Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition Review:

I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m disliking Jeffree Star’s Lip Ammunition glamour babes. For an $18 lipstick I was expecting better quality from your brand Mr.Star.

I recently ran out of Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick ($18) in Unicorn blood, and thought to go the traditional lipstick route since the Velour version was sold out on the Jeffree Star website. Not exactly the wisest choice on my part. I should’ve just waited patiently for the restock. Shipping it here took close to 2 weeks! I live in NY, his company is located in California. Really? I think I’ll stick with Beautylish from now on. Plus, they send confirmations and tracking notifications, which was something I did not receive with JS either. Oh well, you live and learn.

Unicorn Blood (Lip Ammunition) is a dark rusty red with a satin finish. The shade itself compliments all skin tones. FYI: L.A. Girl Makes a shade pretty similar, almost identical to Unicorn Blood. Check out their Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss in Secret ($6.00). It’s a good dupe in the Matte sense if you ask me.

I did not find the lipstick case to appear cheap or flimsy looking like some reviewers have mentioned. The lipstick comes housed in a plastic hot pink bullet casing with the Jeffree Star logo in the center and stars wrapping around the bottom. I found the lipstick tube to be a rather cute design and it is actually quite sturdy.
My main issue was the formulation. It’s very streaky, heavy/slippery feeling, not comfortable to wear, and did not go on smoothly or evenly. I had to apply multiple coats (3-4) in order to create a pigmented lip, and still felt like the shade was off. It’s nowhere near as deep as the liquid lipstick. My lips feathered and bled out like crazy after application. The lipstick also has a grainy texture. I never had this experience with a lip product before. It does however, hydrate lips nicely and smells of vanilla, but that’s as good as it gets. Eating was a mess. The color got everywhere (hands and face), as if I actually did murder a unicorn. I did not like this one bit. I love unicorns! It was removed immediately.

I have a few Colourpop lip liners that should go perfectly with Unicorn Blood. Maybe I can incorporate Jeffree Star’s Lip Ammunition as a topper? Give those lips a bit of depth and sheen. What do you think? I can’t let this lipstick go to waste!

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Stay beautiful, xo.


NYX Plush Gel Lipstick (Karma Kiss) Review:

I hate that I have to come out and say this glamour babes, but, don’t waste your money on NYX’s Plush Gel Lipstick ($7), it’s just awful, and that’s putting it nicely.

The Idea that NYX was going for was a good one, I felt that it didn’t live up to its potential as described below:

“Play up your pout with a silky stroke of NYX Cosmetics’ Plush Gel Lipstick. Available in twelve totally vibrant shades, this lippie brings together an oh-so-soft feel and the high shine of a gloss. Drench lips in a wash of color for an instantly polished look anytime you crave a quick touch-up. Want a bolder finish? (Yes, please!) A second swipe is twice as nice.”

Sounds like an awesome lipstick right?! In reality, not so much.

The pros of NYX’s Plush Gel lipstick, it is in fact super silky with a nice slick gel feel, beautifully vibrant, and has a ton of shine providing a good amount of hydration to the lips.

The downside, sigggghhhhhh, as beautiful as the shade Karma Kiss was (warm fuchsia), the color did not hold for very long, roughly 30 min, and it began to bleed and feather all over the place. I looked like a walking hot mess and I didn’t even know it until I took a gander at myself in the mirror, the horror and Halloween isn’t here yet! Lol. I also really wasn’t digging the bad taste it left in my mouth, literally! If you thought hugging and kissing your grandmother who loves to bathe herself in Elizabeth Taylor Perfumes is hard to take in (still love you grandma!), think of that overpowering smell lingering on your lips……brrrrrrrr. Trust me, I wanted to wipe it off immediately, that’s all I tasted for the rest of the day, yuk, so gross. I was testing out the staying power of NYX’s Plush Gel Lipstick, and now I know, bad tasting lipstick does not pay to suffer, lol.

Karma Kiss will be returned to Ulta Beauty in exchange for an NYX Butter Gloss. They are just as plush, glossy, and hydrating as the Plush Gel Lipsticks, minus the perfumy taste and short lived wear.
Stay beautiful! Xo.


NYX Lip Lingerie (Exotic and Bedtime Flirt) Review:

What is it about lingerie that brings a man down to his knees, and can make a woman feel oh so sexy and confident in her own skin glamour babes? Is it the soft feminine hues of pink and nude? The black lacy texture of a beautiful bra and panty set? Could it be the silky feel of stockings? Or maybe the racy garters??? OR is it the curves of the lips looking softer than nude satin sheets in NYX Cosmetics Lip Lingerie ($7) tying it all together?!

