Pacifica Future Youth Enzymatic Resurfacing Mask Review:

I foresee my skin’s future glamour babes, and it looks bright! Pacifica’s Future Youth Enzymatic Resurfacing Mask ($18 for a 1.5oz jar) is an instant solution for dull skin, and I am here to tell you all about it!

Formulated with all natural ingredients like Kale, Papain, and Kelp. This lovely lightweight, gelatinous gel mask helps remove and decongest surface debris, and dead skin, giving your complexion a revitalized, youthful glow.

Pacfica’s Resurfacing Mask acts like an intensive peel, minus the abrasion, time, and irritation. Ahhhhh, there’s nothing like a gentle quick fix when wanting a refreshed appearance overnight, and you will see results overnight, no exaggeration.

I used this mask before bed, and I could not believe my eyes the next morning. Glowing, flawless beautiful skin was what I saw before me as I gazed at my reflection in the mirror. Oh yea, it was indeed a skin transformation I needed and so desperately wanted.
I have quite a bit of acne scars, and I do get small whiteheads on the sides of my temples due to clogged pores because of my oily skin, leaving a slight bumpy texture and feel when I touch my face that drives me bonkers, I feel like a scaled reptile, lol. This grassy scented mask multi-tasks and takes care of it all. My skin is exfoliated, the texture is a lot smoother, pores are no longer congested, and I feel like a whole new person, lol.

You can use this mask all over or as a spot treatment. It can stay on the skin for as long as 20 minutes, and used as often as needed. I apply a thin layer of Pacifica’s Future Youth mask about three times a week all over, and I keep it on for 15 minutes at a time, and there has been no irritations or additional breakouts whatsoever.
This mask is said to be ideal for dry to normal skin, but I think it’s fantastic for oily skin too, which is the skin type I have. Everything gets sloughed away gently and effectively, bringing new life to my complexion. I love waking up to a healthy glow in the morning, it just makes my day a little more dazzling (Ding! Sparkle, sparkle).

Ulta is once again having a fabulous BOGO sale on Pacfica’s skincare in stores and online. So, now might be a good time to try this face mask if you haven’t already, and whatever else you love from Pacifica before this sale ends.

Ooooooo, I think its about that time to throw on this green machine of a mask, and shed a little light on my skin, it’s been awhile.

Stay beautiful! Xo.


ELF Cosmetics Color Correcting Stick (Green, Lilac, Peach) Review:

Well, its about time ELF Cosmetics decided to come to the colorful side and create their own Color Correcting Concealer Stick! I have been waiting FOREVER for this to happen glamour babes! Haven’t you?!
I absolutely love, love, love ELF concealer. It’s super duper affordable, blends beautifully, provides great coverage, and I never ever breakout, EVER! I’ll get the occasional white head here and there, but those are easy to take out with a pore extractor, blemishes not so much, lol.

What are color correcting concealers? They are concealers that come in an array of colors that target skin concerns to instantly help cancel and neutralize color imperfections, creating a more flawless and even complexion.

What shades does ELF have?

Green, Lilac, Peach, and Orange (suitable for deeper skin tones).

What does each shade do?

Green helps to reduce redness from rosacea, sunburns, and blemishes.

Lilac helps brighten sallowness or yellowness for a healthy looking glow.

Peach helps to illuminate and conceal dark circles or hyperpigmentation on light skin tones.

Orange helps to illuminate and conceal dark circles or hyperpigmentation on deeper skin tones.

ELF’s Color Correcting Sticks are twistable, smooth, creamy, lightweight, infused with vitamin E for hydration, are blendable, easy to use and produce medium coverage.

You can use these under or over your favorite foundation, BB Cream, CC Cream, and/or Concealer, they are pretty buildable, and do not cake up. They literally melt into the skin during applications and have a good amount of hydration. I wouldn’t wear the green or lilac on naked skin. Even though they blend in effortlessly, I noticed there was a subtle hue of pastel colors lingering when the natural light hit my skin. To fix this, I just use ELF’s HD liquid concealer ($3) on top of the green, and lilac to achieve an even mix when used together. Use your blending sponge when using these concealers, it works wonders! Redness from my blemishes are muted, dark circles have disappeared, and that sweet shade of lilac brightens up my whole face. I have not yet to break out when wearing them all together, and they hold up well. I didn’t need to touch up my skin for a full 8 hours. My skin looked flawless with a capital F, and some setting spray didn’t  hurt either, lol.

As of right now, ELF’s Color Correcting Concealers ($4) have not yet reached all of their stores, they are available online. I could not wait to get mine so, obviously I ordered them through the site, lol. To check if the newest items have arrived you could always call the closest ELF Store near you. The sales representatives are always happy to help from what I have experienced. I get lovely, helpful girls all the time.

Are you going to try them?! Which shade will it be?! Green? Lilac? Peach? Orange?! All of the above?!

I gotta know! The suspense is killing me! Don’t forget to leave your comments below (wink).

Stay beautiful! Xo.


Pixi Beauty Overnight Glow Serum Review:

Skin looking a little lifeless or dull? Do you have dark spots that just don’t seem to wanna go away? Does your skin need some evening out? Then you need a bottle of Pixi beauty’s Overnight Glow Serum ($24 for 1.01oz glass bottle) glamour babes!

