Face Candy Unicorn Glow Highlighter Palette Review:

Happy hump day unicorns! I can’t stop prancing about Face Candy’s Unicorn Glow Highlighter Palette ($10 for 0.16 oz)!

I discovered this brand when purchasing Bad Habit Beauty eyeshadow palettes on the Shop Hush Site, and thought, hey, why not? It’s cheap enough and looks really pretty, and I happen to love highlighters. Immensely. So, in the cart you go!

Face Candy did not disappoint. The shades and the packaging is beautiful. And, this happens to be a dupe of ABH Aurora Glow Kit! That’s going to easily save you $30. Hooray! More gift giving. To you! Lol.


Unleash your inner unicorn and glow-up with this innovative duo-chrome palette featuring six holographic shades. Formulated with Face Candy’s Dual Pearled Technology, these highly pigmented and creamy shades give off an intensely luminous payoff. These 6 shades give you the freedom to explore and create unique custom finishes on your face, body, and eyes.

Wonder is yellow gold pearl with a turquoise shift.

Dream is a pink champagne pearl with a peach shift.

Stardust is a mother of pearl with an icy orchid shift.

Celestial is an icy blue pearl with a purple shift.

Enchanted is a rose gold pearl with a champagne orchid shift.

Fantasy is an icy lilac pearl with a blue/green shift

The shade shifting is faint indoors. To catch a better glimpse of the duo-chrome finish, natural lighting is far better.

You can wear Unicorn Glow a few ways. I’m wearing celestial on my cheeks, and I applied dream as a lip topper over my lip balm. NYC is my inspiration for my frosty glow. It’s brick outside. I tried the eyes, but I wasn’t digging it. The shades are too pastelly for my taste. The highlighters can be applied either wet or dry too if you want to manipulate the intensity.

The formula is finely milled. So, expect some kickback when picking up color with a brush. The highlighter shades are lightweight, have a buttery smooth texture, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, blendable, buildable, highly pigmented, flatters all skin-tones, and sets in a pearlized/duo-chrome finish.

Wear time is about 6 hours before it fully fades. I didn’t mind though. I use FC Unicorn Glow Palette more for night time anyway, and by the time it fades, this unicorn is too tired to notice from all the galloping she has done around town. Lol.

Face Candy’s Unicorn Glow Palette is unavailable on the ShopHush site, but is currently available on their (shophush) app. If you download the app, you will recieve free shipping on every order.

I’m getting a warm, fuzzy feeling inside that these will make great gifts for all your one horned magical friends.

Happy Haulidays!

Stay beautiful! Xo.