Soap & Glory Heck of a Blot Instant Perfecting Power Primer Review:

Its been awhile since I posted a face primer hasn’t it glamour babes? Well, thats because I finally finished most of my ELF face primers, and figured to move on to a new one, which is Soap & Glory’s One Heck of a Blot Instant Perfecting Power Primer ($14 at Ulta). This Primer/Base is the pore-fect secret weapon to shine free skin. I should know! My skin gets pretty oily when it wants to and this pick was a good call on my part (pats on the back to me!). Formulated with shine bloc 12 hour matte spheres and pore shrink technology. One Heck of a Blot performs as a multi acting primer that helps: Diminish the appearance of pores

Control shine for 12 hours

Make your makeup last longer

Hide imperfections

Even out skin tone

Reduce the appearance of redness

Leaving you good to glow!
Ya just gotta love how the packaging entices you to buy this stuff! Lol.
All kidding aside, this primer really works, and I am happy I came across it. The texture of the primer itself has a creamy gel like consistency with a tinge of peach coloring that applies clear when blended into the skin; Making this perfect for all skin tones. It is also lightweight, smooth, applies evenly and easily, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t clog pores. It can be worn under or over makeup, or even by its lonesome self. There are times I don’t wear a whole lot of makeup, so, this is a nice buffer to have around when wanting to smooth out skins texture and minor surface imperfections without having to use all of the mediums. That being said, when makeup is applied skin looks absolutely flawless. I do have some slight redness from acne scarring, some large pores, and uneven skin tone, and this primer smoothed over everything. One heck of a blot reminds me of an invisible band-aid, healing everything no one, not even myself wants to see instantly. I didn’t exactly get 12 hours of shine control, it was more like 6, but it still kept my over productive sebaceous glands in check, and my makeup pristine for a full 10 hours. Oh yea, Soap & Glory and I rang in 2017 glowingly.

What do you think of Soap & Glory’s One Heck of a Blot Primer? Love or hate?

Stay beautiful! Xo.



Girlactik Skin Glow Glamorous Review:

I must glow everywhere I go glamour babes, (hey, that rhymes, lol) and Girlactiks Skin Glow ($26 10g/0.35oz) gives me the right amount of shine to look and feel glamorous, just like the shade name itself!

I really, really do love highlighters, like you can’t tell by now, lol. They give my skin so much radiance with a healthy natural glow, depending on how much I like to cake on the sparkle, lol. There are those days, I’ll admit I do like to throw it on my face like confetti, and I’m sure you do too, who doesn’t like highlighter?!?!?!?

Girlactiks Skin Glow is much tamer though. Glamorous doesn’t have that crazy bling most highlighters can bring to the table. This is perfect for those who want to enhance their features more naturally while adding a subtle pop of shimmer.

Glamorous is a soft peachy pink highlighter set in a pearlized finish. Its lightweight, creamy, and velvety smooth, and is infused with Vitamin E, White Tea, and Green Tea.

The formula is nice and moisturizing and is suitable for all skin types/tones, I personally think. It doesn’t leave any creases or patches on the skin once it’s been applied and sets in.

There’s supposedly a fragrance formulated into the mix as well, a Jasmine, Green Tea scent, but I honestly didn’t get those notes when applying or opening my compact that Girlactik speaks of, maybe my sniffer is broken. Is there a need for fragrance in face cosmetics anyway? What’s the point? Who’s going to get that close and smell my face besides my man? Buffalo Bill? It rubs the lotion on its skin, lol.

Girlactiks Skin Glow is housed in a sturdy plastic gunmetal compact that comes with a full sized mirror (no puff included) inside.

This glamorous highlighter is easy to use and applies evenly producing no streaks afterwards. You can use this with your fingertips or the oval brushes work well when wanting to create a natural strobing effect.

Works great on the décolletage and legs too for a sheer highlight.

Hopefully my photo gives you an idea as to how soft of a glow comes through, and I actually like it. It’s sometimes nice to dress the skin down from time to time, natural beauty can be a beautiful look too ya know (wink).

The pigment lasts fairly long, about 5 hours before it softly fades away.

I know $26 dollars is a bit steep for a highlighter, and it’s not in everyone’s budget, but it’s worth the splurge boys and goils. TREAT YOSELF! YOLO, that’s my mantra, lol.
Stay beautiful! Xo.


Wet n Wild Lost in the Wild Flowers Megaglo All in one Highlighting Stick Review:

Hey, hey glamour babes! I’m back and I am more ready than ever to talk about my second to last review on Wet n Wild’s Lost in the Wild flowers Megaglo All in one Highlighting Stick ($3.99), which you can grab online at wetnwildbeauty.com. This creamy multi-purpose highlighting stick illuminates skin by adding shimmer and color to the eyes, lips, face, and body.