Let me tell you what this holy grail of an overnight serum can do for you! I sound like such a cheesy salesman right now, don’t I? Lol!

*Formulated with 10% Glycolic Acid and Arginine, the two gently exfoliate the skin as you sleep, and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and fade dark spots over time revealing a brighter complexion.
*Cucumber and Aloe Vera Extracts soothe skin during the exfoliation process, and vitamins A,C,E nourish.
*Gentle and effective for all skin types.
*Vegan and Cruelty Free!

Put it all together and what do you get?! A clear, lightweight, medium gel like textured miracle serum that is sitting on a Target shelf waiting for you to take home.

img_2364I love this stuff, and I cannot believe how well it works. My skin is oily, sensitive, uneven, and acne prone with a good amount of acne scars, which is only because of my doing. I am a picker, such a terrible habit, I know. It’s ok though, I have Pixi’s overnight glow serum taking care of everything. You only need to use this at night, anymore than that and I think it will dehydrate the skin due to the Glycolic Acid. It absorbs quite quickly when applying, and does not leave skin feeling super tight or irritated. I have been using this for a few months now, and the skin transformation is unbelievable. It didn’t happen overnight, but gradually overtime you will see the payoff. My skin has a more even, brighter, smoother feeling/looking complexion, and my acne scars have diminished by 85%.

You can layer skin care products with this facial serum if need be, a little goes a long way, remember that. One bottle so far has lasted me about three months. I use the overnight serum with a Benzoyl Peroxide acne cream, and it still surprisingly moisturizes my skin nicely without causing more breakouts, or creating dry skin patches for a concentrated gel. My only issue is with the glass dropper. When dispensing the serum and putting the dropper back in the bottle afterwards, there is a lot of product that remains outside of the dropper, making a bit of a mess, and product loss. My tip and trick to you, is to use the serum that clings around the dropper, and then put it back in the bottle. No mess, no waste! You’re $24 investment of pure liquid glow is safe.

Have you tried Pixi Beauty? What’s you’re favorite Pixi skin treat that has you glowing with glee? I can’t wait to share more of my favorite Pixi Picks with you! And there’s many.

Stay beautiful! Xo.

Wet n Wild Pop! Back to School Collection Color Icon Lip Gloss (Raised on Good Corals, Strawberries and Femme, and Very Well Red) Review:

Now that school is back in session, I thought it’d be most appropriate to learn all about Wet n Wild’s new POP! Back to School Color Icon Lip Gloss glamour babes! You got your pens and notebooks ready?! Excellent! Let’s start jotting down some notes……

Wet n Wild’s POP! Color Icon Lip Gloss is part of their fall limited edition Pop Art Collection that also consists of false lashes, and nail polishes. I always have luck finding the newer Wet n Wild Collections at Rite Aid, never CVS or Walgreens, and they are always in full stock.

I wasn’t truly wowed by the line-up. I could honestly do without the false lashes in this collection. They looked too heavy, bulky, and cheap in my opinion. What I was truly hoping to see was some fall inspired blushes, highlighters, and deeper autumnal toned polishes. I needed warm coppers, rich brown, luscious berries, and vampy reds, where were they hiding?! Lol. I get that Pop Art is really about bold, fun, and loud colors, but changing it up never hurt. I’m sure Andy Warhol wouldn’t have minded, in fact I bet he would have loved this idea! Art is a mere form of expression, is it not?

Oh well, you can’t always get what you want. I was happy enough to purchase three out of the six Color Icon Lip Glosses that’s in the collection; Raised on Good Corals, Strawberries and Femme, and Very Well Red sorta gave me a fall feeling.

The other three colors didn’t really speak to me nor would have worked with my complexion, which were; Jackie a La Mode (pale pink), Lilac Theatre (pale lilac), and Violet in Furs (deep purple).

Raised on Good Corals is a peachy coral

Strawberries and Femme is a milky pink

Very Well Red is a cherry red.

The formulation is slick, light weight, easy to apply, comfortable to wear, moisturizing,

non-sticky, and has a high shine jelly finish. Each of the glosses provide a doe foot wand making life a whole lot easier with a precise application, and sheer to medium coverage. Raised on Good Corals and Strawberries and Femme are definitely sheer in this bunch since I had to apply two coats to get the color to show on my lips for ya’ll. Very Well Red has medium coverage, and one coat is only needed.

I like the pigmentation of Wet n Wild’s Color Icon Glosses, they are soft and subtle. There are days I don’t feel like throwing on a bold lipstick when doing everyday things, and these do the trick if I need some moisturizing with a lovely tint of color. They do feather a bit, but its not very noticeable with the shades I chose.
The wear I wasn’t too happy about. I got about an hour and a half wear with and without eating or drinking. I figured this much though, most of the lip glosses I own from Wet n Wild don’t last long. No biggie, I only ended up paying $6 for all of them ($1.99 a piece). I’ll just use them when my lips need some extra conditioning as we head into winter.

Have you tried Wet n Wild’s Back to School Collection?! Could you please share your thoughts among the class?!

I hope this makeup lesson was insightful. Class is now dismissed! See you soon!

Stay beautiful, xo.