Kiko Milano Spring 2.0 Natural Colour Highlighter Review:

My first Kiko Milano purchase was a success glamour babes! I am in love with their cosmetics. The limited edition Spring 2.0 Natural Colour Highlighters ($20 for 0.31 oz.) are stunning!

I might have to add a few more pieces of this collection to my very own. Kiko is having a huge sale right now (50% off), making it the perfect excuse to buy more make-up. Lol.

Product Description:
Formulated with Moringa seeds and infused with a green tea fragrance.

I can’t stop inhaling these highlighters! They smell so good. Is there something wrong with me? That statement doesn’t sound right. Lol. Whateves, I’ll own it. Makeup is my new aromatherapy.

This well-researched product provides high-definition make-up that brushes on smoothly and easily.
A concealer with additional highlighting properties has been incorporated into the center of the highlighter and fashioned in the shape of the “pause” symbol. Blending the two different textures creates a lightweight, natural effect that adds light while concealing imperfections.

The designer Ross Lovegrove created the practical pearl white compact featuring the KK logo on the top and a handy internal mirror. The compact’s original design with its references to a woman’s fluid, sensual movements is truly elegant and refined. The raised surface provides a new tactile and visual experience and makes it easy to find the compact in your purse (travel friendly alert!).

Iridescent Champagne is a soft gold/pale cotton candy, baby pink highlighter.

Iridescent Rose is a rose gold/ cool lavender highlighter.

The baked formula is lightweight, has a smooth texture, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, easy to blend, nicely pigmented, color catches on to the brush efforlessly, can be layered, suitable for all skin tones, and has a pearlized finish.

I like that these can be used as part of your everyday makeup routine. There’s just enough shimmer to create a beautiful, natural healthy looking glow that lasts for up to 8 hours. I really do enjoy makeup that requires no touch-ups in between the day. It makes life just a little bit easier for us goils. I mean, women do run the world after all.

You can still get your hands on the Spring 2.0 Collection at KikoCosmetics.com

Are you getting anything!? There’s a big sale going on….hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

Do share!

Stay beautiful, xo.


UD Jean Michel Basquiat Gallery Blush Palette Review:

If art is a form of self expression, than that makes makeup no exception to the phrase glamour babes. The UD Jean Michel Basquiat Gallery Blush Palette ($34, got on sale for $23.80) is truly a work of art as are the beautiful yet versatile blushes, highlighter and bronzer that are housed in this canvas wrapped palette. It actually has some weight to it. Talk about sturdy, lol. 

FYI: Urban Decay created a little cutout on the back of the palette for hanging. That way you can create your own little art/makeup gallery on your wall! How creatively ingenious is that?!Man, I kinda regret not purchasing the entire collection. Oh well, there’s no use crying over spilled milk now. My heart is content with owning the Gallery Blush Palette.

About the artist: Jean-Michel Basquiat began drawing and painting at the age of four and never stopped. By the time he was in his teens, his graffiti was a fixture around lower Manhattan. After leaving home at 17, he began selling hand-painted postcards and T-shirts. At 20, he landed his first public exhibition and quickly rose to fame on the ’80s art scene in NYC. His iconic work is still exhibited all over the world.

Just reading his mini bio left me feeling inspired, and proves to never give up on your dreams. Set your intentions higher boys and girls. Everyone deserves to have a happy ending. 

What colorful hues encompass this palette? Let me capture your imagination. After all, these four shades are based on Basquiat’s paintings.X-Rated is a light cotton candy pink.

Now’s the time is a nude shimmer with a gold shift

Jawbone is a medium terracotta bronze. This was a wee bit dark for my fair skin, but works lovely as a contour powder. 

NOHO is a radiant berry.

By no means are these shades sheer. They are packed with bold pigment and compliment any skin tone. The finely milled, silky smooth formula is lightweight, buildable, blendable, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, produces no streaking or heavy caking, and sets in a satin matte finish.

I love this palette, and I didn’t think I was going to. I judged too quickly before testing them out, and thought the colors were too dark for my complexion when it arrived. I let my mind’s eye get the best of me. The shades can be manipulated easily. You can apply as little or as much as you like to achieve the desired intensity. Urban Decays long lasting formula is part of the reason why I am such a big fan of their cosmetics. They have it down to a fine art, so to speak. The Gallery blushes/highlighter/bronzer stay intact for 8 to 10 hours without having to retouch. Yaaasss! 

Looks like this Palette is sticking around for awhile, not that I’m complaining. It’s stunning! Good thing I can nail it to the wall. As my saying goes-You can have your makeup and play with it too!

Stay beautiful! Xo. 


