Pacifica Pineapple Cleanse Oil Slaying Face Wash and Pineapple Quench Oil-Free Water Serum Review:

I’ve been waiting for this moment babes! Pacifica has finally launched a skin care line for oily and combination skin types, among many other new arrivals, and I went to Target to check it out!

Soooooo much product to try, but I’m here for only two things-Pacifica’s Pineapple Cleanse Oil Slaying Face Wash ($10 for 5 fluid ounces) and Pineapple Quench Oil Free Water Serum ($12 for 1.7 fluid ounces). These babies were flying off the shelves during the sale last week and I wasn’t missing out.

Skin Synopsis: Extremely oily, sensitive, acne prone with slight cystic acne.

I was looking for something that I can use (more for night-time) in conjunction with my Benzoyl Face wash. Using it twice a day has been too harsh on my skin. It became very dry and new breakouts were forming. Yay! Fun. I was only rinsing my face with warm water and a wash cloth at night, but I didn’t feel clean enough. It still felt like I had a whole days worth of NYC grime polluting my face. Such a gross feeling.

Thank you Pacifica for creating a fine-apple of a product(s)! Your new line arrived at the perfect time. Please DO NOT discontinue it.

Pacifica Pineapple Cleanse Oil Slaying Face Wash

Product Details:

When your skin feels like an oil slick, we’ve got your back (actually, your face). Old oil, makeup, toxins and pollution can turn into free radicals that wreak havoc on your pretty face. Clean skin is your first defense in your skin care arsenal. This oil free gel- based cleanser contains tons of natural extracts (pineapple, papaya, and white tea) to get the job done right the first time without over-drying.

The formula has a gel like texture that is super lightweight and thin. It’s not thick whatsoever, and spreads nicely all over your face. It kind of reminds me of a gel cleansing balm in a tube since it barely lathers due to it being sulfate free. When adding a bit of water, the light pink gel will turn into a creamy white lather. It lathers better on the face than hands, lol.

I absolutely love this stuff. It has an incredible scent of pineapple, and gets your face squeaky clean while sloughing away excess oil in seconds. I absolutely love this stuff. Pacifica’s Pineapple Cleanse has been nothing but kind to my skin. It rejuvenates, hydrates, and gently cleanses my skin without over drying. Plus, no additional breakouts! That’s also the help of Pineapple Quench. We’re getting to her soon. After a long day of work, makeup, oil buildup, and toxins clogging up my pores this is just what I needed.

Now, after a good cleansing I like to prep my face before bedtime, and that is where Pacifica’s Pineapple Quench comes in.

Product Details:

Oily skin needs moisture too! This daily use water-light serum helps provide a burst of needed hydration. A magical oil-free combo of ingredients includes hyaluronic acid, pineapple extract, calendula, and aloe vera. A perfect prep for your favorite mattifying makeup. Plus it’s fresh and amazing, just like you!

This double acts as a prep & moisturizer. You can use it twice a day-AM and PM if you’d like, and as a primer over your favorite foundation or BB Cream to keep skin matte. As mentioned before, I only use the cleanser and quench for nighttime.

The formula is more like the Pineapple Cleanse than a water based serum in my opinion. It’s gel like texture is thin, lightweight, spreads evenly and easily, and absorbs into the skin nicely. The serum does feel a tad bit sticky once applied. Just give it a few seconds to work itself in before judging too quickly. Take it from me. I thought I was going to return it. Lol. I’m glad I didn’t. This little tube is awesome. A little goes a long way, so it should last awhile. Whatever oils I have left after cleansing, Pineapple Quench works its sweetness and sucks up the rest providing hydration through the night. My skin is glowing the next day with barely any slickness. It’s wonderful. If you have minor breakouts, this helps with them too. Hyaluronic Acid is known to help those suffering with acne. I have yet to find any new ones from forming. Knock on wood. Must be the hyaluronic acid doing its magic. Wink!

Pacifica’s Pineapple Cleanse Oil Slaying Face Wash and Pineapple Quench Oil-Free Water Serum is a Target exclusive and is available online at pacificabeauty.com

Think you’ll try them?!

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Stay beautiful, xo.

ELF Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser Review:

I am obsessed with ELF’s Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser glamour babes. It’s been my favorite cleanser for removing eye makeup for the past month now. I didn’t think it was going be. I was searching for a gel/cleansing balm that melts away eye and face makeup just as effectively as Pixi’s Cleansing Balm ($20), but at a more affordable price. I happened to find a few jars of the ELF Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser on a whim at Marshall’s for $3.99 (orig.$10 for 1.41oz) a piece.

