Profusion Cosmetics Studio Highlight Palette Review:

Profusion Cosmetics Studio Highlight Palette isn’t exactly the newest makeup arrival glamour babes, it has been around for quite sometime, and yet to my knowledge there are no reviews about this pretty palette. What’s with that?! This is one budget friendly highlighter palette that should not go unrecognized.I happened to pick this palette up at my local T.J. Maxx on a whim. They always have a slew of Profusion Cosmetics at such amazing prices. Their Studio Highlight Palette cost only $3.99. Talk about a major beauty steal, right?! If there isn’t a T.J. Maxx near you, Five Below and Marshall’s carry the brand as well. Prices vary from store to store, but not by much. The Studio Highlight Palette comes with six fairly large highlighters that are housed in one slim palette. I must have purchased one of the irregular palettes because mine did not include a clear printed plastic sleeve with the shade names. Luckily, I was able to locate the names on the Profusion Cosmetics website, and here they are:Aren’t these pearlized highlighters gorgeous?!The velvety smooth formula is lightweight, crazily pigmented, comfortable to wear, blends evenly and easily producing no patchy areas or streaks. It has decent color payoff, about 6 hours and is buildable. I love that I am able to control all the shades to my liking in this palette without looking overly made up or too shiny when accentuating my features. Careful, the highlighters are finely milled and create a lot of kickback. Photo as proof.Profusion made every shade in this palette completely customizable to compliment all skin tones for the perfect luminous glow.

Have you tried Profusions Cosmetics Studio Highlight Palette?! What’s your take? Is it a Glow? Or no glow?
Stay beautiful! Xo.

Makeup Revolution Radiance Radiant Light Highlighter Palette Review:

After four days of searching I can finally call off the search party glamour babes. I found my Makeup Revolution Radiance Radiant Lights Highlighter Palette, yay! Pats on the back to me, I knew it was in my closet somewhere, I just had to dig deep. I may have discovered Naria along the way, lol.

Alright, enough of my silliness. I’m ready to compare this palette to Makeup Revolution’s Beyond Radiance for y’all!

First off, you can get both palettes at Ulta for $15 each, and right now Makeup Revolution is BOGO half off, which is a great deal if you want to compare them for yourselves (p.s. Ulta accepts returns if you are unhappy with your purchase, just keep the reciept) Plus, be sure to use Ulta’s 3.50 off coupon on top of that deal and you will get them for $19 all together plus tax. Boom! I just saved you $10, how do you like those mathematic money saving skills?! Pretty sweet huh?! I know, lol.
What was I talking about again?

Ah, yes, the palette comparisons. Last Sunday’s review was about MR’s Beyond Radiance which is a described as a highlighter palette, but in reality is more of an illuminating palette like Hourglasses Ambient light one, which creates a soft all over natural glow. Whereas, Makeup Revolutions Radiance actually is a highlighter palette having a bit more shimmer, accentuating the features with more intensity like Becca Cosmetics would.

My apologies for the confusion. I accidentally mixed up the shade names when it comes to these two palettes. Breathe, Glow, and Exhale are actually the shade names for the Radiance highlighters, and the Beyond Radiance are a complete mystery for they are nameless. Let’s just call them Mr. White, Mr. Pink, and Mr. Glow, a little Reservoir Dog humor (Quentin Tarantino film circa 1992) for you boys and gals, lol.

Breathe is a champagne, Exhale is a pink, and Glow is a golden bronze.
The Radiance Highlighters are lightweight, soft, finely milled producing some kickback like Beyond Radiance, nicely pigmented, and are set in a soft pearlized finish. I know Becca’s do carry a bit more glam in the shimmer department, but these are build-able and give off a good amount of sparkle once applied and have settled into the skin. So have at it! Apply as much of this highlighter as you like, you’ll create that beautiful golden glow in no time without it caking up or applying unevenly, and they last for hours too!

What do you think of Makeup Revolution’s Beyond Radiance and Radiance Palette? Have you tried them?! Do you think they are dupe worthy of Hourglasses or Becca’s?

Do share!

