Davines Oi Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion Review:


There will be not one hair out of place glamour babes for Davines Oi Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion ($20-$41) is here to be your knight and shining armor. Much like the Davines Oi Shampoo (last weeks review), this little bottle has the same antioxidants (Roucou Oil) the shampoo carries plus breathable silicone, which is great for you goils who use a flat iron or blow dryer on a daily basis much like myself. The oil seals the cuticles beautifully and manages to protect and smooth your spilt ends leaving a healthy glossy shine to the hair. I purchased the small 1.69 fluid ounce bottle for $20 just to be on the safe side and now I can’t get enough of the stuff. I wash my hair twice a week because of the length, thickness, and it can become super oily when over washed. Once washed and towel dried, two pea sized pumps is all I need to keep my hair happy and manageable. The bottle comes with a pump nozzle making it easy to control the right amount of product going onto the hair.   

 The Oi oil is light weight yet dense enough to sustain all hair types. Whether you have thick, thin, fine, coarse, frizzy, or curly sue locks this oil will seriously make a difference and tame any flyaways your other products cannot handle. I have been using the Oi line for two years and my hair has never looked and felt this good; super soft, healthy, shiny, frizz free, tangle free, no longer looks greasy or weighed down. My medicine cabinet was stocked with every hair product you could think of, and now the only product left standing in my cabinet is the Davines Oi Oil, I swear by it! The scent of the Oi oil is just like the shampoo, a florally, Argan blend that lingers on your strands smelling like soft musk. You can use the Oi oil on wet or dry hair. I use it both ways to keep my ponies and buns sleek, and to create beautiful soft beach waves when my hair is damp or ready for the blow-dryer. I also highly recommend the Davines Oi Oil to anyone who has gone through a color correction or who has damaged hair in general from over use of hair tools or spends much time in the water. My little salon of horrors color correction was a terrifying ordeal and this saved my hair tremendously, most oil treatments I have used did not live up to this expectation. Thanks moroccan oil for burning two holes in my pocket. I’ll be sending you my cleaning bill (epic fail!). To be truthful, you will not see overnight results, but with time, patience and everyday use your seeds will soon begin to sprout healthy tendrils of hair. Stay beautiful! Xo. 


Urban Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Powder Blush Obsessed and Crush Review:

Create a colorful ethereal glow that will last from dusk till dawn glamour babes with Urban Decay’s Afterglow 8 Hour Powder Blush ($26). This is part of Urban Decay’s permanent line they are creating for summer 2015 and I had to get in on the action. In total there are twelve tantalizing shades to choose from that range in three finishes; matte, satin and others carry a hint of shimmer to them. Out of the gorgeous bunch of colors that were presented to me at Sephora, I stuck with the more traditional shades that work best for my fair skin-tone, Obsession (light pink, matte) and Crush (medium pink, satin).  Each Afterglow Blush has a finely milled, super-soft texture that’s infused with light diffusing pigments to enhance skin’s radiance. Because the powder blush is of a thinner consistency I noticed a bit of kick-back dust when using my powder brush. It was very faint so hopefully I did not ruffle anyone’s feathers mentioning this bit of info; it’s makeup loosen up and have fun with it! The shades are beautifully vibrant, but they gave my skin just enough color to create a rosy radiant cheek. I enjoyed how each blush applied onto my skin; super smooth that blended in effortlessly creating streak-free cheeks that will last until the test of time. The eight long hours of wearable color Urban Decay promises is worth boasting about.  

I am actually wearing obsession (photo to the left) right now as I am typing to you viewers and the color is still on my cheeks, sheer and vibrant as ever, even after hitting past the eight hour mark (sweeter than sweet!). Urban Decay designed the gunmetal compact with their UD junkies in mind, which features a see-through fishnet “UD” cutout on top of the lid so you can easily see the right shade that works for you! How nifty is that?!
 From gorgeous eye popping pinks, to rosy mauves, to corally reds, and to peachy nudes this is one afterglow party your cheeks are gonna wanna be invited to. Stay beautiful! Xo.