There are three shades in the collection, each representing a wild flower that’s described in a fun whimsical way (Marigold Round, Light up my Hibiscus, and Carnational Anthem, creatively cute, right?!).

I only purchased one since I never had much luck with highlighting sticks. They are usually difficult to apply and tend to not blend well for me, creating a hot mess all over my face. I kinda feel like an inverted Zebra, instead of black striping, I’m walking around in stripes of champagne gold, LOL! Sounds magical and pretty, but it really isn’t.
Out of the three, I felt that Marigold Round stood out more as a highlighter than Light up my Hibiscus (rosy pink) and Carnational Anthem (corally peach).

They looked like blush sticks more than anything, and I am here to review a highlighting stick, not blush, so what would be the point in that?! It would only be a waste a money, which I am not a fan of, despite my makeup hoarding tendencies, lol.

Marigold Round is a beautiful champagne with a subtle hint of pink.

My apologies for only having a wrist swatch, the highlighter was a little tricky to photograph on my face when trying to capture it in the light. As you can see from my hand, once the highlighter stick is applied and blended it becomes very sheer, producing a sheen effect rather than a full on shimmer highlighters tend to create.

The formulation of Wet n Wild’s Megaglo highlighting stick is light weight, creamy, actually applies quite evenly, and gives the face and body a nice subdued dewy glow (for best results, use a foundation oval brush), so no inverted zebra stripes were created during application, lol. I didn’t really care for using this particular shade as a lipstick or eye shadow, it came out looking very frosted, taking me back to the dreaded makeup era I hate most….the 80’s! Brrrrr, I’m getting chills just thinking about it. If frosted is your preferred choice in a lipstick or shadow, then Wet n Wild’s Megaglo Marigold Round Highlighting Stick is the one for you! The best part about this highlighter stick is that the incandescent glow last all day, just as long as the highlighting powder from this collection. Who here has gotten lost in the wild flowers? Wet n Wild sure got me flowered up with their collection so far, how about you?!

Thanks for reading. Stay beautiful! Xo.


NYX Lip Lingerie (Exotic and Bedtime Flirt) Review:

What is it about lingerie that brings a man down to his knees, and can make a woman feel oh so sexy and confident in her own skin glamour babes? Is it the soft feminine hues of pink and nude? The black lacy texture of a beautiful bra and panty set? Could it be the silky feel of stockings? Or maybe the racy garters??? OR is it the curves of the lips looking softer than nude satin sheets in NYX Cosmetics Lip Lingerie ($7) tying it all together?!

I am 100% sure it is all of the above, but I am talking lipstick here, not the Victoria Secret Fashion Show! I’m sorry boys, I hope my seductive little introduction didn’t excite you too much, I was trying to make my review sound enticing to the goils, lol! I gotta be honest here, I’m not really the type who struts her stuff in a nude lip, I feel a bit washed out when wearing them. So, after much deliberation by watching YouTube videos, and viewing beautiful arm swatches on Instagram of the twelve shades available (10 out of the twelve swatches below via NYX website),

 I thought it was time to step out of my comfort zone and slip into the plush side of liquid lipstick. Exotic and Bedtime Flirt gave me that bit of confidence I needed in the nude lip department.
Exotic is a stunning warm mahogany red.

Bedtime Flirt is a red toned pinky nude.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, both shades do look pretty hot on this redhead, talk about a confidence booster!

It’s no wonder why NYX’s Lip Lingerie has been sold out for the last three months, they are simply gorgeous! Thank you Ulta for replenishing the NYX stock!
These twelve shades are not the run of the mill nudes in my opinion, the lip lingerie collection has a lot more warmth, and depth to them with beautiful tones of reds, purples, pinks, rich browns, and earthy nudes. The formulation of these liquid lipsticks are highly pigmented, opaque, creamy and are practically weightless once applied and have set and dried into a velvety matte finish. It feels like you are wearing nothing that’s how comfortable they are to wear, almost like you’re in the nude! Hahahahaha! Get it?! Makeup humor. Seriously though, these matte lipsticks do not cake, crumble or dry out, the formulation keeps the lips pretty hydrated if you ask me. Each tube has a lovely oval doe foot wand, making outlining and filling in the lips precise, easy and beautiful.

NYX’s Lip Lingerie staying power lasts all day, and is completely kiss proof, and transfer proof. I haven’t seen any lip stains on my coffee cup, smudged lipstick from eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and no kiss imprints left behind that I gave the hubby this week! I think he may have dropped to his knees because of this kiss proof experience, lol. I’m crushing all over NYX’s Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks, their performance has been nothing but stellar! My lips have never looked or felt this irresistible in a nude lipstick! I’m almost tempted to buy a few more and really show my flirtatious side ?.

Stay beautiful! Xo.