Stay beautiful, xo.


Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette Review:

Makeup Revolution is like a potato chip for me glamour babes! Once I have one item in my hands I just can’t stop going for more and their highlighter palette (£8.00/$12.50 USD) has substantially satisfied my appetite; for the time being anyway lol. As of right now Ulta does not carry the highlighter palette, but they do sell them individually for $6.00 each. I happened to love all of the shades right away and decided to order the palette through the MUR website, which surprisingly was not bad considering the shipping and all. The colors that come packaged in this black sleek, sophisticated palette with full size mirror are Golden Lights (yellow gold), Peach Lights (pinky peach), and Pink Lights (rosey pink).

 I think you viewers may end up wanting the palette afterwards because the shades are sheerly beautiful! Makeup Revolutions highlighters are baked, having a nice lightweight consistency to each one of them when applying that creates a sheer pearly finish, giving off a candlelit glow. How pretty does that sound?!

 The texture is a bit rough if you decide to use your fingertips instead of your brush. I’ll admit feeling that against my skin made me cringe some. It’s like nails on a chalkboard so I always use a brush when I come across such a texture. Since the highlighters are baked to perfection there is minimal kick back dust. The kick back never really bothers me much, but I do like to make notes for others who may find this a pet peeve in the makeup world lol. Also, this palette of highlighters are great multitaskers! I used the trio yesterday for my brow bones (peach lights), cheek bones (pink lights), and inner corners of my eyes (golden lights) to make the favorite parts of myself stand out more.

FYI, they wear beautifully on the skin and last for a good 6 hours. Totes worth buying and waiting two weeks for! What are your thoughts about Makeup Revolutions Highlighters? Have you tried any? Are you getting the potato chip effect like I did? I’d love to know 🙂 Stay beautiful! Xo.


Sonia Kashuk Sahara Sunset Highlighter Palette in Arabian Dreams Review:

Get a taste of Morocco glamour babes with Sonia Kashuk’s Sahara Sunset Highlighter palette in Arabian Dreams available at Target ($19.99). The limited edition spring 2015 collection was inspired by the Saharan Sunset Ms. Kashuk experienced during her recent trip to Morocco. Formulated with porcelain flower for antioxidant protection and vitis vita; a concentrated oil soluble that is extracted from red grape marc, which is a grape residue that helps rebalance skin protein levels, improve cell detoxification, and increase collagen production. Okay, that’s enough science for one day, let’s get right into the makeup features of this gorgeous palette shall we? Sonia Kashuk’s Sahara Sunset Highlighter is housed in a black and gold striped compact with a terracotta back equipped with a full size mirror (perfect for you selfie lovers). Inside your compact you will find four exquisite colors ranging in shades of warm gold, wearable nude, sun-kissed coral, and a soft peach. The highlighter palette is a soft powder that has a satin matte finish with subtle shimmer.  

 This palette can easily serve as both a blush and highlighter. When swirling all four colors together I got a little bit of everything. The gold and nude shades created my highlighter, while the coral and peach tones accentuated my cheekbones with a pop of color. I am fair skinned and the good lord did not grace me with the ability to tan (boo!). But thanks to Sonia’s highlighter palette I get to have my very own sun-kissed beachy face that stays well put for hours (8 to be exact). The colors in this palette are intensely pigmented, so if you are heavy handed with your highlighters you don’t need to be with this one; less is more. You can also apply the nude and gold tones of the highlighter to your eye lids and lower lash line for an eye opening moroccan experience. As for the hoidy toidy skin ingredients that will supposedly increase my collagen, detox my cells (seriously?), and rebalance my skin protein levels (again, seriously? I don’t even know what that means), you can scratch all of that out. Unless Sonia hid a spa underneath her highlighter palette that I am totally unaware of I saw nothing of the above take place onto my skin. What I actually did see taking place was Sonia’s highlighter palette dressing my skin with the beautiful colors of morocco creating one dreamy complexion with every brush stroke. I hope this inspired you to create a shimmering journey of your own into Sonia’s Saharan Sunset. Stay beautiful! Xo.