Lorac Cue the Confetti Highlighter and Blush Palette Review:

Oh boy, I believe I waited too long to review Lorac’s Cue the Confetti Highlighter and Blush Palette ($30) glamour babes. I didn’t realize this palette was limited edition, and I am afraid to say that it is sold out. But, Christmakkuh is not far away believe it or not. So who knows, maybe some of you good boys and girls out there already have one in your stocking, and its just waiting to be unwrapped come Sunday morning, wink.

What’s inside Lorac’s Cue the Confetti Palette you ask? Lets take a look-see….
The super glam art deco palette has a trio of Color Source Buildable Blushes in shades Tinge, Technicolor, and Vivid. By the way, the blushes are available (Kohls, Ulta, and Lorac) singularly for $22 in case you did miss out on this palette. A limited edition Light Source Illuminating Highlighter in Spotlight.

Full size mirror

And, a limited edition Rose gold brush that is to die for. The soft winter white bristles pick up color so beautifully that I think Lorac needs to consider carrying brushes all year round. Spotlight-rose gold pearl (pearlized)Tinge-nude (matte)Technicolor-coral (matte)Vivid-hot pink (satin shimmer)Infused with anti-aging antioxidants such as Pomegranate, Acai, and Vitamins A, C, & E. These Blushes/Highlighter can either be worn sheerly for a natural flush of color, or layered for high shine or a more dramatic effect. Making this palette friendly for all skin tones. The formulation is finely milled, lightweight, opaque, highly pigmented, each one is comfortable to wear, they blend evenly and easily, and the texture is smooth as silk. Apply with caution, the blushes and highlighter do produce a good amount of kickback dust.

The color payoff I will give a solid ten. I absolutely love how long the vibrancy last on my cheeks while still looking natural throughout the day.

Were you able to bring home the party and try Lorac’s Cue the Confetti Palette? What has you celebrating?

Stay beautiful! Xo.


Wet n Wild Sequins and Stardust Holiday 2016 Collection Review:

Wow! Wet n Wild really put some razzle and dazzle in their Sequins and Stardust Holiday 2016 Collection, didn’t they glamour babes?!

The glamorous display has an old Hollywood look and feel to it, with a subtle flair of Gatsby glam. Well, that’s the way I see it anyway. I think the theme here is suppose to have more of a 70’s vibe. Hence, the lip gloss name Boogie White Lights, lol.

The photo above is courtesy of Nouveau Cheap. The displays that I have spotted were pretty sparse, as I would expect. The limited edition collection is beautiful, a true makeup must have. I picked a few items out of the set; All four Coloricon Loose Pigments ($2.99), two Coloricon Lip Glosses ($2.99), and the Megaglo Highlighting Gold Bar ($3.99). Only leaving the lashes and nail polishes behind. Although appealing, I own plenty of nail color, and I never cared for Wet n’ Wild’s faux eyelashes. After seeing them separate from the lash tray, I was reminded once more by how cheap, plasticky, and heavy they truly are.

Okay, enough talk about the items I didn’t buy, let me get into the pieces I did buy.
Wet n’ Wild’s Loose Pigment Shadows in shades (top to bottom) Kung Fu Lightening, Dom & Cherry on Top, Heart of Rose Gold, and Ride on my Copper are stunning.

When opening these nice sized containers, they reminded me of salt and pepper shakers due to the clever little plastic flip lids and holes to prevent spillage, great idea! Who wudda thunk it?! Not me, lol. The shadows are lightweight, finely milled, comfortable to wear, highly pigmented, blendable, buildable, and produce long lasting wear when used with a primer. FYI: They can be used as highlighter too. Now, that’s what I call a multitasker, wink.

Coloricon Prismatic Lip gloss: The Loco Potion (sheer coral), and Moxie Brown (fawn peach) are the two glosses I chose out of the four. Boogie White Lights (White), and Ring my Bell Bottoms (gold) weren’t my favorite, both in shades and movie/jean type. The formulation of Wet n’ Wild’s Coloricon Lip glosses are all the same. Lightweight, moisturizing, slippery, sheen, sheer, comfortable to wear, each has a plush doe foot wand, and they are not sticky nor tacky. The only difference is that these Prismatic Glosses are formulated with Micro Fine glitter. Wear alone or on top of your favorite lipstick to create a dazzling holiday look. Smile everyone!
I saved the best for last boys and girls, the pièce de résistance. The oh so exquisite Megaglo Highlighting Gold Bar, Holly Gold Head. Isn’t she just breathtaking?! There are two shades inside if you can’t tell. The star is rose gold, and the bar is the color of pure gold. It is finely milled, lightweight, highly pigmented, buildable, blends easily, has a pearlized finish, and lasts for hours. And, there is a surprise that I did not know about until now. An enclosed mirror! It’s right in back of the compact! How nifty is that?! Holly, I’m going to be dripping in gold for days now, which is something i’ll be looking forward to.

Wet n Wild’s Sequins and Stardust Collection is available at CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid.

Happy Shopping!

Stay beautiful, xo.