Ulta Beauty Glow Enhancer Drops Review:

Happy Tuesday glamour babes! Today I wanted to express my love for Ulta Beauty’s Glow Enhancer Drops ($16 for 0.31 oz each), and gush about the beautiful glow these produce.FYI: This two piece glow kit is an affordable take (dupe!) on Cover Fx’s Custom Enhancer Drops. I never had the guilty pleasure indulging on their Custom Enhancer Drops mainly because of the cost. I think $42 is a heck of a lot money to be shelling out on just one liquid highlighter. Maybe one day as a birthday gift or when I hit the lottery, but for now, I’m very happy sticking with Ulta Beauty or Hard Candy’s Pigment Drops ($7). I heard those are pretty glowing too. Next stop, Walmart!

The Glow Enhancer Drops come in two shades-Skylight and Daylight.Skylight is a light golden glow, but appears much cooler to me with more silvery tones than golden. It’s still gorgeous though. Daylight is a medium sun kissed glow.
The liquid highlighters come housed in glass vials and have glass droppers for easy product control.There are five simple ways to get your skin glowing when using these glow drops. Well, six if you as me.

1. Shake each one well before use. I’m guessing these are infused with oil so they do separate from time to time. 

2. Add a few drops to your face cream, tinted moisturizer, or primer for a lit from within glow.

3. Add to your foundation or BB Cream to create an all over radiant finish.

4. Dab some drops to your collarbone, tops of the shoulder, and blend for a glowing upper body. Soooooooo shimmery and pretty, like mermaid skin.

5. Mix a couple of drops to your body lotion for a soft illuminated look. 

6. Apply directly to the high points of the face for a highlighted enhanced look.

These are awesome little multitaskers to have around when wanting to create an everyday subtle glow with liquid in various ways. I love the way my skin glimmers in the light when I apply the drops to my lotion, face cream, or BB cream. A healthy glow washes over my complexion. 

The micro fine, shimmery formula is lightweight, creamy, nicely pigmented, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, easy to blend, buildable, streak free, hydrating, mixes well with other mediums, and is suitable for all skin tones and types. 

If the shimmer is not blinding enough, you can add a pressed highlighter powder on top of Ulta’s Glow Enhancer Drops. Some like to sparkle more than others, I get it. More power to ya!

The color payoff lasts between 6 to 8 hours. It depends on how they are worn.

Setting Spray: 8 hours

Alone: 6 Hours

Combined with a pressed highlighter powder: 8 Hours.

Sorry loves! It looks like Ulta Beauty’s Glow Enhancer Drops are officially sold out on Ulta’s website due to the Buy 2 Get 2 Sale that is currently going on. I tried posting a link to my page and had no such luck. Sigh. A quick trip to their store never hurt. Just our wallets do, lol.

Have you tried Ulta Beauty’s Glow Enhancer Drops Kit?

What are your thoughts?

Share below!

Stay Beautiful! Xo.

ELF Beautifully Bare Highlighting Dewy Drops Review:

Happy Hump Day glamour babes! Before I jet set off to the Dominican Republic tomorrow, I wanted to get in one more review for ya’ll, and share my thoughts on ELF’s New Beautifully Bare Highlighting Dewy Drops ($4 for .5oz). I’m loving this product so much right now that it’s coming with me on the trip. 


The Beautifully Bare Highlighting Dewy Drops with illuminating pigments, bring light to the face for a glowing, dewy looking complexion. These pearlescent drops can be used for strobing and highlighting to create a glowing look. Enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E. Ideal for all skin tones and types. Cruelty free and vegan!

This is a liquid highlighter and comes in only one shade, Illuminating, which is pinky champagne gold. Hopefully ELF will make a wider shade range. I’d love to see more colors, and at $4 a piece, I’d have no problem buying every single one, lol. 

You can use this highlighter a number of ways- alone on your no makeup days, mixed with foundation/BB Cream, or apply a few drops to your daytime face cream. The finish produces a beautiful soft fresh faced, dewy glow. 

The formula is lovely. It’s lightweight, pigmented, hydrating, smooth, has a subtle glossy finish, comfortable to wear, easy to apply and layers pretty well. I did not find the Dewy Drops to be oily as some reviewers have mentioned, nor did It make my skin feel any oilier than it already is. True, it does feel slick, not a heavy slick when applying, but I thought that was the purpose of a liquid highlighter that’s intended to create a dewy (wet) effect. Maybe I’m over analyzing the product, it’s just a matter of opinion anyway. I found the fingertip method to be messy during makeup applications, so I opted for the next best thing, my beauty blender! It worked superbly. Use a light, dabbing motion and watch your illuminated complexion come to life. 

The longevity varied as I played beautifully with this highlighter.

Alone-5 hours

Using a setting powder or spray-6 to 7 hours

If you want to intensify the glow, you can add a highlighter powder on top. You’ll get about a 7 hour wear by using this technique too. 

So, what do you think?! Will ELF’s Beautifully Bare Highlighter Dewy Drops be your next Target purchase?! 

Go ahead and give it a glow. That’s my highlighter motto.

Stay beautiful! Xo.