Davines Oi Absolute Beautifying Shampoo Review:

Your hair is going to scream oy vey yes! glamour babes when it lathers up with Davines Oi Shampoo ($26). This paraben free and sulphate free cleanser is infused with the antioxidant Roucou oil. An oil that is harvested from the seeds of a heart shaped fruit called achiote or commonly known as the lipstick tree because of its pink flowers and spiny red fruit. This super active ingredient helps protect hair from harsh UV rays while softening strands, detangling, and creating smooth shiny locks. About two years ago I had done a horrible color correction that went awry and my hair needed some serious help. It was dry, brittle, had tons of breakage, looked like a calico cat and felt like a fleece blanket. Thanks to my colorist Jenny (check her out the next time your in NYC at the Janet Waddell Studio, you wont be disaapointed) who was nice enough to take the time and introduce me to the line. I purchased the Oi shampoo along with the Oi oil (review next week) and watched some serious hair transformation take shape. Within a month of using the shampoo and oil together my hair became stronger, less tangled, was super soft, and had incredible shine. I started to feel hair magazine worthy again! The 9.46 Fluid Ounce shampoo is housed in a modernized version of an old-fashioned milk bottle. I don’t know if that was the concept Davines was going for, but that’s what it reminded me of. 

  The shampoo has a thick consistency, yet it does not weigh the hair down. Your money will be well spent since a little goes a long way with this stuff. I got a really nice lather with a quarter sized amount of product that produced plenty of suds and washed out throughly leaving me with squeaky clean hair with zero residue. The Oi Shampoo is nicely fragranced (a floral Argan oil scent) and lingers in your hair for days. I can’t tell you how many people think I am wearing perfume and it is this amazing shampoo Davines has created flowing through my locks. I still continue to use the Davines Oi shampoo and my hair has never looked and felt better. My hair has obviously grown out some, it is much healthier, shiner, has tons of body, smells flippin amazing, and I can even rake a comb through this mane without it getting consumed by tangly strands. Don’t believe me? just take a look at my photo down below and see for yourself; my hair is as pretty as a picture (color created by Jennifer Morris).  

And not to fret my pets, the Oi line is suitable for all hair types, even for you finer haired gals! Has anyone tried this beautifying shampoo for themselves? please leave a comment beloow, I would love to hear your thoughts. Stay beautiful! Xo.


Lorac POREfection Concealer Review:


Spring has finally sprung and it’s time to achieve your porefect complexion glamour babes with Lorac’s Porefection Concealer. This gem of a concealer is available in eight shades and can be purchased at your local Ulta beauty store for $24. This concealer is part of their new Porefection spring line that also carries foundation, mattifying face primer, and a baked perfecting powder (want!). I received two sample shades by mail in C1 (fair) and C3 (golden light) and could not wait to try these out for you guys and dolls. What I love about this concealer is that it is fragrance free, oil-free, paraben-free and offers amazing benefits for your skin. Each tube is infused with antioxidants vitamins A, C, and E, olive leaf extract, lemon fruit extract, papaya extract, and white peony to help brighten your under-eye area. 


The concealer provides medium to full coverage, has a lovely creamy texture, and creates a natural finish when applied to the face and eye area without any heaviness. You get a lot of concealer for your buck ladies. Each tube is 0.50 fluid ounces and a little goes a long way with these babies, so it’s totally worth the investment if you decide to try them for yourself. When trying my two sample shades I realized I requested a wrong shade which was C3. It was no biggie for me since I ended up mixing C1 and C3 together to create a C2 of my own and it was a success! (who knew creating your own shades could be so much fun!). This is my new concealer and I absolutely love it! It blended in so easily and went on like silk with no streaking (face and eyes), and provided medium coverage with a flawless finish leaving no heavy feel afterwards. Every imporefection was concealed, corrected and did not cause one breakout or clogged pore (the nail biting can stop the scary part is over, lol).  

 I know that some concealers do have a tendency to crease under the eyes after a couple of hours, and can fade away as the day wears on, but this one does not. My eyes were bright (bye, bye dark circles) and oil-free the whole day without the need to re-apply.  

The same applies to my face except for my usual subtle oily T-zone I get when my workday comes to a close and thats a 10 hour day for me. What’s your secret Lorac?! is it some kind of magic concealer fairy you miraculously squeeze in each tube?! you can tell me, I wont say a word. Lorac’s Porefection concealer is perfect for every skin type, even for those with the utmost sensitive skin. Do you still feel the need to pore over your decision? I didn’t think so. Stay beautiful! xo.