I bought one and put the other two on hold for safe keeps. Lol. The price was too good to leave them behind. In case you were wondering, ELF did not discontinue this cleanser. The packing needed a little face lift, that’s all.

The Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser has a clear thick silicone/gel like texture, and is formulated with argan oil, rose extracts, seed oils, and vitamin C to easily dissolve makeup, while keeping skin hydrated and moisturized during each use.

It’s very simple product to use. Take a bit of the cleanser with dry hands, apply onto the face neck, and activate with warm water. You will soon start to see the thick silicone/gel textured cleanser breakdown into a thin milky, oil based non-foaming face wash.

It’s pretty neat. Almost like watching a cool science experiment take place. Massage all over the skin for 15 seconds, pat dry, and boom, done.

Suitable for ALL skin types.

You can also use the ELF Cleansing Duo Face Brush for a deeper cleanse. Spotted this at Marshall’s too, for $5! It’s really $14.

It does not leave any residue behind. The cleanser melts away with the rest of the debris. I love how it keeps my oily skin perfectly balanced with hydration and softness, especially around the eye area. That’s the main reason why I go after this type of makeup remover. It does not suck the moisture out of skin or eyes. The formulations can be pretty emollient. Everything comes completely off without stripping the natural oils skin produces. Plus, I enjoy that I don’t have to tug at my skin. Gentle circular motions with a dampened wash cloth works aces. Well, for me anyways. Lol.

You can find ELF’s Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser at a few places-Target, Ulta Beauty, Walmart, Walgreens, and ELFCosmetics.com.

Do you think you’ll try it? Yes, no, maybe so?

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Stay beautiful, xo.


Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse Review:

Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse ($24 for 3.38 ounces) is the stuff of dreams glamour babes. Skin care guru/blogger, Caroline Hirons collaborated with Pixi Beauty and created a unique 2 in 1 jar that contains a solid cleansing oil and luxurious cleansing cream for the ultimate fresh faced, squeaky clean complexion. Both cleansers carry a super gentle formula making it suitable for ALL skin types.

Take a look see at the skin loving ingredients Caroline formulated into each one. 

Can you feel the love?! My acne prone skin sure did, and it felt clean too!

You can use this cleanser a few ways. The first way is using the two as a tag team at night. They do compliment each other quite well, just like yin and yang. Skin must be dry when applying the cleansing oil boys and gals. I can’t stress that enough. I’ve read some reviews that it does not work because consumers used both on wet skin. Silly gooses, Caroline’s Double Cleanse goes on dry. The formula is infused with a lot of nourishing oils, and we all know oil and water do not mix. Same applies for the cleansing cream. Think of them as makeup remover wipes in a jar. So, grab yourself a dollop (about coin size) of the cleansing oil first, and begin applying it onto DRY skin in circular motions. You’ll soon start to see your makeup effectively melting away in seconds. Have a moistened wash cloth on hand, and begin removing all of the dirt and debris off your beautiful face. Pat skin dry. Now follow with a dollop of the cleansing cream and massage again in circular motions thoroughly, and remove with a moistened wash cloth. Pat skin dry. Oh my god, how good does your skin feel?! Better than good right?! It feels nice and clean I bet. Skin is soft and smooth like butta too?! I could not stop touching my face afterwards. It was so squeaky clean! The cream cleanser (step 2) can be applied in the morning on its own to keep skin hydrated and nourished throughout the day.

I do happen to only use this at night and during the day I use a faux proactive acne system that is cruelty free from a brand known as AcneFree. The combination has been working phenomenally. I’d rather leave well enough alone for the sake of clear, glowing skin.

In case you were wondering, the solid Cleansing Oil has the same lightweight, creamy balmy like texture as Pixi’s Nourishing Cleansing Balm, minus the sweet almond oil scent. The Cleansing Cream brings me back to my Pond’s cold cream days way back when. But Caroline’s version is much lighter and has better ingredients that’s beneficial for skin without the greasy residue.

Skins appearance becomes noticeably different when used over a period of time. Skin is soft, supple, hydrated, and glowing. Its a thing of beauty.

I hope Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse becomes a permanent staple in the Pixi Beauty skincare line. I have a ton of love for this jar of wholesome goodness. I’d hate to see it fly off Target shelves never to return. Oh yes, this double cleansing agent works wonders. You don’t know what you’re missing if you haven’t tried it yet.

Stay beautiful! Xo.