browns with scarlet). I will have to wait for a special occasion like my birthday however. Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Palettes are a pretty penny. As scary as this is going to sound, fall (November baby right here!) is right around the corner. This frightening thought however, gives me plenty of time to save my dollars for a rainy shopping day!

The Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palettes are available at these fine retailers-Sephora, Neiman Marcus, and MarcJacobsBeauty.com.

Remember, when in doubt smokey eye it out!

Stay beautiful! Xo.


Pixi Fairy Dust Favourites Review:

Another great gift idea that is sure to please are Pixi’s Fairy Dust Favourites glamour babes, and they won’t break the bank. The stackable loose pigment tower costs only $12 and carries five shades in two different finishes; Matte Classics and Metallic Warmth.

I own the Matte Classics, which include the following shades:

Sheer Cream

Matte Nude
Velvet Fawn
Bark Brown
Matte Black
Petra personally chose the neutral suit all shades to make life a whole lot easier on the working gal or mum when wanting to create an everyday eye enhancing flattering look, and these five hues do it beautifully!

The loose powders are finely milled, soft, smooth, highly pigmented, opaque, are easy to apply and blend, and barely produce any shadow debris when applying to the upper and lower lids.

For pigmented shadows, the loose powders apply much softer, almost satin like than a full on matte finish shadow. And would you know it, that’s what these satin effect powders are intended to do create a soft focus finish. Well said, and simply put Petra, I’ll be sure to read the back of the box next time, lol.

Pixi’s Fairy Dust Favourites are perfectly portable for those on the go. They’re sleek, sturdy (plastic), and light enough to throw in your handbag, diaper bag, office drawer, car glove compartment, wherever you see fit for a touch up, if need be. They do have pretty long lasting wear.

I wore Sheer Cream and Everlasting Fawn to a family event recently and both colors stayed put for 6 hours with no creasing or fading. How awesome is that?!

I seriously love the fact that I can dress up my eyes again with shadows and liners thanks to Pixi Beauty, and Petra of course!
Have you tried Pixi’s Fairy Dust Favourites?! What’s your take on these magnificent loose pigment powders?! I hope your thoughts will be full of whimsy and merriment!

We gotta keep the whole holiday feel goin on here deeries, lol.

Stay beautiful! Xo.


TheBalm Cindy-Lou Manizer (A.K.A. “The Con-tour Artist”) Review:

Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to jail and meet your new cellmate glamour babes, Ms.Cindy-Lou Manizer from TheBalm. Don’t let this little red-headed minx fool you, she is quite the multitasker at hand. Her highlighter, shimmer, and shadow skills are known to steal a couple of glances from afar getting us girls into a whole lot of trouble with the boys, I should know 😉 Cindy-Lou is housed in a sturdy plastic round compact accompanied by a full sized mirror along with her peachy pink face powder.  

 And if your someone who does not care for Cindy’s peachy pink charms then head yourself on over to the next cell and meet her two sisters, Betty-Lou (the bronzing bandit) and Mary-Lou (the honey hued luminzer).  

 These two girls have a ton of beauty hijinx up their sleeves for you so you can create the ultimate sultry mugshot right at your fingertips. Sorry, no makeup brushes here that would be contraband lol. Apply anywhere you like, Cindy-lou is a master of disguise and can brighten any feature you would like to enhance. She certainly used her contouring skills on my brows bones and cheeks making them beam with sheer radiance. If you prefer to emphasize more on the eyes, not a problem, this cheeky compact creates one sexy shimmery set of bedroom eyes that will bring a prison guard to his knees! I told you the girl has skills. The satiny pearlized powder goes on as smooth as a criminal producing an even soft ethereal glow to all areas where applied. Just be careful with Cindy, her finely milled temperamental pressed powder can create a whirl wind of kick-back dust when her score isn’t settled, so apply with caution. My everlasting relationship with Cindy lasted for a solid 5 hours as she later disappeared well into the night leaving me with fond memories of a gorgeous face.  

Bail for the Manizer sisters is set at $24 a piece, not such a bad price to pay for an escapee who can conjure up a pretty face in the matter of seconds. Stay beautiful! xo.


TheBalm AutoBalm Calfornia Face Palette Review:

 You have the license to kill glamour babes; the license to look killer hot that is when you try TheBalm’s AutoBalm California Face Palette available online and at Kohl’s for $15. I always wanted to try TheBalm’s cosmetic line and I finally got the chance when I discovered Hautelook was having a 50% off sale two weeks ago. This lovely little driver’s licensed sized palette has all you need to create a pretty face in just minutes. The California Face Palette comes equipped with a lengthy full size mirror, a blush (satin peachy pink), highlighter/shadow (shimmery pink champagne), brow powder (matte warm dark blonde/light brown shade), and a shadow/liner (matte chocolatey brown with a soft bronze shimmer).  TheBalm did create a cooler version of this face palette (Hawaii) for those of you who feel like cooler shades compliment your complexion better.   I do love warmer shades for my blazey complexion (fair) as I feel they create a more livelier me, like I need to be anymore animated than I already am lol! I felt all four colors in the AutoBalm Face Palette collaborated perfectly with each other and gave my skin a happy, healthy yet sultry appearance my face doesn’t mind portraying once in awhile.

The blush, highlighter/shadow, liner and brow powder quadbination were long lasting and my sultry face was intact for 7 hours (scouts honor)! You do not need to load your brushes up with color ladies, so hold your fire. All four shades are nicely pigmented that provides bold even coverage with just a swipe or possibly two. My one difficulty with this face palette was that my blush brush was a tad big for the blush pan, so I opted for a more smaller precise blush brush and it worked like a charm (photo shown).  TheBalm’s AutoBalm California Face Palette is back pocket worthy of any road trip making you ready to get your kicks on Route 66! Stay beautiful, xo.