I am 100% sure it is all of the above, but I am talking lipstick here, not the Victoria Secret Fashion Show! I’m sorry boys, I hope my seductive little introduction didn’t excite you too much, I was trying to make my review sound enticing to the goils, lol! I gotta be honest here, I’m not really the type who struts her stuff in a nude lip, I feel a bit washed out when wearing them. So, after much deliberation by watching YouTube videos, and viewing beautiful arm swatches on Instagram of the twelve shades available (10 out of the twelve swatches below via NYX website),

 I thought it was time to step out of my comfort zone and slip into the plush side of liquid lipstick. Exotic and Bedtime Flirt gave me that bit of confidence I needed in the nude lip department.
Exotic is a stunning warm mahogany red.

Bedtime Flirt is a red toned pinky nude.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, both shades do look pretty hot on this redhead, talk about a confidence booster!

It’s no wonder why NYX’s Lip Lingerie has been sold out for the last three months, they are simply gorgeous! Thank you Ulta for replenishing the NYX stock!
These twelve shades are not the run of the mill nudes in my opinion, the lip lingerie collection has a lot more warmth, and depth to them with beautiful tones of reds, purples, pinks, rich browns, and earthy nudes. The formulation of these liquid lipsticks are highly pigmented, opaque, creamy and are practically weightless once applied and have set and dried into a velvety matte finish. It feels like you are wearing nothing that’s how comfortable they are to wear, almost like you’re in the nude! Hahahahaha! Get it?! Makeup humor. Seriously though, these matte lipsticks do not cake, crumble or dry out, the formulation keeps the lips pretty hydrated if you ask me. Each tube has a lovely oval doe foot wand, making outlining and filling in the lips precise, easy and beautiful.

NYX’s Lip Lingerie staying power lasts all day, and is completely kiss proof, and transfer proof. I haven’t seen any lip stains on my coffee cup, smudged lipstick from eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and no kiss imprints left behind that I gave the hubby this week! I think he may have dropped to his knees because of this kiss proof experience, lol. I’m crushing all over NYX’s Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks, their performance has been nothing but stellar! My lips have never looked or felt this irresistible in a nude lipstick! I’m almost tempted to buy a few more and really show my flirtatious side ?.

Stay beautiful! Xo.


Trust Fund Beauty Lipgasm Lipstick Review:


One of my favorite things to do when things begin to wind down at the end of the day glamour babes is scroll through my IG (Instagram) feed and discover new cruelty free and vegan friendly makeup companies that I have never heard of before. Thanks to an IG blogger I follow under the name CrueltyFreeGoddess (check her page out! She posts great cruelty free/vegan friendly makeup products ?) I stumbled upon her post about Trust-fund Beauty and their Lipgasm Lipsticks!

At the time, Trust Fund Beauty was having a 65 percent off sale on their lipsticks, so getting two for the price of one looked like a pretty sweet deal to me, and in went Millionaire Mouth, and Obnoxious Request into my shopping cart.

There are 10 gorgeous shades to own, ranging from soft, and subtle nudes, to lively pinks, to spring purples, and stunning shades of red. Each Lipgasm lipstick cost $15, and at this very moment, as I am writing this review, Trust Fund Beauty is currently having a sale on these select shades below.

Millionaire Mouth is a bold and bright cherry red

Obnoxious Request is a deliciously sweet raspberry red. It looks more like a pinky coral to me when applied. It’s all good though, I still love the color!
Did these Lipgasm lipsticks make my lips quiver with intense pleasure??? Mmmmmmmm…..Yes and no…here’s why-
The Lipgasm Lipsticks are 100% Vegan, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, and GMO free. They do not have a matte finish as the Trust Fund Beauty website states, they definitely lean towards a satin finish. The colors are highly pigmented, opaque, glide on easily, and apply beautifully. They can feather out, a little translucent powder or lip primer will fix that efficiently and quickly. I highly recommend exfoliating lips before applying, the natural emollients (ingredients below via Trust Fund Beauty) in the lipstick are super hydrating, absorbing into every line, crack, and crevice if ignored from what I’ve experienced.

When wearing the lipsticks full on, I only got two hours of wear out of them, and that was with and without eating. They came off quite easily, I saved a few trees during lunch since my sandwich was the perfect napkin as I bit into it, lol. But! If you apply and blot the lipstick down some, you’ll end up with a beautiful stain lasting for 5 hours, and that’s with (greasy foods beware) and without eating, not too shabby. Overall, I give Trust Fund Beauty’s Lipgasm lipsticks a solid B+. They provide beautiful color, provide full opaque coverage, have a great hydrating formula, and are cruelty free and vegan. For the color payoff though, I do not think these are worth $15 a piece, I own many satin finish lipsticks that stay on all day for half the cost. They are worth giving a shot for the sale price if you want to try and have a climactic, orgasmic lip experience for yourself. Who knows, you may come to love them and want them all! Stay beautiful, xo