Colourpop Gimme More! Highlighter Palette Restock!


Good Morning glamour babes!

Just giving you a quick heads up that the Colourpop Gimme More Highlighter Palette ($18.00) is restocking today at 10am PST! I told you, you had my word.

Do you think you’ll get one?!

Keep your reminders set if you do. I have a feeling this one will disappear rather quickly.

Stay beautiful! xo.

Product Description and photos via Colourpop Cosmetics.

“High-shine radiance delivered in a buttery soft powder highlighter that effortlessly blends into the skin for that lit-from-within effect.”

Extra: pale gold
Upgrade: baby pink
Bottomless: tangerine with a gold flip
Full Service: pink with a gold flip
Bigger and Better: champagne
Total Package: metallic rose gold

Pressed Powder Highlighter Highly reflective highlighter that gives your skin high-shine with a radiant glow. It contains buttery-soft powders that feel creamy, apply super smoothly, and blend evenly on the skin. High colour intensity from the pearls leaves a luminous, satiny feel.

Finish: Pearlized

Shade: Golds, Pinks, Oranges/Corals, Champagnes

Net Weight: 6 x 3.6g (0.13oz)





Essence Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette Review:

I can understand why some of you would be disappointed with the Essence Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette ($5.99). I was in the same boat glamour babes, but after giving it a couple of tries, this palette grew on me.For those of you who absolutely love to shine and sparkle bright like a diamond. I do not recommend this palette. You will end up returning it. These trio of highlighters have subdued light reflecting pigments, which create a very, very soft glow, that gives skin a natural, radiant appearance. I don’t mind having this look at all. I have been favoring it more lately because of the Light Up Your Face Palette ($5.99). I guess you can call it Spring fever, lol. 

The finely milled, buttery smooth formula is lightweight, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, has sheer pigmentation, and is somewhat buildable, but not by much. As sheer as the shades (nude, rose,  golden beige) are, I think they’re quite beautiful and it truly shows on the complexion. I prefer to use these individually to accentuate features. I didn’t really see much natural dimension when blending all three together. It still gave off an individual effect since these are so sheer. You can however, use other highlighters (liquid, powder, or stick) on top of this one to create better depth.  The finish of these highlighters are in no way, shape or form chunky or glittery. So don’t listen to the review rumors. Obviously, they don’t know highlighters. Yep, I went there. Big whoop, you wanna fight about it? (Family Guy humor) lol.

I was actually impressed by the color payoff. Usually highlighters this faint (from my experience) don’t stick around for long, they fade quickly. It’s as if I never put on highlighter. Not this one though. I got six hours of gorgeous glow and tons of compliments. Thanks boys and girls! It’s all thanks to Essence. 

You can try on The Essence Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette for size at Ulta Beauty or select Target stores.

Stay beautiful! Xo


Profusion Cosmetics Studio Highlight Palette Review:

Profusion Cosmetics Studio Highlight Palette isn’t exactly the newest makeup arrival glamour babes, it has been around for quite sometime, and yet to my knowledge there are no reviews about this pretty palette. What’s with that?! This is one budget friendly highlighter palette that should not go unrecognized.I happened to pick this palette up at my local T.J. Maxx on a whim. They always have a slew of Profusion Cosmetics at such amazing prices. Their Studio Highlight Palette cost only $3.99. Talk about a major beauty steal, right?! If there isn’t a T.J. Maxx near you, Five Below and Marshall’s carry the brand as well. Prices vary from store to store, but not by much. The Studio Highlight Palette comes with six fairly large highlighters that are housed in one slim palette. I must have purchased one of the irregular palettes because mine did not include a clear printed plastic sleeve with the shade names. Luckily, I was able to locate the names on the Profusion Cosmetics website, and here they are:Aren’t these pearlized highlighters gorgeous?!The velvety smooth formula is lightweight, crazily pigmented, comfortable to wear, blends evenly and easily producing no patchy areas or streaks. It has decent color payoff, about 6 hours and is buildable. I love that I am able to control all the shades to my liking in this palette without looking overly made up or too shiny when accentuating my features. Careful, the highlighters are finely milled and create a lot of kickback. Photo as proof.Profusion made every shade in this palette completely customizable to compliment all skin tones for the perfect luminous glow.

Have you tried Profusions Cosmetics Studio Highlight Palette?! What’s your take? Is it a Glow? Or no glow?
Stay beautiful! Xo.

Makeup Revolution Radiance Radiant Light Highlighter Palette Review:

After four days of searching I can finally call off the search party glamour babes. I found my Makeup Revolution Radiance Radiant Lights Highlighter Palette, yay! Pats on the back to me, I knew it was in my closet somewhere, I just had to dig deep. I may have discovered Naria along the way, lol.

Alright, enough of my silliness. I’m ready to compare this palette to Makeup Revolution’s Beyond Radiance for y’all!

First off, you can get both palettes at Ulta for $15 each, and right now Makeup Revolution is BOGO half off, which is a great deal if you want to compare them for yourselves (p.s. Ulta accepts returns if you are unhappy with your purchase, just keep the reciept) Plus, be sure to use Ulta’s 3.50 off coupon on top of that deal and you will get them for $19 all together plus tax. Boom! I just saved you $10, how do you like those mathematic money saving skills?! Pretty sweet huh?! I know, lol.
What was I talking about again?

Ah, yes, the palette comparisons. Last Sunday’s review was about MR’s Beyond Radiance which is a described as a highlighter palette, but in reality is more of an illuminating palette like Hourglasses Ambient light one, which creates a soft all over natural glow. Whereas, Makeup Revolutions Radiance actually is a highlighter palette having a bit more shimmer, accentuating the features with more intensity like Becca Cosmetics would.

My apologies for the confusion. I accidentally mixed up the shade names when it comes to these two palettes. Breathe, Glow, and Exhale are actually the shade names for the Radiance highlighters, and the Beyond Radiance are a complete mystery for they are nameless. Let’s just call them Mr. White, Mr. Pink, and Mr. Glow, a little Reservoir Dog humor (Quentin Tarantino film circa 1992) for you boys and gals, lol.

Breathe is a champagne, Exhale is a pink, and Glow is a golden bronze.
The Radiance Highlighters are lightweight, soft, finely milled producing some kickback like Beyond Radiance, nicely pigmented, and are set in a soft pearlized finish. I know Becca’s do carry a bit more glam in the shimmer department, but these are build-able and give off a good amount of sparkle once applied and have settled into the skin. So have at it! Apply as much of this highlighter as you like, you’ll create that beautiful golden glow in no time without it caking up or applying unevenly, and they last for hours too!

What do you think of Makeup Revolution’s Beyond Radiance and Radiance Palette? Have you tried them?! Do you think they are dupe worthy of Hourglasses or Becca’s?

Do share!

Stay beautiful, xo.